Indian Himalaya Trip

Hello there,

Is anyone else going on the Grand Traverse of the Indian Himalaya trip in August using these forums? It would be great to get in touch beforehand and find out who's going.



Hi, my name is Valerie and I am your leader for this trek. If anyone has any questions please ask through this post. I will be meeting you all in Delhi.


 Hi Gavin,

I am (subject to final sign off of the holiday time from my boss!) also coming on this trip, as is my friend John, who I am sure will post himself shortly.  Really looking forward to it.  We went to Ladakh with Val in 2008 and it is such a great place, and Val is a great leader (hello Val!) so it is going to be awesome. Looking forward to meeting everyone too.  Emma.


Hello there, it's good to hear from you. I've been off to Brecon Beacons over Easter; started off blue skies and sunshine and ended up with a couple of foot of snow in places on Pen y Fan. Great fun walking around there and no crowds besides the army.

Whereabouts did you go walking in Ladakh before Emma? I've been having a good look through the photos on this site and it does look fairly stunning.

Val - a quick question for you regarding kit. I'm a bit unsure about what cold weather gear is required. Is this big down jacket cold or is that a bit overkill? Thanks


for rubbish lack of response - my automatic update thing doesn't seem to work so hadn't seen yours.  We did the frozen Zanskar trip (or Chaddar) in January 2008, coldest thing I have ever done in my life! ( Exodus only ran it once: couldn't find enough nutters I think.) Sure it will be warmer this time.  I will be taking a big down jacket as I hate being cold and have always been glad of it on these trips...not sure if it is necessary for warmer folk but as we spend lots of time over 4500m expect it is! Sure Val will have  view...Emma


it should not get too cold in Ladakh in summer but I always take my good down jacket with me for any cold evenings. Night before the Parang La can get cold and crossing Parang La at the top if not good weather. If its the only down jacket you have take it but if you have thin and thick down jacket take the lighter weight one. I only have one heavy weight so always carry that but a lighter weight one with good wind proof will also be fine. Done this trek 3 times now and love it - its one of my all time favourite treks (along with the Frozen Zanskar!). Look foreward to seeing you and John, Emma for a catch up and look foreward to meeting everyone else and hopefully a good sunny summer.


Hi, the automatic updates to posts doesn't seem to work for me either.

Zanskar in winter does seem rather cold. I'm sure I remember a BBC doc from a few years back following someone walking along the frozen river there in winter. Maybe not everyone's idea of a holiday.

I don't have a down jacket at the moment because I'm not sure it'd see too much use in the UK. I was currently thinking about borrowing my brother's primaloft jacket, which withother layers and a good thick water/wind proof jacket should hopefully be fine? I might have a look to see whether I can find a discounted down jacket over the next month or two.


your brothers primoloft will be fine with good layers including good waterproof/windproof. hard to find down jackets in summer in the UK!! and if you don't have one no point spending money when you hardly need it.

Hi Val, Emma and Graham (?). I have a RAB belay jacket, which is primaloft and I shall be taking that rather than the big down duvet. It packs down much smaller than the huge down one and is a bit more weather proof than down. I am really looking forward to this trip as the original one I was booked on in 2010 was postponed by a week due to flooding. As I couldn't go a week later I missed that trip and went to the Polish Tatra's instead, which was great but wasn't India. This will be my 9th trip with Exodus and I have just booked on my 10th one in August 2013. See you in Delhi


Hello John, good to hear from you. I think I'm pretty well set now. Surprisingly, everything fits into my rucksack as well - I seemed to take more with me last time I went to Snowdonia. Hopefully no flooding this time around; I've had enough of walking and climbing in the rain for one year.



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