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I have a video feature on the ipod nano.  Is is OK in Cuba to use any kind of vidoe recording in Cuba or would this be frowned on>



Hi I don't know the answer to your question but I'm replying because I am booked onto this holiday also and am looking forward to meeting everyone.


have no idea if you can use video recording, hmmmm????

im joining this trip :)) so see you soon :))


Don't know answer to your question. You'd be better asking it in Destinations section (I've found this place most helpfull for other trips). See you all in Cuba.


Can't believe its come round so quickly.  Looking forward to the trip and I've heard lots of good things about Cuba.  I'm flying from Manchester to Gatwick so I'll be jumping off and on planes but will keep a look out in Gatwick for those red Exous labels when I arrive. 


im flying from gatwick as well, so hope will find you there :D:D:D so exciting :D:D:D


by the way, thats my phone no 07593235677, just give me a ring Karen, and whoever is flying from Gatwick, so we may meet up at the airport :D see ya soon xx

It's nearly here , traveling down to gatwick Saturday morning for nice overnight stay in hotel.


My mobile is 07968934139.  I've just checked the flight details and don't have a printer so I'll be doing the self service check in.  I'll keep an eye out for red labels anyway.


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