Just booked - MUC - Cycle Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama !!

I think I got the last 2 places.  Hills!


Yes - always difficult to know what to expect from someone's description of the terrain.

I haven't been on a group cycling tour before but I have (independently) followed routes prepared by trip organisers and quite often what was described to me as "gentle" hills have turned out to be fairly long and steep. Hopefully we won't encounter too much of that!

Hi there

Really excited about this trip. Just checked through trip notes and we need to get a USA visa waiver. Tried to do this but we need our flight number and name of carrier. Do we have this yet? Would like to meet up at airport as am travelling alone - will be fun to join in in the excitement. Also are you taking protection for malaria? Know it is not necessary but just wondered. Look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Christmas!!




Hi Patsy.. It is all very exciting.. We are out a day or two early and have booked our own very long flights - or would have shared the journey.    A friend says she just ticked transit... That doesn't mean in was right... I'm not taking any malaria tabs on this trip.  They make me feel so odd..



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