Indo China Grand Tour

I see this is fully booked so who is coming with me?  I know you exist!

Chip and Tracey from Abingdon. Second trip with Exodus. We did Cape Town to Vic falls in the summer of 2011. Pleased to meet you.

Hi Chip and Tracey. Nice to "meet" you too. I have never managed to hook up with anyone on this site before travelling previously so forgive me if I gush.  This is my third trip with Exodus - spookily enough I did the Cape town to Vic Falls (camping) in November 2010!  Before that I did India.  I have always gone solo before but this time my boyfriend Charles has been persuaded to join me.  I am starting to get quite excited now that it is only a few weeks away.  I look forward to meeting in person.

Hello again. I wonder if any of the other 12 in the group will go on the forum. We also were camping in Africa. It was an amazing trip. We are just thinking about currency to take, how much of each one etc. Everything else is sorted. Just a few busy weeks to get through first.

Same here - very busy up to the departure.  The last trip I did with Exodus I kept looking on the forum but nobody responded which is a shame, so I am not too hopeful here for more joiners.  But at least we have made contact with you two which is two more than last time!  I am going to preload a credit card and withdraw currency on the way around.  Caxton FX do a card which doesn't charge service charges every time you use it abroad and you can top it up on line if you need to.  Plus a small amount in USDollars as they seem to be accepted almost everywhere (plus we will need them for the visas at the borders).  We just changed our outgoing flight so that we will land a day earlier and we can have the day in Bangkok before we meet the group.  It is just getting close enough now so that every other thought is about the holiday.  It is making it difficult to concentrate on work!


Hi Chip, Tracey, Deborah!

I've only just caught sight of this thread :) I'll be travelling with my sister, Ayten, who will hopefully join the forum soon. I'll give her a nudge when I get in tonight. This will be our first Exodus trip; so excited, if a little apprehensive re: preparation...not long to go now!

Deborah, I'm glad you mentioned currency. I was thinking of changing my entire budget for the trip into the relevent currencies, but I'm not comfortable carrying that much cash around. Definitely something to think about.

I agree...concentrating on anything but this trip is becoming impossible! 

Hi Emine, and welcome.  On my last multi country trip with Exodus the tour guides took us to money changing facilities/cash points every time we entered a new counrty so hopefully the same will happen this time.  So you should be ok taking a small amount in cash and topping up as you go or changing travellers cheques.  I am sure the Exodus team will be able to advise.  Looking forward to meeting you in person.


Just popped onto this forum as I did this trip last year...

 Hold onto your hats... Its AMAZING !

Take a few dollars in small bills.. And a cash card.. Cash machines everywhere..

Enjoy the ride...


Thanks for the tip Nik.  And for the confirmation it was a good choice of holiday!


Thanks for the advice re: currency. It seems like taking a cash card and some dollars may well be the way to go. I know that the Caxton FX card has been mentioned, but I've not had any experience of using anything like this in the past, so it'll take a bit of research. Nik, did you use a currency card for this trip, or just a good old debit card?


Just my trusty debit card.. with a couple of back-up credit cards incase I lost it. and about £200 worth of dollars.. 

Always use the local currency instead of dollars if you can, you get a better deal when hagling with the locals 

It reallly is a fantastic trip.. I wont spoil it for you ... Enjoy every minute... 

 Oh yea.. expect to put on about a Stone.. ;-) food is fantastic 


Tony here and pleased to meet you all.  This will be my 5th Exodus trip and one that I am really looking forward to.  All the rest have been great, especially thanks to the guides, who do make all the difference.  I did try the forum on my last trip, but no other travellers bothered to join, so almost did not bother to look this time.  Glad I did though and looking forward to meeting you all.  I agree with the advice about money.  I usually take some cash, my debit card and my Nationwide credit card, which has much lower charges than most of the other bank credit cards.

Hi tony nice to meet you too. On my last trip I was virtually logging on daily and was convinced I simply wasn't being notified of messages. Truth is nobody bothered to make contact. They were a great group though and seasoned travellers so they clearly weren't as excited as I was. Are you on the group flight?


I am on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH003 via KL to Bangkok.  I think that this is the group flight?  Almost all of the people that I have met on my other trips have been nice and friendly and very good company.  Just the odd loner sometimes.

Its the group flight for me and Tracey. Just got a real cheap room at the Sheraton across the road from the airport, so we can chill out on the Saturday and not have to rush on Sunday morning.

25 days to go.

Nikki and Richard from Norfolk. Although we travel a lot this is our first time with Exodus. Not long now, see you all soon!

Hi! Serge from Amersham. It's also my first time with Exodus. I will be also on the group flight. See you all soon!

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