Inca Trail and Amazon Trip


 Thought I would start a thread for all of us travelling. I'll be going on my own so keen to get to know some fellow travellers.


Hi Ellie,

Travelling on my own excited about the trip of a lifetime.  2010 is the year for me to stop procrastinating and get on with experiencing!  Would be great to get to know some fellow travellers before going


Hi Ellie, Hi Helen,

Very excited about this trip. Planned to do it last year but couldn't. Also travelling on my own but with wifes permission.



Hi! so that makes 3 of us! I can't believe how fast this year is going. Every timeI have a tough day at work, I look at the pics of Peru on the board and the excitement of it all reminds me why I am doing it! Less than 7 months!

Those 7 months are going to fly by. Are you doing any training?

Ummm...the intention is there! Seriously though I am hoping to start walks once this weekend is over. Though not sure how much to do etc. You?

Just going to make sure I can walk the distances with a back pack. I don't think you can train for the altitude - you are either ok or not.



Hello All,

 I cant wait, cant believe its only five months left to go (almost). So have any of you been on this sort of trip before? This will be my first one!!


P.S Sorry didnt reply sooner!!


Now there are 4 of us!!

Im Katy nice to meet you

Hi Katy,

Ellie this is my first time too.  Getting so excited now! Have travelled alone before, but not on a trek.  Am seriously hoping I am fit enough


Hi Katy

I've travelled on my own before but then met friends at the other end so only ever done the 'travelling' on my own! Never done a holiday like this before! Are you all coming on the group flight?

I really hope I'm fit enough as well. I keep telling myself I have plenty of time but the clock is ticking (yay!) I've just got to get use to walking hills because where I live is pretty flat!! Like Gordon (I think) said as well, cant prepare for the altitude. I'm sure we'll all be fine fitness fine!! Are you doing any extra training or just usual fitness stuff??



I have travelled alone before to work in Australia for a year, but nothing like this (unless you count PGL when i was smaller)

 I am going on the group flight, not sure about training trying to walk most places at the moment, i am going to buy my boots in advance and bed them in. just a bit worried about food i am wheat intollerant i might have to take some of my own stuff with me.

Hey Kay, where abouts in Oz?  I lived there for most of my life.  Sounds like most of us are going on the group flight, which will be good.  F

As for fitness, flat ground I have no probkem with, but headed to the coast last weekend, and did part of  a coastal walk-hilly!  I certainly felt it! Good idea to wear in the boots-mine are a few years old, and due to new socks-which ended up a little loose, I still manageds to get a blister last weekend

Can't believe how fast time is ticking away!

Looking forward to meeting everyone in a few months

Ooops typo, that should have read Katy!


Hi again,

 I lived in Sydney and  Coffs harbour, i have been lucky enough to visit 3 times now once for the year. and have plans to go back again in the hopefully not to distant future to explore the bungl bungles and maybe get some canoing in too.

Has any one enquired about jabs yet??



 I have just been on the site it say we dont need jabs, very surprised might have to look into it further



The trip notes say we could have four but they are not compulsory - I think they are typhoid, tetanus, hep A and yellow fever because we're in the jungle. I think the first 3 are free on the NHS and just have to pay for the yellow fever. I was recommended that site as well but havent checked it out. I'm one of those who will have them because they are recommended even tho not compulsory!

I was reading my guide book last night and getting very excited. I even looked up the jungle lodge we're staying in! I think our trip is fully booked so there should be 16 of us altogether. We're a quarter way there on here!

Helen - where you from in Australia and how long you been over here?

Thnink I too am going to play it safe and have the recommended ones even if not compulsory-this is the holiday of a lifetime for me, and I have no intention of letting sickness spoil it.

Everytime I start looking at stuff on Peru, I get so excited.  Time will fly now.  Biggest dilemna at the moment is what kind of bag/case to take!

Grew up in Perth (well just out of Fremantle really)  Took the plunge and moved over here on my own just over 8yrs ago!  One of those crazy life changing decisions you make in order to start afresh.  Best thing I ever did!  Okay yes I miss the sun, and the sea!



I am David the final trip member, I booked ages ago in order to commit to the adventure. I am a single too so we should all have lots to find out about each other and offer as much support as possible. Everyone enjoy the summer, then look forward to an amazing trip. Regards David



Just to let you know that I spoke to the docs about the jabs we need. Typhiod, Tetanus and hep A are all available on the NHS which is good news. Just one to pay for. They also said that its okay to get them about a month before we go :)

Helen - I wish I had the guts to do something like that! As for bags - Exodus provide us with one which I read is about 60 litres and the rucksack I was intending on taking is about that size. Just need to figure out what to pack my hand luggage into

David - Hello! Welcome to the group. have you done anything like this before?

Hi, and welcome David.

Thanks for the updates on the jabs.  I figure bag wise, I will probably use the one provided, and then for my hand luggage use the day pack I was planning on carrying throughout the trip-need to get that one sorted as it needs to be small enought to fit handluggage dimensions...such decisions! 

As for being brave.....that is a matter of perspective!  But life is what you make it where ever you are.....

Have a great day x

Hi, and welcome David.

Thanks for the updates on the jabs.  I figure bag wise, I will probably use the one provided, and then for my hand luggage use the day pack I was planning on carrying throughout the trip-need to get that one sorted as it needs to be small enought to fit handluggage dimensions...such decisions! 

As for being brave.....that is a matter of perspective!  But life is what you make it where ever you are.....

Have a great day x


Hi David too!!

 Ok so work are already sick of me talking about peru! i am getting far too excited about it. I am going to centre parks with a big group of people at the end of the month i know there are a few taht have done the trip so i will ask as much as possible!

I have a camel pack for water and a small rucksack that attaches to my large rucksack so i can split them for the trail.

 Was told by my doctor we night need rabies jabs as we are going into the amazon and with the trail bats are around and they are the carriers apparently. dont know how true this is!

 If anyone wants to chat out of this forum ( i am finding it a little difficult to navigate) then my email address is [email protected]

 Only 4 months to go!! yipee


I am doing the coast to coast in August to blow the cobwebs from my lungs in preparation for the big one !!!!!

 Far too busy at work to think about the trip but keep the questions and chat coming folks... I am not the only one boring my work colleagues!!  arrrrgh can't wait! 


I'm stupidly excited!! People at work (outside my team) think I'm going soon, not in four months!! I dread to think what I'm going to be like when the day actually comes - I apologise in advance!!

Have you started doing anything yet? I went to go and look at day packs but no idea what size because need to figure out what to take. Decisions, decisions.... Also thought I better learn some Spanish so thinking of getting a CD or something from the library. As for fitness, I think David you are ahead of us all. I just keep doing my general exercise and have done a couple of hill walks when I can!

Did I mention I was excited.... :)


Hello, just to warn you I was speaking to a friend and apparently the yellow fever can make feel a bit strange for a while afterwards so plan the timing of your jab. Hope you are all okay, Ellie x

Hi All,

Have just booked my yellow fever jab for two weeks time + an appointment for a 'holiday consultation' to tell me what else I may need. Will let you all know the outcome. As for training there has not been much going on as I have just moved.



OMG paying final payment this week, and suddenly it all seems so real again! Not some far off dream!  Getting so excited.  Just looked into getting jabs far as exercise-if there were points for intentions!  This weekend ...Honest!


Thanks for the prompt about the jabs...need to get that organised!!Cant believe its only two months away now!! Need to start thinking about what to take and getting organised as I have a feeling Oct 9th will be here before we know it! x

I have a feeling you are right!


Hello again

 Wow its nearly time, booked all my jabs starting with Rabies next friday (best to protect from the killer bats! lol), have been looking at wlaking shoes rather than great big boots, i was away last weekend with a few people that have either done or know someone who has done the trail and everyone loved it, on described it like child birth as in the pain was worth it and soon forgotten, god i hope so!.

 Also thinking about what size pack to take for the trail? and food i am a celiac (and have told exodus) so hoping that i can still eat (although loosing a few pounds would be good)

Looking forward to meeting you all soon

Katy xx


I've got my yellow fever jab booked for Sat, just waiting to confirm an appointment at docs for the other ones. As for walking boots - I have great big boots!! Not by choice but I had them already from duke of edinburgh days and are well broken in and with everything else couldnt justify new ones seeing as they are still in decent condition. Would have prefered a pair of lightweight boots. However, boots are better than trainers as you have ankle support.

I've got a 30 litre daypack for trail/handluggage! It looks likes a decent size. I went back to my parents last weekend and picked up some stuff, getting very excited!!

What are you all doing the night before? I'm heading and staying in a hotel as I dont live nearby and its an early flight!

Looking forward to meeting you all too, x


Just to let you know (because I was curious), there are 9 females and 8 males in our group and the age range is from the 20s to the 60s so should be a interesting group :)


That sounds like a great mix for a group. All jabbed up now - yellow fever, typhoid, tetanus and flu. No mention of needing rabies but you can't be too carefully.

Do you realise that 6 weeks from tomorrow we will be on the plane and I am being accused of being a Peru bore at work and home!!!

Looking forward to meeting you all probably on the group flight.


Can't believe how quick it is coming around now!  Just yellow fever jab to get.  Still trying to figure what else I need to get kit wise before we go-trying to find how cold it may get too.  Boots are walked in.  Need to sort money-though have no idea how much to take.  Started a new job last week, so everything is all over the place at the moment-sooooo excited though! 



It's starting to feel really real now. Kit bag has arrived and final joining instructions emailed! Cant forget that luggage label either! I'm all jabbed up finally. Like you Helen, need to decide what to pack and figuring out what I need to still get. I've decided not to use my kit bag as my main bag as it looks a little small with sleeping bags etc. I have spoken to Exodus and we can use a main holdall (or something similar) and can leave it in the hotel at Cuzco. The kit bag folds up nicely and can pack in ready to use when required! No idea with money either but I guess for half the trip we're not going to need a huge amount.

Hope you are all good :)


I got the group wrong before. There are only 16 of us - 9 females and 7 (not 8) males!

Have finally booked for my yellow fever jab, and just ordered anti malarials online as found that way cheaper.  Was wondering about how sleeping bag would fit in kit bag-will have a look at that this weekend. Need to make a deision re money, so i can get that for paking....maybe a G&T might make it all clearer!  Only this weekend and next to get sorted!  Where did all those months go?

Have a good one...

Has everyone seen this re visa stuff for USA?  If I am reading it right it is even for people solely in transit.


Yes you are reading it right. They brought in charges at the beginning of the month. Fortunately, I went to the States last year and its still valid, just had to update my travel plans. We still have to fill out a green card on the plane as well. Need to apply even if just transferring through which is a pain. I have no idea to where to start on the packing front, i feel strangely disorganised!! No idea where the past few months have gone, cant believe it is almost here. I'm so excited!

Famous last words I know...but I almost feel organised now on the packing front...aside from a few bits that should come in the post this week, I think I have most things....Don't remind me I ever said that! Still have money to sort, and everyday stuff here to get organised-like whose feeding my fish!

Surpised that total of luggage including backpack has come in lkess that 14kys-makes me think I have forgotten things.  Can't wait!


You're doing better than me!! Have you used your kit bag for your main bag? I was wondering (apart from the size which now actually looks big once I threw a load of stuff into into), do you think they will suitable to go in the hold?? CAnt believe we only have 3 weeks to go!

I must admit the bag is much bigger once you start to pak it.  Mine has sleeping bag in too.Think it should be fine in the hold, but have concerns about the amount of excess space there will be, and how 'tidy' stuff will be when I open it-just as well there is nothing in there that needs ironing :) think I might pack the inner stuff in stuff sacks first.

Am trying not to do the whole....oh I might need this or that and constantly adding! 

Less than 3 weeks.  Have you done any walking in prep....please say not much.  I had the intention....but intentions don't always pan out in to reality lol.  I am not normally an exercise junkie or anything, but have a reasonable level of fitness My boots are walked in.  Will make a concerted effort tonight to walk....honest!

How cold do you reckon it will actually get camping?




Hi i have jsut got back from a quick holiday to Coru and everyone is talking about packing wow!!

so far i have had the jabs (typhoid made me poorly) the yellow fever on friday (best not make me ill have a big weekend planned)  and the malaria pills are brought. thats it. My mum is collecting my pack and tickets today for me and i have just looked up those travel towels that dry really quick and dont smell. I think i need to get organised!

 A friend has told me about Avon dry oli spray for those pesky mozzies, i had plenty of practise with the mozzie bites in Corfu i am now sporting 32 of them i must be yummy.

so what else do i need to do?

also is there anyone else with dietary problems? i have celaic disease so wheat etc is out for me.

got my new camera today i am loving the sweep panoramic mode for those views.

and i am really really excited!!!

see you all soon, all help very much appreciated xx

WOW Corfu!  Sounds good-Peru is my one and only for this year, and it has been a strict budget to be able to afford it.....and something tells me it will be well worth it!

I still have yellow fever jab to have, but it is all booked for next week. I surprised myself once I got around to packing, how little there seems to be in my bag!  (not sure it will still be like that when we leave :) ) I decided on walking poles as most feedback is that they are worth taking, and also invested in a water bladder thingy.  Otherwise it is really just clothes, toiletries and medication for every eventuality!

Will find out about the dry oil, as I too am mozzie bait!  (Am hoping Peruvian mozzies have a different taste in women!


 A friend has told me about Avon dry oli spray for those pesky mozzies, i had plenty of practise with the mozzie bites in Corfu i am now sporting 32 of them i must be yummy.

I think I only have money left to sort out....please note I said think!  Still have no idea how much to take-looks like tipping takes a chunk!

See you all really soon!!!  (I am assuming we are all on the same flight....reading on one of the other trips threads it looks like they are split between a couple of flights) 09Oct10CO035Continental AirlinesLondon Heathrow (4)


Can't believe it is almost the countdown to Christmas!! 



I think my office will be glad when I go,I keep talking about it! This is my only holiday of the year and it will definately be worth it.

I'm on that flight Helen, I'm pretty sure anyway looks familar, we'll all have to try and spot each other in the terminal!

I havent done much more exercise than normal, had good intentions but time just seemed to fly by. People I have spoken to said as long as you have good general fitness then it fine. Dont know how the altitude will affect me though! I reckon its going to get quite cold camping and particularly at the lake. I have a season 3 sleeping bag and taking a liner with me aswell (doesnt take up much space!) I;ve got walking poles as well, looked like steep climbs and I have a bit of a weak knee so that will help.

Just got to get my anti malaria tablets now then all the medical stuff is done. Just a few more bits and bobs to buy then I think I'm there. Not sure how much money to take, will need to sit down and work that out.

Not looking forward to the mozzies but a small price to pay!!


P.S Its much better being able to see the posts when trying to reply!!


Sorry, i didn write in paragraphs but doesnt seem to have translated!!

Hi. I have a 3 seasons sleepiing bag too borrowed from an envious friend who assures me it is really warm!  Bought a liner, and have a couple of base layer tops and bottoms.  Was still wondering about a really warm jacket, but I have 4 layers which will fit  comfortably under my normal waterproof, so am thinking not.  My work colleagues and friends know all the details of holiday-I think my best friend is finding it hard to stay tunds in as I talk about this hol all the time.  Good to know I am not the only one with good intentions that never panned out.  As I said, I have a reasonable level of fitness, so am hoping I should be okay. I got malarial tabs from Chemist Diirect online-it was about £54.00 deliveered.  (some places quoted over £70) I don# think there will be yoo much trouble spotting each opther with our kit bags!H x


So today i come into work and on my desk is a little box that i have to put a fine of 10p into everytime i mention Peru! i am down £1.20 this morning as i have to tell all my lovely clients everytime they call. i will be skint by next week.! ( iam so glad its only 10p)

Talking of getting excited i have taken to writing lists i have one for what i need to pack, what i have yet to buy (quite a long one), tolietries, all sorts and i sleep with a pen and paper by my bed for those middle of the night thoughts. am i going mad?

Wondered if anyone would like to meet at the airport before we fly? seems a bit silly sitting on a plane trying to guess if anyone is going on the same holiday. i am on the 5.40 am saturday flight with Continental.

What is anyone taking to wear in the evenings?

Katy xx


I spoke to Exodus today who explained that the kit bag is for the trek and the rainforest bits and i should pack it inside my far too full rucksack, and also take a day pack.

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