India - Who's coming too?

Hi I'm Mike,

Fellow travellers leaving on 26th July 2012 reveal yourselves.....

Wishing you well






Hi Mike,

I'm Kate, I've just signed up for this trip. I was lucky get the last place, it's a full tour of 16 with a good range of ages (from what the travel agent found out for me).

I'm 25, a solo traveller and this is my first exodus trip. I'm a little nervous about it all!

I'm getting the group flight from Heathrow and afterwards I'm going to Kolkata for two weeks to do some work with a charity that works with street children.

Looking forward to meeting you and everyone!



Hey Mike and Kate,

This is Emily, also going to India this summer, and coming with partner Clive. This would be our third Exodus trip (Morocco and Borneo being the other two).

I've always wanted to go to India so really can't wait for this one; especially as it is going to be very busy indeed.

Kate, if you don't mind me asking, where and who are you volunteering with? Is this a company you got in touch with? I could extend my trip by a week but I guess this would be too late notice!

Looking forward to meeting everyone,



Hi Kate & Emily

Good to start to fill in some of the gaps!

I'm a solo traveller too and first trip with exodus but have done trips in the distant past to Nepal, South Africa and Equador with Explore.

No need to be nervous K8, we will all make it fun I'm sure.

I'm on mjbenn0 using gmail if you want to say Hi outside the forum.

Have good weekends


Hi everyone! I'm Johanna, 21-year-old solo traveler from Finland, this is my first time traveling with Exodus and to India. I'm first traveling two weeks to Ladakh before joining exodus and have two days to spend in Delhi inbetween. Anyone have any suggestions on where to live/ what to see?

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi Johanna, lovely to hear from and about you! You'll see from my above post that I'm Kate and like you I'm also a solo traveller and first timer to India, I'm 25 from Irealnd.... No idea really about where to stay, although we should hear from Exodus soon about where we're actually staying in Delhi as part of the tour, you could just stay there? Where is Ladakh? I'm going to Kolkata after to do some volunteer work.... Looking forward to meeting you!

@ Mike, sorry I never got back to you, I don't have a gmail a/c so can't chat there....

I've started to plan what gear I might need for the trip, is everyone bringing a backpack? I have an old back injury that I'm afraid a backpack will hurt again, does anyone have any other ideas?

Thank you,

K8 :-)


Hello again to everyone, just wondering if anyone is getting the group flight from Heathrow?

Thank you, x K8


Hi everyone!
I'm Erin and I'm coming on the trip with my sister Beth and my dad. Just thought I'd say hello to everyone.
We're getting the group flight from heathrow, all very excited!
See you all in less than two weeks now!
Erin x


Hi Erin & family! Great to hear from you. I'll be on the group flight. I have red hair cut in a bob style with a fringe, if you see me do come over & say "Hi"! Yes it's all very exciting. Can't wait!! x


Hi all,

Rather than wander aimlessly around heathrow after checking in does anyone taking the group flight want to meet up?



Hello everyone, on Sunday morning my wonderful friend Paraic Casey died swimming the English Channel. He had been swimming so well, but tragically suffered a cardiac arrest 1km off the French coast. We are all totally totally devastated.

Originally I was going to cancel my trip but I am going to try to come now. I have changed my flights and I am only joining the tour on Sunday afternoon/evening. I hope to meet you all at the hotel in Jaipur. We have some very difficult days ahead of us, and then I'll be travelling alone, I will need a little support from all of you in India.
Best wishes for safe travelling, Kate x


Hi Kate, sorry to hear your news. Hope next few days aren't too difficult. Mike

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