The Inca Trail - 9 May


 Is there anyone else travelling on the Inca Trail trip to Machu Picchu on 9 May?  I'm going with my sister, travelling up from Portsmouth.  We are also booked on the Amazon Rainforest Extension.

 Look forward to hearing from other travellers.


Hi, We are also travelling 9th may. We are flying down from manchester but we are doing the Moonstone trek. like to hear how your planning is going.

Peter & Linda


i am on the inca trail trip to machu picho flying out of london looks a great trip will be 5th trip with exodus


Hi Peter & Linda

Perhaps we'll meet up at Heathrow, if not there is always Madrid or Lima.  I assume we will all be staying at the same hotel in Cuzco.  My preparations have involved buying a new sleeping bag and some thermals for the nights.  Also getting as fit as I can.  Living in Hampshire, we are a bit short on mountain experience.  My sister Ruth (travelling to Peru with me) lives in Anglesey and regularly walks in Snowdonia, so I am hoping to get up to see her and do a couple of mountains before the big trip.  Have also been doing a bit of background reading, currently Hugh Thomson - The White Rock.  Look forward to meeting you both. 


hi Mary,

we're on the border with Snowdonia so we get the opportunity to visit whenever possible. Think we have our gear sorted but just need to check on any vaccinations we might need. look forward to meeting you.


Hi Steve

Look forward to meeting you in London.  This is my 4th trip with Exodus.  I have also travelled with Explore, who are quite similar.

Best wishes


Hi Everyone,

I'm Charlie. My cousin Chu and her husband Chris will be coming along. Chris and I will be hiking up with you.

Us 3 are finding our own way to Peru and meeting up with everyone in Cuzco on the 10th.

Looking forward to making your acquaintance!

Best wishes


Hi All,

Rebecca emailed everyone recently, I read up on the links and they were very helpful.

Can someone advice or give me suggestions about the type of layered clothings that I should get - since a bath or shower is out-of-the-question for a few days, what type of clothing / material is ideal? 

 Thanks for your help!


 i'm no expert but merino wool tops last for days without needing a wash. Expect cold nights!

Thanks for the advice (hellowello - Peter & Linda)!

I hope to have things sorted out - clothings etc - over the Easter weekend. 

Any suggestion on a check-list on number of clothing items to bring during the trek?

Charlie  :-)



dont no if you have sorted clothing out but look at Icebreaker Merino

this is from there wed site and it works

 A performance fibre invented by nature and engineered for people.

Our merino combines the best qualities of traditional wool, synthetics and cotton. It’s soft and non-itch, it’s warm in the cold and cool in the heat, it breathes to prevent clamminess, and it has a miraculous ability to warn off stinkiness – you can run a marathon and still smell as sweet as if you’ve spent the day on the sofa.

And because it was made in the mountains, rather than a lab, merino wool is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Thanks Madcat for advice.

I'm very excited and eager to be in Peru to start my trip. I'll be visiting Lima for a few days before heading to Cuzco to join the group. So far after reading guidebooks and TripAdvisor reviews,  I'm mentally preparing myself to the 'culture shock' I might be encountering. :-)

Can anyone advice if I should organise my transfer from airport to hotel in Miraflores through the hotel or get a taxi at the airport taxi rank? Plane arrives around 9pm. 



Can anyone advice regarding tips / money for our guides etc during Inca trail?

Trip notes mentioned tips in US dollars but suggested paying in Soles. My question is can I give the TOTAL SUM required and let the Team Leader 'divide' the pooled funds from everyone accordingly? I'm worried not being able to get small change / notes.


Hi Charlie,

The amounts shown in the Trip Notes are there to give you an idea of how the total suggested breaks down across the staff on the trek, but you don't need to split it up this way - the funds will be pooled and divided between the staff by either the tour leader or the head porter.

Small change can be a bit of a pain to get hold of in Peru - it's not in particularly short supply, but no-one wants to be lumbered with large notes so shopkeepers and restaurant staff can be a bit reluctant to accept large bills. A couple of tips here are to always ask for small notes or coins when changing money, keep hold of all the small change you can, and if necessary stand your ground when paying for things with larger notes - you'll be surprised how quickly change can be rustled up!


Thank you very much Tim for your input / advice.

Can I trouble you with a few more questions? (1) Trip notes suggested TOTAL tips per trekker USD 45-55 (approx) for guide, assistant guide, cook, assistant cook, chief porter and 2 porters (for self) during the Inca Trail. I assume the daily tip for team leader, local guide, driver and local staff is in addition to the above suggested TOTAL tips per trekker? (2) If the additional daily tip is yet to be included, how many days are we taking into account? From arrival at Cuzco to departure day (8 - 9days)? When do we give this - final trek morning also?

Thank you again in anticipation!!! 


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