Jebel Sahro Ride and Marrakech 15th Feb

Hi, booked on the above cycling trip. Be happy to discuss equipment, clothing plans if anyone else is going?
Current concerns are thermal pyjamas, hair dryers and ear plugs.


Well having read your trip notes Rob I've only one piece of advice... padded shorts mate, padded shorts!!!



Hi, Amanda and Mike from Nottinghamshire here.
Booked the trip a couple of weeks ago. First time with Exodus, first biking holiday. Any advice welcomed (padded shorts packed).
Are we going to meet up in the airport anywhere?
Could Rob1962 explain concerns about thermal pyjamas?

Hi Mike & Amanda
Be great to meet at airport, though as I don't think I've used Terminal 4 before I don't have a clue about where to meet. I'll try and find the name for a coffee shop or something. Re the pyjama comment, we've seen somewhere (trip notes possibly) that the hotels can be cold at night and nightwear is recommended.
We are a group of 7, have been on bike holidays before but this will be our first off-road one. I'm just hoping it isn't raining, seen too much mud lately.
See you in 8 days :)


Hi mikeamanda,

We're (David, writing, and Anne) are part of Rob's team on this trip - whoop, whoop!

I think the best trick would be to exchange mobile numbers then we can text when we get there and be "situationally fluid".  There doesn't seem to be any pm system on the forum, unfortunately. If you drop me an email at "[email protected]" I'll send you a mobile number (or if you prefer, you can create your own disposable email there and I'll send it to you).

 Only one week to go! Padded shorts at the ready ... thermal pyjamas seem a bit sissy to me, Rob ...


Continuing this discussion, I will start by pointing out that it was my wife Kerry who raised the thermal pyjama issue. Seems plans are in place.
Whilst I should be grateful to be nominated team leader by Dave, I suspect there is an element of off loading responsibility here since Dave is odds on favourite to have the most punctures during the trip.
Mike & Amanda, we have a suggestion of the Bridge bar which it seems is a large cafe on flight side of terminal 4.


I hear that there's a nice canal-side route into Marakech, Rob - I think we should give it a go ...



Have sent phone number to Dave. Will head for the Bridge bar once airside. Off to Sherwood pines today for yet another mud-fest. See you in 7 days.


I'll quit trying to be so clever - could you mail it to my ordinary email, which I will cunningly conceal as mralpeningmaildotcom (replacing of course "in" with "at")

This can't possible go wrong! I have just survive a mountain bike skillz course (tee-hee) and I am feeling SO READY FOR MOROCCO!


Sounds like serious preparation. Is this allowed?

Sending email to your gmail address.



... honestly compels me to admit that there wasn't all that much evidence of skills on my part, despite the tutor's patience and best endeavours. But great fun, though.

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