The Inca Trail/ Moonstone Trail

My husband Roger and I have booked on this trip and would love to hear from any of our fellow travellers.  We've chosen the Moonstone Trail option.  This is our first Exodus trip, and we can't wait.  Any tips from seasoned travellers?


Jane a friend (called Jane) and me have booked for this but we depart on 22nd. June. We too are doing moonstoe and hsve added the amozone extention on the end.

I have traveled with exodus many times and allofbtheir holidayd are fab.

they make you feel like atraveller not a tourist and pack so much in. l 










 I am departing London on the 14th June for the Amazon and Moonstone trek - is this the trip you will be doing?

A friend of mine went with Exodus and did the main Inca trail in January - she loved it and told me that the experience that Exodus gave her was second to none :)

I am very much looking forward to it all! 



Hi Deb and 3kimmy

Thank you both for your replies.  I've rechecked my dates - we arrive in Cusco on 20 June, so I'm not sure if we'll be in the same group.  Great to hear such positive feedback from others about their Exodus experience - I'm sure we won't be disappointed!


Hi Jane!

 I am 99% sure we are on the same trek :) I am very excited and nervous as I am going by myself.

Have you done many treks like this?

It's difficult to know what to pack and how much to bring! 


Hi Ladies

We depart UK on Saturday 20th June, so you never know we may all cross paths as opur trip takes us to Titicaca before the Moonstone.

I've done quite a few trips with Exodus and their rivals Explore, I would say sort everything you think you need then put half the cloths back in the warddrobe.

Kim don't be concerns about going on your own I have never come across a group where everyone mixes in, my mum who is 80 goes on these on her own (she's just come back from a month in China and off to Galapogus later this year) and she loves every minute.




Hi Deb and Kim

Hope we do manage to meet up - we'll keep our eyes open for you in Cusco!  Deb, as you've travelled with Exodus before - can you tell me if they send lots of details nearer the time like exactly what to pack, weight limits on the trail etc?  I've seen a lot of comments from other Exodus travellers on this sight, but am feeling a bit confused about all the different pieces of advice!

Kim, Roger and I haven't travelled with Exodus before, but we've done a lot of walking in the Alps so are hoping we'll be fit enough to keep up with the group.  Last summer I did a short trek in Iceland on my own with a group, and found everyone very welcoming. 



They don't really send any more details, the info in the trip notes have some detailed info about the weight limits on different parts of the trip and essentail kit to take. You leave baggage behind to collect later, so a couple of extra padlocks are always handy ( but no one had every wanted to nick my dirty cloths).

If there are none on yours we are doing TPD with Amazon extension and the trip notes are quite infomative.

Jane..Roger dosen't work in sports shop at Meadowhall does he ? I went in there other week and was talking to a chap in there who is off on one of these trips around the same time as us, but his Mrs had organised it and he wasn't sure ont he details. (now that would be spooky)



Thanks for the info on the trip notes, I'll start checking them in detail.

Deb - no, it wasn't Roger in Meadowhall, that really would have been weird!


Hiya guys!

 So, i have spoken to someone who went in June last year and they advised to wrap up really warm - it is supposed to be pretty chilly - especially at night!!

 I am so excited but am trying to squeeze in a tour of the Nazca lines but not sure i have enough time :(


Hi All!


I'm on the same trip, going to Lake Titicaca first, then Cuscos.  However, I am hiking the Inca Trail instead of Moonstone.  So excited!

 Kim, I am hoping to squeeze in an air tour of the Nazca lines as well when our group gets there.

 Where are all of you ladies from?  I live in the US in Colorado.  Looking forward to meeting you all!



Kiley, sounds like your doing the same way round as us, what date do you start.


OOpps forgot, Were from the Uk so flying in via Air France and home via KLM. We leave the UK early on Saturday 22nd June.


hi all

I'm going to be doing the Inca Trail on 20th June. Really excited! I've heard nothing but good things about Exodus so I'm hoping this will be the first of many trips!

I'm interested to know what the meals are like on the trek and what people generally pack in their day bags? (snacks, water, sunscreen etc.) I am debating whether to take my compact camera or invest in a bigger SLR (for those spectacular pics) but don't want it to if it's going to be cumbersome to carry something like that all day long?



Enjoy Ged, we may bump into you.

You will have a simply fab time. Don't forget you will end up with loads of pic's when everyone swaps via the interent at the end. A camel back or platipus is handy for inside your day sack, nice easy access and balanced weight. If you have a good suncream you get on with I would take it with you, you never know what actually in the stuff you get and you don't want any bad reactions or poor protection especially if your fair.




We'er a group of 4 leaving the uk on the 14th June . . . we are heading other way round I think?

amazon 1st, then machui, finishing with lake Titicaca 

2 are on the Inca trail and 2 are on the moonstone trail. . .

shasha. x

Whooop tavel info arrived by e mail today followed by luggage lables when I got home. 



Rach B

Hi everyone!

This is my first adventure with Exodus, and am great anticipating the exciting trip ahead! I'm not doing the Moonstone trek - but wish all who are - much happiness on that venture!

I had a great experience in Nepal last year; absorbing the culture and magnicant scenery. We'll be at higher altitude on this trip, which makes me a little apprehensive, but hopefully will acclimatise relatively smoothly! Any tips on sleeping bags..? I have a 3 seesion one -lovely and snug -with a sleeping bag sac'' to make it equivalent to 4 session, so I'm hoping this will be adequate.

Looking forward to meeting my fellow trekkers and welcome any tips/advice.



Anyone got there kit bag yet????

shasha. x


Hi Sasha - i am definatly on the same trip as you :) !!!

Are you leaving from London? 

I got my kitbag this week - how bout u??

I am so so so excited ... last bit of shopping this weekend for antiseptic wipes, immodium (which apparently u really need) etc.

kim x


Great, looking forward to meeting up with everyone. Look's like Kim your with us for the 17 days.

2 of my friends are on the moonstone trek with you, and me and another friend are on the Inca trek.

Finally the 2 have arrived today, but still 2 kit bag's short. . .just want to get packing to see what i've not got, which I think is quite a lot. so shop shop shop weekend!

shasha. x

Hopefully our kit bags will be here soon as others seem to be getting theres.. whoopee.

Anyone going via, Charles de gaul ? we are flying from Birmingham but on air france hence via Paris. 



Hi Shasha,

Great to hear you and a friend are getting ready for the Inca trek- and stocking up on gear etc!!! Do you know anyone else going on the standard Inca Trail? Have you done much trekking n travelling before??... I can't wait now. Enjoy spending and shopping!

See you soon


Sounds like I might be with some of you I am flying from Heathrow on the 22nd June on Air France via CDG to Lima,  getting excited about the trip now and hoping I have done enough training!!


see you in arrrr new I had missed something !!



Hi Deb's

Looking forward to meeting you and I do use the word training "loosely"!!  See you saturday. 


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