Inca Trail Departing London May 21, 2014

Hello out there!  Is there anyone else going on this trip?  I would love to get in touch!..... all I can say right now is.... 7 kg?!!!! My word!  .... what shall I do with only 7kg?!!!


Hi there, yes me and my friend will be going, have only just started to look at the notes, getting excited and nervous too wat about you?



Hi all, I am booked on too and already a bit nervous!!

Has anyone had Rabies jabs? Or Yellow Fever or Malaria???

I am very new to this travelling malarkey! And will probably be asking loads of really random questions. I am really looking forward to meeting you all.

HB74 x



seems to getting clodser now we are in the new year 

apparently we dont need yellow fever or rabies, ive just had  booster typhoid & tetnus , going next week to have diptheria? the nurse is checking out the malaria  to see if really needed.  

i have printed the trip notes off and off to 'Cotswolds' next weekend to get some kit  together

nice to hear from you  ( i dont mind random questions )  


Thanks for your reply.. I too have been to Cotswolds! How do you get the Exodus discount there? I have had hep A and B and as you have said above. My nurse said that we are not going in to a malaria area so it would be interesting to know what yours says. HB74 x

Hi there! Nice to see some activity on this thread! :-) I think the trip notes mention the vaccinations we need, and I don't recall Malaria being on the list, which is in line with what your nurse said.  I have had all of the above vaccines recently so I did not pay too much attention to what else was needed unfortunately. I have some kit left from my last hiking trip so will be relying on that, though I would recommend that you don't get too much, just a couple of good items..... I know I've said this already but we only have 7 kgs!!! That's like, what you can fit in your day pack... Eeek!


I was told when I booked that the porters carry 7kg for us but that also includes your sleeping bag which is about 2kg. Any excess we carry in our day bags. Also I beleive that we can take more stuff on the trip as a whole it is just when we trek the weight is minimal and that locked luggage can be left in the hotel in cuzco!?

 HB74 x


Hi yes that is what i read 7kg for the porter inc sleeping bag & mat  then we carry the rest. but we have normal luggage allowance for the trip & i'm hoping that our  luggage can stay at our hotel while we climb?  is anyone else hiring a sleeping bag ?  i didnt know about exodus discount at cotswold, tell me more..


Hi yes that is what i read 7kg for the porter inc sleeping bag & mat  then we carry the rest. but we have normal luggage allowance for the trip & i'm hoping that our  luggage can stay at our hotel while we climb?  is anyone else hiring a sleeping bag ?  i didnt know about exodus discount at cotswold, tell me more..


I believe we can get 15% at Cotswold with proof of booking! I was hoping to hire a sleeping bag but I am not sure how this is done. HB74 x


I am meeting my friend on Saturday  and hopefully sort out about the sleeping bag book our insurance ect & work out what we need to get  / do before our trip , will let you know what we find out about the sleeping bag situation. think you do it through exodus & collect when you begin the trail. 


I asked about the sleeping bag when I booked as I plan to rent one too; as well as trekking poles. They said you get them locally; our guides can help us. You should probably have your own sleeping bag liner though, which you can get from cotswold. I forget how you get the discount; you may be able to just do it with a code? If you contact an exodus rep I think you can get it.


ok thanks, i am borrowing my daughters silk liner she had from travelling last year, saves me buying one!  do you think we will need 1 or 2 poles? , seems strange talking to everyone  without knowing your names or where you are all from, i suppose we will all meet at Heathrow!  will we be on the same flight ? 


Haven't researched into the trail enough to know if you need one or two; if you happen across the answer, let me know too! Or I'm sure we can also ask the guides when we get there. ... I'm not on the group flights, bought my own as I'm taking a detour through the US, plus I needed a visa for the group layover so decided not to go that route. So I'll meet the group at the hotel. Hopefully we'll not be too exhausted when we get there; it looks like a long trip!



I'm not on your trip but I did the Inca trail with Exodus in 2012, and from my experience I would recommend using 2 poles but the trail is definitely manageable with one or no poles at all. The trail has some very steep bits both up and down and they really help take a lot of the pressure off your knees. The route down in particular has never ending steps and I found they helped me a lot.

Hope that helps.


Ahh thanks  all advise is  great  :) 


Ok so not done anything like this before in my life! Never been out of Europe!! Help with my packing would be much appreciated. I am assuming bare minimum on trek but what do we put on our feet after walking and in the evenings when it will be chilly?? Many more possible random questions coming your way!! Only 2 months to go and feeling very excited. X

Just to say hello and thank you for the useful tips. There’s three of us traveling together – celebrating my sister’s 50th – and although we love mountaineering, we’ve never been that high! I was a bit concerned about how we were going to cope with altitude so I went last week to an Exodus talk about high altitude trekking– did any of you go? Obviously, altitude affects people differently but there was some general advice I thought I’d share:
1. Drink 3-4 litters of water - “if you don’t feel the need to go to the loo every half hour, you are not drinking enough”
2. Walk slowly – “the person who is always at the end of the group photographing every butterfly is coping the best”
3. You are likely to lose your appetite at high altitude but watch your carbohydrates – “no need for fancy jellies – bananas, chocolate and nuts are perfect”
4. You are likely to have trouble sleeping at high altitude – “make yourself warm and comfortable in the sleeping bag and let your body rest, even if you are awake”
5. Headaches – the guards will be carrying oxygen and some medication, if we need it; but the presenter said he had made dozens of hikes without as much as taking an aspirin …
6. And I have to mentioned it … HAFS … (High Altitude F**t Syndrome) – apparently it’s inescapable … be prepared 

Hope this helps.

so looks like there are a few celebrating their 50! both my friend and i are too, perhaps we will celebrate once we are down with a few glasses of something nice!
HB74 i was only gonna take my boots im climbing in, no space for spares, plus i think it will be chilly so boots & soxs will be good.
didnt know anything about the exodus talk, so thanks for the information, will go out now & stock up on mars bars! & loo paper for my trips to the loo.

Haha you did make me laugh about the HAFS!!

looking forward to meeting you all

Congratulations for your 50th! And what a lovely idea – a party back in Cuzco will definitely guarantee ending our trip on a high note, no matter what. Everybody is invited, of course.

It looks like we will have a lot to celebrate while we are out there and finished, and I am never one to refuse a party. It is my 40th birthday present from my hubby this trip so yet another significant birthday.

Thanks estellejayne for your advice regarding boots. Is anyone else hiring sleeping bags out there? I am assuming our rep will know about this?

I am now all excited and nervous and trying to juggle the packing as well........ does anyone have a figure in mind for money? and is everyone taking US dollars?

Thanks HB74

Hi HB74, both me & my friend are hiring sleeping bags when we get there, i have just got a liner to use. as for $ roughly worked out $300 but have just ordered another $100! just in case & have about £15 of local currency just for the first day, but will be taking cards with me just in case. is this roughly what anyone else is taking, really had no idea!!
yep i am also excited but a bit dubious about the trip! looking forward to meeting you

I also think $300 would do just fine ... but I am taking $200 more in case I find a really, really nice alpaca pashmina and I can't resist it :)

Thanks estellejayne for your tips. I have ordered £50 sol and £250 in $ and am also taking a card with me, sounds like I was along the right lines!

Am now getting rather nervous about the whole thing, my 5 year old is counting down the days for me!!

I have now started to lay out my stuff - is it really 7kg!! I am sure it will fit in, at least I know that we will all have bad personal hygiene on the trek!!

So in the words of a 5 year old "only 9 sleeps now mummy"....

Hi all, I contacted Exodus today about sleeping bag hire. We do it locally with the guide and it is $20 for the whole trip. They deliver it to the hotel the night before so that we can pack it in our kit bags!!
There are 12 women and 4 men on the trip and ages from 40's - 60's!!
Excited now........ 8 sleeps!!

I understand and I love what you bring, and I appreciate that and hope you will bring the next great more. Friv 2 | Friv 3 | Friv 4

Going on the May 31 trip. Been advised to take US$ and buy local dose at the airport while waiting for our bags to get the best rate.

Very excited now!! All packed and ready to go.... Looking forward to meeting you all x

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