Inca Trail and The Amazon Rainforest


Anyone else doing this trip ?   Would be good to hear from you.



Hi Simon,

I'm departing from the UK on the 24th, assuming this is the same trip. Are you travelling on your own? hoping I'm not the only one!


Hi Allie,

Nice to hear from you.  I'm leaving the UK on the 24th too, so it sounds like the same trip.  I'm flying from Manchester to Madrid, where I'll join up with the main group flights.  I'm hoping the luggage makes it through as I keep meeting people who have luggage delayed/lost at Madrid!

I'm on my own too, so at least that's two of us.

I hope I'm going to be fit enough for it.

Look forward to meeting you.


oh dear, I best remember to pack some things in my carry on luggage then just in case.

 Yes I've been walking to work since January in the hope of getting fit enough (only a couple of miles but better than nothing); also been doing some hikes whenever I can. Still got a long way to go though! imagine the altitude will make it tough.

 Look forward to meeting you too - very glad I won't be the only one on my own!


Hi everyone

I am flying down to heathrow from Newcastle for this fascinating trip. I am getting very excited, but nervous all at the same time. I just hope that I will be fit enough, and do not hold back the rest of the group.  Look forward to meeting up with you either at Heathrow or Madrid.


Hi Janet,

Nice to hear from you.  I wouldn't worry too much about being fit, I could well be walking at the back with you.

I'm glad there's quite a few on this trip.  My sister is away on an Exodus Kilimanjaro trip at the moment and there's only 3 in the group, her and a couple.  I'd be disappointed if I found there were so few people on this trip but I think it's full or very nearly full.  On the positive side all 3 of them made it to the summit.

Not sure if we'll manage to meet up in Madrid but will definitely see you very soon in Peru!


I think there  are 15 on the trip. 

I have been shopping around to try and get the cheapest price for the anti-malaria tablets.  The prices vary so much. Have you bought yours yet?


Hi Simon

I went to my GP and was prescribed Malarone. 2 packets of 12. The cheapest I have been quoted is £64.00.  It seems very expensive, but if it prevents the malaria, it will all be worthwhile.  I seem to be a target for insects.  Prevention is always better than the cure. I have also bought some insect repellent containing 100% Deet.

Big countdown has started now.  Only 15 working days left. I am taking the 23rd August off work to prepare.  I will be too excited to work.



Hi Janet, Simon and Allie,

We will also be joining this trip in London on 24th August! I had to smile at the comments about levels of fitness!It's a big worry for us too! I've thrown myself round the gym a few times and we've been doing a bit of walking (but not as much as we should) I'm sure we'll all be ok....she says optimistically! Let's see who's the strongest on Day 1 and they can be 'Chief Giver of Piggy Backs' up the Inca Trail!

Looking forward to meeting you all on 24/25th August! Safe travels!


Sharon and Steve

Hi Sharon and Steve,

Nice to hear from you.   I'm sure everyone will make it, and hopefully the weather will be kind to us!

Look forward to meeting you.


Hi Everyone, I bet you are all getting as excited as me now with the final joining instructions arriving. Only 3 more weeks and so much more to prepare before I can set off for that plane. Is anyone else flying from Manchester? I have about 4 hours hanging around Heathrow, so if anyone is taking the 18:40 out to Madrid on the 24th then perhaps we can exchange details and meet up.

I look forward to seeing you all,



Hi Wendy, Im on the 18:40 flight from London to Heathrow. Are you flying down from manchester to heathrow? Would be good to meet up there if you are!



*heathrow to Madrid I mean!

Thanks Simon for the hotel details, it does look interesting and most of the reviews are good.

 Albish, yes I landing in Heathrow for 14:25 from Manchester and then on the 18:40 out. 

 Does anyone know Spanish? Mine is very, very basic and very rusty, must find those books and learn quickly! 


I know no spanish at all :)

Hi Everyone

I will be going out to Madrid on the 18:40 from Heathrow, so would be good to meet up with Allie and Wendy and any others who we do not know their names yet.  Simon - look forward to meeting up with you in Madrid. Thanks for the information on the hotel, it was very useful.  I do not know any Spanish!!

Been walking today in Cumbria - trying to build up my stamina.


Oops just realised I missed out Sharon and Steve.  See you on 24th!!!!


It's would be good to meet with Allie and Janet and anyone else catching that 18.40 out of Heathrow. I have finally linked to my facebook so we can exchange mob nos that way rather than direct on here, for all to see. I presume most people will be on the 00.35 flight out of Madrid? Great time but don't expect much of a conversation from me!




Hi everyone

I'm not on this trip but did the Inca Trail in 2007 (I'm off to Kilimanjaro on Sunday!!) and just had a little browze of this forum to remind me of the good time of the Inca Trail! You will only need malaria tablets if you are definitely going to the Amazon, and Malarone are the best ones to get - mine for Kili have cost me £64 so if you've paid that that's pretty much the going rate. You will LOVE the Inca Trail - it is absolutely stunning, and if you all get one well then you'll have the camarderie to get you through moments such as struggling up Dead Woman's Pass! You will probably cry, have a moment or two of thinking "I can't do this!!" but the porters are brilliant and will carry your packs for you fi you are struggling. Going in the summer is definitely the best time as the weather is beautiful and you will get clear skies of the gorgeous Southern Cross night after night. Take plenty of rehydration packets and Imodium because you WILL get a dodgy stomach :) Going  down the hills is actually worse than going up because of all the massive uneven steep steps - your knees will be screaming and for a couple of days afterwards you'll probably need to go down stairs backwards! I flew out via Atlanta and the worst happened - my luggage went missing, worst nightmare, but other people on the trip lent me a range of their own stuff until my bag turned up; if this does happen to you, hopefully everyone will rally round like people did for me! Cuzco is a beautful town at the start of the trek - apparently there is now a Starbucks on the amin square, which is a bit of a let down, but make sure your guide takes you the the Fallen Angel restaurant - they do amazing steaks and the decors is totally eccentric and cool, you'll see what I mean when you get there!

Part of me would love to do the Inca Trail again but I know that it wouldn't be the same a second time. Have an AMAZING trip all of you; I'm envious that you will all soon experience it for the first time!!

Hello everyone

Thanks to Ruth for the advice.  My little medicine pack seems to get bigger every time I go shopping!! I  did a 20 mile hike on Saturday on the Scottish borders with a large group as a test of my fitness.  What a laugh.  I was last.  But I just kept reminding myself it was a challenge and not a race.  My biggest dilemma at the moment seems to be what kind of socks to take - thick ones, thin ones, those that dry out quickly, those that keep you cool and warm all at the same time.  It is a bit like buying washing powder - the choice is mind blowing. I will most likely take my trusted old ones that have stood  the test of time. Only 7 more working days left.  I can't wait.


All sounding good!

 i don't have internet at home at the moment and FB is blocked at work (boo) so can't really check anything like that out or add anyone unfortunately. I've had a horrible reaction to a mosquito bite this week, my entire left forearm has been swollen up so needed a panicked trip to the doctors to check I'd be ok with bug bites over there if it does happen. Got my fingers crossed I don't get bitten as it is seriously painful! Janet I am practically a walking pharmacist with the amount I have now! 


Very excited now - tomorrow is my last day in the office and then it's just a week away!



Hi everyone! myself and my friend Lauren are on this trip too, getting very excited about it now getting all the last minute things and hoping we are both fit enough to get to the top! Looking forward to meeting you all in a weeks time!  



Hi Lee and Lauren,
Look forward to seeing you both.   Only a week to go and we'll all be in Lima!


Thanks Simon, I was thinking I needed to brush up on my 10 spanish words and now I know I really do! I am hoping to sleep on the plane though given the hour of departure. Not sure why I didn't get offered the direct flight to Madrid but I'm sure if Allie, Janet and whoever else happens to be spending some time waiting for the flight from Heathrow to Madrid then we will make good use of the time. I'll be the one in walking boots as I can't fit anything else in the case, besides can't do with getting them lost in transit.

 Hi Lee and Lauren and look forward to meeting everyone in a couple of days.

Getting so excited now!




HI Everyone

I will also be wearing my walking boots for travelling ( and my fleece if it won't fit in my case). I will be an odd site wearing so much clothing in the middle of August. Last  day at work tomorrow, then I can really feel that I am going on this holiday. Janet


some good movies on the flight then! Hope theres some good ones for the 12 hour flight to lima!! By the way, we'll be in heathrow for the 18.40 flight to madrid, you cant miss us loz has blue hair and i have an exodus tag on my rucksack :p so if you see us come say hi! See you friday!!!


Lee and Loz 


Here was me wondering how id keep myself entertained on the plane, barbie the movie has solved my Problem....

Lee/loz ill look out for you both, and everyone else, i cant think how to describe myself...except for listen out for someone with a yorkshire/brummie hybrid accent!

See you all friday! Simon, saturday :)


Hi Everyone.  Finished packing.  Just under the weight limit. And  have done my on line book in for the flights right through to Lima.  I have very short fair hair. See you all tomorrow. Janet

We're going on the Inca Trail trip in September, but I've been following all the threads to pick up any tips etc.

Simon - you made me laugh! And you never know - when you're out there on the Trail, using one of the camp-toilets, you may yearn for such a seat as 18c....... 

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