Inca trial & Amazon - departing 21st April

Hi everyone, looking to get in contact with anyone going on the Inca trial trip followed by the 3 day extension to the Amazon, departing on the 21st April.


My husband and I are doing the Inca Trail trip.  We are departing from London Heathrow on Wednesday 20 April 2011.  We are not doing an extension to the trip.  I guess that we are on the same trip.

This is a completely new experience for us and we have never travelled with Exodus before, have you done something like this before/travelled with Exodus before?


I havnt been on an Exodus  trip before but I have crewed a tall ship for 10 days in the Caribbean, I like to do something that is a little adventurous at least once a year. Already working on the next

I will check my dates but I thought it was leave on the 21st but I cant believe there are two so close together!


Wow crewing a tall ship.  How fantastic.  I turn 40 this year just after we finish trekking; and just last year I decided that there has to be more to life than just work, housework and weekends that fly by.  The aim is to build up to Kilimanjaro!  Here's hoping - lets see how I cope with altitude sickness in Peru!  However, I'm determined to make it all the way.


Hi Sylvie, my name is Simon, I am Lor_Lor_G's husband.  I am looking forward to this trip, seeing wonderful sights, breathtaking views and meeting like minded people.

I have a few years on you but 40 was also my turning point, like you I wanted to experiance something else, something that reminds me I'm alive!!!  Funny I have been asked if I want to join a trek to Kilimanjaro in September, as you say, just have to see how I cope with the altitute in Peru first.  Do you know how many are on this trip?


Who's idea was this trip?  and why Peru?  It's been on my bucket list for 6 years ever since I read a book about 3 friends who made this trip.  Anyway soon to be a reality, I believe it will  be challenging, wet, cold & very exciting although a hot shower will be welcome when we complete the journey!



Hi sylvie

This was my wifes idea she wanted to do something different for her 40th eventually we would both like to climb kilimanjaro. I offered to go on safari or cruise but she said we have got time to do this later on in life . I am really looking forward to it and experiencing  and new adventure meeting new people and enjoying all the sights and sounds along the way. I believe this will be a real challenge but will also be looking forward to a hot shower once we finish the trek .




Hi Sylvie

Age is mind over matter.  If you don't mind, it doesn't matter (or at least so they tell me!)

I think I will save Kilimanjaro for another year.  Don't want to do everything in one hit.  Aside from which I would need to win the lottery to do all the trekking I have in mind.  Simon and I also like the look of the Mount Vesuvius trek (that will have to be another year also!)

 Apart from you, Simon & I, I have absolutely no idea who else is going.  In the brochure I think it says between 6 & 12 per trek. 

(Note to any out there who are going on this trip but have joined the conversation - come and join the party!)

It sounds like you have your holidays sorted for the next few years, I think my next one will be somewhere sunny.

I have just checked and there is only one place left, so it looks like 11 so far and I am probably the odd number.  Any idea how cold it gets at night, I need to make a decision about the sleeping bag?


Hi Sylvie

I'm getting really excited about our trip now.  We went to an outdoors shop and bought some stuff for the trip.  Tried on our mummy sleeping bags in the shop, had a real giggle.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Hi Lor & Simon,

We are on the count down now and I now need to get myself organised,  hire a sleeping bag, buy some trousers and sort my travel insurance although I had some jabs this morning and my arms are very sore.  

Fancy meeting up for a beer once weve all checked in?



Hi Lor,

Just thought I would let you know that the exodus bag is for the porters to carry. You will need to take another suitbase or holdall to store all your clothing / other items in while you go on the trek. The suitcase / holdall will then be safely stored in the hotel so you only take the gear that you require for the trek. The porter will carry 7kg in weight including the bag

Hi Lor & Si,

Sorry I have been away to Istanbul, just got back on saturday.  No my exodus bag hasnt arrived so I will have to give them  a ring tomorrow.   I am getting nervous and excited in the same breath, how about you guys? I cant wait now, just need to figure out how my camera works !  Sylvie

Hi Jamie

Thanks for that.  Yeah I know, I was just amazed at the size of the kit bag.

 Having fun trying to pack everything into cases at the moment.  sleeping bags take up alot of room.

Hi Sylvie

I hope you have got your Exodus bag now.  Im also nervous and excited. this is completely new and uncharted territory for us.  looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday.

Hi Lor & Si,

Yes the bag has arrived, its much larger than i thought.  I have hired a sleeping bag from Exodus so  I only have to take a sleeping bag liner.  I am going to start packing tomorrow, at least get everything in one place and see whats missing! I am still not entirely sure what to take but I'll get there.   Here's my number, call/text me when you arrive 07747568350 or let me know where to meet up.


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