Thought I would start a thread for all of us travelling to peru on 23rd october 2010. I'll be going on my own so keen to get to know some fellow travellers.



Hey all im on the 6-20 flight i will be at heathrow around 3 ill keep an eye out for the exodus lables. Just 5 more hours to work then im free lol. Cant wait to meet you all and get going now... wayne


So do those on the early flight get to check in on line an hour and a quarter before those on the later one.......... They'll be others starting their journey earlier too so we 7.25 ers will end up in the hold - no good seats for us!


Hi guys
We weren't able to check in last night, bit of a pain. BA website redirected us to Iberia saying it was an Iberia flight, and then Iberia redirected us back to BA! Then BA said we couldn't check in because there are two people with the same name on the flight - WE ARE HUSBAND AND WIFE! Then we called both Iberia and BA, who couldn't help and suggested we called LAN, the problem apparently is that it's a flight shared by 3 carriers and the systems can't cope! We could only check in online with LAN for the Madrid Lima flight and had visions of luggage not being tracked etc so we have resigned ourselves to checking in at the airport and getting the crap seats. Not the best start (can you sense a rant?!).
Bags are packed, half the clothes we were planning on taking have now been removed, can you believe how much space a sleeping bag takes up?!
See you all tomorrow evening!
Becki and Ken


Becki, Ken
I couldn't check in either but was given different reasons to you - AND even this morning it told me check in wasn't open yet for the LAN flight. Like you I am resigned to airport checkin but haven't in the past ended up with crap seats. I am now packed too - but have this evening to change my mind, unpack and repack again! But first another long day at work. Heather


Hi All,

I'm having the same check in issues so will do it the old fashioned way too. Hopefully see some of you bright and early tomorrow morning!! Yippeeeeee!!!! Sarah


me too! Not able to check-in on BA, or LAN either. I'll try again later on in the day, and if not.. old fashioned way as well! see you in the morning! :)


us as well. We are all packed and heading off to a Holiday Inn nr terminal 5 this evening.
See you all tomorrow. :0)

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