The Inca Trail Departing Wed 3rd November 2010. Who else is going?

Just wanted to say Hi, Ive just booked onto the Inca Trail trip and Im so excited about seeing Peru and walking the Trail.

 So who else is going?



 I've just booked to go myself, I'm flying from Manchester.  Looking forward to the trip!



Myself and my friend Linda are heading out from Glasgow and so will meet you in Lima.  We're really looking forward to it.



Hi Rich and Sarah,

Im flying from london so will meet you in lima aswell. Im really looking forward to it not long to go now, im not looking forward to packing though any advice on keeping under that 10kg limit?

Yeah only 8 weeks now! Just had my vaccinations done today.

I've not had the Exodus bag sent to me yet so don't know how much stuff I can cram into it.  I'm in the process of getting a decent sized daysack which I can take on the plane as my hand luggage. This should allow me to offload some stuff from the main bag on the trek.



Hi Rich,

Just wondering what vaccinations you had done as the info i have read says you need ones that you would routinely have done here eg tetanus etc. I havent recieved my kitbag either, i already have a tried and tested daybag from a trek i did a few years ago in the sahara. I think its about 18-20l.


I don't think any vaccinations are compulsory, but I've had Hep A and Typhoid (Same Jab), and a Tetanus. I didn't have Hep B as its 3 injections at £23 each, very low risk of getting that anyway. The nurse was advising swine flu as well, but have to call the surgery back in October to check latest advisory, don't think I'll bother with that.



Thanks for the info, im upto date with all those anyway ive had swine flu and hep b as I needed them for work aswell so i should be covered.


Hi there fellow campers,

Just a quick note to introduce myself as the newest member of the group (as of 17 hours ago).  This trip is one of those events that Ive had in my mind for close on 7 years now; since a close friend trekked in the early noughties.  The pictures and stories she came back struck a chord of wilderness and adventure, told my self i was goona replicate it (apart from the incident of the Llama trashing the toilet tent, whilst she was in it).  The vision was originally all about travelling to a distant place, seeing different cultures, the sights, sounds and smells of the Andes and the history of the region. However, being a pompey boy, it now looks like a great excuse to get away from the weekly toils of Fratton Park on a saturday afternoon!.

Anyways, be nice to hear any thoughts from you others.

Laters dudes and Dudesses

Dave ;-)


Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone has recieved thier kit bag yet?


I've just booked this trip yesterday, very last minute! But i'm really looking forward to it! I'm only 18 so I'm the youngest in the group, currently on my gap year.
Do we all meet at Heathrow airport? Or is it not until Lima that we know who else is on the trip.
Also, so we only pack the kit bag that we get provided? Or are any of you bringing any other bags?
So excited!


I think most of the group is flying from Heathrow with a few people flying from other airports. All your main luggage should be packed into the kit bag but you will also need a backpack for use during the day for carrying things you will need whist walking, camera water etc. My day bag is approx 18 litres so one about that size should be ok.
See you at Heatrow


Hi Tony,Dave and Francesca. I think we have a full trip now, look forward to meeting you all.

I've not had the kitbag either. I assume it will be sent once we get the final instructions.

Is anyone else going via Amsterdam with KLM KL0743 11:20am?



Hello All, Linda and I are also flying from Amsterdam and I am pretty certain that is the flight we are on. We leave Glasgow around 6am that morning.  No kitbag has arrived here as yet.  Looking forward to a trip of a lifetime.   

Hi Sarah/Linda, Will probably see you in Amsterdam airport then.

Thanks for the info on the bags Dave, I was wondering if we got to leave anything in the hotel.

My final joining instructions arrived this morning.

Just been googling our Lima hotel, Antigua Miraflores Hotel Looks good, don't know where we are staying in Cuzco though.



Hello all, thanks for the info about luggage Dave its good to know we can leave stuff at the hotel whilst we're walking. Thanks for the link Rich the hotel looks really nice. See you all soon. John


Hi there,

Just a quick extra snippet about the Exodus Kit Bag, from them - 'All the clothes and belongings that you want to take to the trek (including sleeping bag and mat) should be inside the Kit bag and the porters will then carry it for you'.

P.S. Just want to clarify here there is more to life than providing facts and figures relating to backpacks, haversack and travel paraphernalia.

P.P.S. I'm boarding at Heathrow and although its an early start, if anyone fancies meeting up for a pre-flight 'beverage', let me know....I promise to have something else to talk about other than my top ten suitcases of all time (...although i may have to start revising now)



Hello all, once again thanks Dave for the luggage tips, im also flying from heathrow so wouldnt mind a beverage as long as it contains huge amounts of caffiene. Also i recieved my kit bag in the mail today and got really excited by it. Not long to go. Bye for now. John


I got the kit bag within the last week and its bigger than my main luggage bag :-)
Just to follow on what Dave said, they recommend you limit your suitcased luggage to 20KG and you can pack up to 10KG of that lot in the kit bag for the trekking bit. The Exodus people are very helpful so drop them a line to confirm.
As a sleeping bag is a little under 2KG, that's enough space left for a pair of socks, thermal shreddies, toothbrush and wart ointment. Sadly that means no room for my bedside lamp and tea making machine though.
Industrial strength coffee at Heathrow sounds a wise idea indeed so hopefully I'll bump into you chaps and chapesses there. Toodle-Pip. Tony


Hi everyone, well its now only a week until we travel and im really looking forward to it now, i just have to do the dreaded packing!!! What time are people planning on arriving at Heathrow? I'm just thinking about where the best place to meet would be? See you soon.


Tick Tock Everyone!

I just thought I'd pass something on, not sure if anyone else noted this...well, Heathrow departees.
The Flights are booked with LAN Airlines but they dont have an entry in the Heathrow website....ok panic...Anyways, after a bit of investigating, I've sussed out that for the first part of the journey (to madrid) at least, is with Iberian Airlines.

They have their Ticket desk in Terminal 3, Zone F; I am hoping that the Check-In is there too.

Just thought I'd slip this in to help avoid us all wandering around the terminal, especially poignant for me as the suitcase Ive got has an annoying click sound whilst in motion (oh bugger, am talking about luggage again...really need to sort that out)

Who's doing Day 5 update?

Laters dudes/dudesses

Dave ;-)


Another one to the list -bit older than 18 though!
See you wednesday morning


Low High
30 Oct

31 Oct

01 Nov
( Mon ) 8 24 PARTLY CLOUDY.


01 Nov

02 Nov
( Tue ) 8 23 FEW CLOUDS.


If our flight to madrid is with Iberian then shouldnt our flight info state this and not have a flight no for LAN airlines? Ive checked the flight timetable and there is not flight to madrid with out flight no listed. Im very confused now!! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Just had a quick look (basically to put off my packing) and it looks like your flights are operated by Iberia which is part of the OneWorld group which LAN are also a part of.

I'd give Exodus a call in the morning if its not clear on your tickets.

See you all soon, back to the packing!



Hi there Heathrow Departees,

Rich...only packing today...crikey, Ive been camped in the garden for the past week!...ok...lies

The truth though...All, my mobile is 07787964242, I should be there around 5ish (well, who wouldve thought it, there are two 5 o'clocks in a day!!) Give us a text/call and we can 'do a brew'...(ok, after coining that, you may think twice about meeting) and tackle the 'check in' together;-)

Hi John,
As per Rich's note above, for proper clarification (and peace of mind) best call the Brass as Exodus but i did a bit of checking (28th Oct note) - LAN operate through Iberian Airlines (in europe) and Iberian have their Ticket desk in Terminal 3, Zone F; I am expecting that the Check-In is there too.


Hi Rich I have email Rebecca Caldicott at exodus and asked for clarification on the issue as soon as i recieve an email I will update on here. I will prob be there from 4.30 ish so am quite happy to meet for a brew.


Hello all, ive recieved an email from Rebecca at Exodus which say:
"Your LAN flight is a code share flight with Iberia ; the plane will be an Iberia flight but is sold by LAN and Iberia . The Iberia flight number is IB3161. When you get to the airport the board will show both flight numbers."
Check in should be a straighforward process then. See you there. John

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