Just booked borneo

Anyone else booked for borneo 8th June? Must start exercising now!

I have !

Yes excercising would be a good idea !

Nice to hear you are looking forward to it too! Are you travelling with others? This is my first time to SE Asia so already looking forward to it!

We're coming!  Looking forward to a bit of a trek and some SE Asian cuisine.

How many are you travelling with? There are two of us going together, have you done adventure travel with Exodus before?

Me and Ally have done several trips (10??) with Exodus.  What about you?

10 !!!! that's impressive... I know they can be really addictive !  I have done about 4 ...

Because of the trouble out there at the moment my itinerary has changed for the March depearture of this trip and so am looking at swapping to a different date. I'm travelling alone......is there anyone else out there who is doing this trip as a solo?

Just need to talk the boss round to changing my holiday dates.....

oh that's a shame... dont worry join in on this one... we'll keep you entertained..along with orangutans ofcourse :-)

Hayley, for the majority of the trips we've been on, there are lots of soloists - probably more than couples on every trip!

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