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have read a few forums etc and am going to buy my insect repellent from blacks, however there are different strengths, will 50% deet be enough or will i need 100% deet, im also worried about possible skin irritation, any suggestions?


I used Boots 'Repel' tropical strength repellent (50% deet) in the Amazon last year and it worked fine for me with no skin irritation so you might give that one a go.





i brought my repellent from millets which was blacks other company. i brought a 50% and a 100% just incase because mosquitos love me. i was in kenya and i did not get one bite at all using either :). so 50% should be fine, just do a little skin test before you use properly on your wrist. oh and remember if you wearing jewellery or sunglasses ect, deet has the tendancy to melt the bangle went all sticky! don't use deet long term and you should be fine. however i'm climbing kilimanjaro next year and i will be opting for 100% as if i get bitten they usually get infected :( and i'm not taking my chances. strangely enough i did see some 50% and 100% deet repellent in tesco the other day for £3.00. hope this helps.

vicky x 

Hi Leanneandcarl,

I've been on a few trips to Africa and took bottles of 50% and 100% deet from Blacks on both trips.  I was advised to only use the 50% Deet on my skin and use the 100% Deet on clothing.  The combination of this has always seemed to work for me.  I wouldn't advise using the 100% Deet on your skin though, as it's pretty potent.



So how was your trip?

I'm going on the AYK on 17th October.  Any major recommendations or tips you can pass on having just come back?  Out of interest, assuming your fligt landed in Nairobi on time, how long did it take to get through the airport and meet up with the group (e.g. what time did you all hook up)? Im going out the day before, so obviously want to plan my arrival back to the airport in good time.

 Hope you enjoyed it and didn't get eaten by the mozzies.



Would anyone like to get in touch regarding the above holiday? Any tips/advice! Going over the Chnristmas/New Year period.


hi scooby,

the holiday was truly amazing, we kept a diary while away, if you want to read it email me at [email protected]


In my travels I have always used the Boots repel tropical strength 50% DEET and have never had any trouble with bites, and they do a handy small one too.
Always recommend it to friends

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