Japan, prepare yourself!

Hello to anyone taking this trip. i've just found out that you could do this on the website after months of thinking 'that'd be a bloomin good idea, i should let Exodus know!'

I've previously been on some Exodus trips and have made some really good friends (we all keep in contact and visit each other regularly), i'm hoping this will be a similar story. looking forward to any replys and meeting you all, if it's anything like the other trips we are going to have a good laugh, a lot of sake and some brilliant memories


Hello, I'm Emily and I'm on this trip too.
This is my first trip with Exodus and my first holiday alone too, so I'm both dead excited and a little bit terrified! Can't wait to meet everyone and get out there and see Japan.

Hi Emily,

Dont worry i'm on my own too, kinda why i started this thread! Want to test the water, i'm sure everyone will be great but i'm roughly about the same on the excited/terrified scale as you, although the closer we get the more excited i get. Should be the trip of a lifetime. See you in about 32 days :)

I've just noticed that this says the departure date is the 24th, unfortunately I'm going on the 30th of March so I won't be on the same trip. Hope you have a really great time anyway :)


Im on the 3oth of march trip my first with Exodus, am realy excited and looking forward to meeting everyone!


Brilliant! really excited as well, can't believe there's only a week to go. pretty sure we're going to have an amazing time! going to spend this weekend packing and making sure i have everything. i'm quite sad and looking forward to that as well!

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