Kenya Tanzania AYK

Anyone out there??  Looks like the trip is nearly fully booked but cant see any other comments.  We are really looking forward to an adventure!

are you scared of lions cos I am


Hi David, yes looking forward to Lions and anything else thats thrown at us! Hopefully it will be warmer and lighter than it is currenlty here. Very ready for a holiday. Wow how strange to find someone so local on the trip! Exodus tell me the trip is very nearly full so there should be a really good group atmosphere.


where are you from Paula ...not up in thse hills are you Im trying to get away from the hillbillys round here David


We live in North West Leicestershire - very close to Ashby de la Zouch our closest town in South Derbyshire is Swadlincote. So close ish but not on your doorstep. So you wont be wearing a cowboy hat and chewing a piece of straw then!!


I have a friend lives in Woodville so might be an idea to meet up sometime before we go if you like as you seem to be a well seasoned adventurers...what do you think Dave


Hi Dave, sorry not been back in touch sooner. Yes we would love to meet up is there somewhere half way or we are happy to see you down here? We can bore you to death with our travels, we arent that bad honestly!


I could come to see you sometime and tie it in with a visit to see my friend in Woodville

01298 83170


sorry I wasnt able to chat last night please call again


I was just looking to see who was joining this trip in December. 



Hi Michele, Im on this trip with my husband Dave. Are you excited yet, we are! Are you flying out of Heathrow on the group flights?



Hi all, we're counting down (from 2 yrs to 2 months to less than 2 wks nows!) and ticking off the packing list. Getting very excited now!  Am 1 of a party of 5 - I'm the only one travelling from London to Nairobi (own flights with Qatar) whilst my friends are travelling from Sydney and Auckland.


Hi paula and MB,

I'm flying from healthrow on the kenya airlines flight.  I'm getting a little nervous now as coming on my own.  Hope the airport won't be affected by the forecasted weather.

If anyone wants to meet at the airport, please feel free to let me know.



Im on my own but am travelling to airport by car with Paula and het partner Dave (ovelanders) Im worrying about the snow affecting the journey too Got my shovel at the ready If you want to meet at Heathrow I can give you a mobile no


That would be great to meet at the airport.  A mobile no. would be good.

 The check-in info said to be at the airport 3 hours beforehand so I aim to get to heathrow around 4pm.

look forward to hearing from you.



David, I put a profile pic on so you will recognise me, but obviously won't be bringing the horse!


think I might struggle to spot you unless you do bring the horse

Anyway my mobile is 07792 488585

See you soon


Yes just noticed how small the pic is - I enlarged it to be my facebook profile pic!!! Doh.

Thanks for the number.  I will text you later  



Hi, we are booked to go on the Kenyan Tanzania Adventure, departing on 18th Dec.  Our flight was cancelled yesterday due to Heathrow Closure, and Kenyan Airways is now not answering the phone.  Are any of you also stuck? anyone know what is going on, what will happen? Do you think there are already members of our group that have arrived in Kenya?


Hi all - I got through to Kenya Airways and they said they will not get out today but maybe tomorrow - is the trip waiting for us? Is everyone else in the same boat? Has anyone heard from Exodus?

I'm Rebecca and travelling on my own, hope to meet you all soon!



Hi Rebecca, we managed to get a hold of Exodus out of hours cover, you might be on hold for a while but they do pick up: 01582644100.  hey told us that we have two choices:

1. book a new flight with kenya airways and let exodus know so they will arrange local transfer from Nairobi to wherever the group is at that point in time.

2. request a cancellation and get a full refund.

 I am very impressed with this service.  We have not decided yet which option to take.  because if we cannot fly tomorrow, but only on tuesday night, we will arrive on wednesday morning, which is the day that the group will go on he big game drive, the one day i didnt want to miss, but by the time we have caught up with them that wednesday, we will have missed it.  so then i don't know if it is worth it stil the day remaining.  if we can fly tomorrow, i think we still want to go.

Will keep you posted!  But try the number mentioned above, they are very helpful!



Hi Kim

I spoke to them but the guy I spoke to didn't seem to know whether I would still be able to join the trip, so that's good news to hear - I too would be happy to join if there is a flight tomorrow (which KA seemed to think there would be).

I am confused though as to how other members of the group could have got there for the trip to start in the first place though, as I believe all 16 of us were due to go on the same flight?!

That's why I'd really like to hear back from Exodus as they should know the status of the group as a whole. I've emailed and and left a phone message so I'll let you know if I hear anything!

Keep me posted and I'll do the same,



I have ended up coming home as heathrow is closed again today with nothing leaving tonight.  

I was told that the last day we could join the trip was wed, but again, worry that we will have missed too much.

i'm holding out for the snow to clear but the forecast is not looking too good.



Did you manage to speak to someone from kenyan airways about re-booking the flight.



Hi Michele

When I spoke to Kenya Airlines they do have our booking as a group one and said that it was rescheduled for tonight but that is now cancelled - they said to ring after 6pm today to check if it is rescheduled for tomorrow.

Shall we all try and post as soon as we get an answer?

Rebecca x 

I've been trying to contact the airline for most of the afternoon, but can't get through.

I think the last feasible plan for me is to get a flight tomorrow if the airport re-opens.  As I can't actually get through to the airline, I don't even know times, etc of their flights.

I think any later and it's going to be too late to join the trip.  Is anyone still at heathrow or have you all gone home.

Dave, Paula and David - really good to meet you and thanks for the company.  Shame we didn't get to do the trip together.

Any updates - please let me know.

Michele (at home but on standby to get to airport)


@Michelle: no I have not been able to get a hold o Kenya airways, I always get 'user busy', i'm not even put on hold (which was the case yesterday).

@Rebecca: good idea, we will also try and ring them and post as soon as we get an answer. Fingers crossed we can still go! 

Kim x


Argh this is so frustrating! I just want to know one way or the other, guess you folks are feeling the same...


I keep trying Kenya Airways, they have just announced their policy in reaction to the situation which is that they will replace flights subject to availability for anyone who couldn't fly on 18th/19th with them.

So I think if they fly tomorrow (one is scheduled for 7pm) we are in with a chance - I haven't given up hope yet!

Rebecca x 


still no success in trying to get a hold of Kenya Airways.... am losing hope...(but not all completely gone yet ;-))


Going to stop at some point this evening before this hold music becomes the soundtrack to my sleep tonight...but will resume in the morning! 


I am still trying Kenya Airways this morning -  I think there should be a 7pm flight we can get on this evening but we just need them to confirm this. Sometimes it's engaged and sometimes you are on hold for 15 minutes and then cut off, but I did get through yesterday morning so I think it's a case of playing the numbers everyone else still trying too?

Im not getting at all.  just get engaged tone constantly.  The airport info said the 7pm flight is scheduled but still don't know if a flight from Nairobi landed yesterday at HRow.

 No word from exodus either !!


Yes, disappointed with the lack of response from Exodus - I've emailed and left messages. I really would have thought they would contact us individually anyway.

Considering turning up at the airport and going to the Kenya Airways desk to try for the 7pm...

Meanwhile going to keep trying KA - today's our last chance really!  

Hi guys - I just spoke to some one from the airline at their desk at heathrow and she said their arrival plane is stuck in france at the moment so they have no plans to fly anything out tonight.  she did say they will have an update this afternoon, but I think this is not going to happen now.



Just got through to Kenya Airways finally - their 7pm is apparently going but is fully booked, however they are trying to put on an extra flight this evening and she is going to see if the whole group of 8 of us from Saturday can get on that. 

She said to ring her back at midday for an update but given the hassle of getting through I've persuaded her to give me a call instead!

Fingers crossed... 

Just spok with tom bowring from exodus and he has said not to re-book flights ourselves as exodus need to do this.  good news if we can get out tonight though.  keep me updated as soon as you hear anything. 

there is going to be some kind of announcement with options sent out around midday fron exodus.



At last some response from them, well done! I have fingers and toes crossed!! Are they emailing us?


Thanks, Rebecca!  I just woke up.. ;-) didn't feel like getting up early just to not get through to anyone again, like the last 2 days.  So I guess we just need to wait till midday then. Let's keep each other updated!


there has just been a severe weather warning about heavy snow hitting london and kent around 4pm today.  this is the snow that was due to fall in the south west and wales. 


think the announcement will come via email.

The reason they don't want us to book the flights ourselves is that if we do, we will have to return on the group flight.  I'm assuming that if the trip goes ahead for us, they may extend the end date to make up for the 3-4 days lost.

i'm just worried about this new weather warning. 


right, just read the email from exodus.  It does not say anything anymore about rescheduling or rebooking or still flying out tonight.  It seems like they have given up as well. I think i give up here too.  Keyna airways original flight still hasn't landed, so i dont know how they would put in an extra flight anyway for us. and the flight of tonight is already fully booked.

so, i think we will take the offer of rebooking another holiday before 15th Jan wiht the 5% discount and then claiming any additional costs made (and all the phone bills made to Kenya Airways etc) on the insurance.

Have a great Christmas all of you and maybe we will still meet on a future safari!  Do post if you are still planning on going to the airport today...


Just had the email from exodus.  It said that due to the volume of people wanting to fly at this time, most flights will be fully booked and will not be available for some days to come.  It said that for most passengers, they will not be able to complete their holidays.

I think this is conclusive that the trip is not going to happen for us.

it gave all the information about refunds and transfers to other holidays.

the one thing it doesn't talk about is all the extra cost we have shelled out, which can't be claimed back.  I left my bag in left luggage at heathrow due to heathrow express being cancelled and the underground being so crowded, in order to get home quicker, and the hope of returning for the flight later on  I need to go pick that up now before the snow hits london around 5pm.  Oh joy.

what are you guys going to do now? 


Well that didn't really help much! I have just emailed Tom at Exodus asking if they are in conversation with KA...


Hi all - I agree it looks like it's not happening. This is the email I've sent to Exodus just in case...

Hi Tom

I saw the general announcement from your MD and wondered if you could give me some more specific information regarding the AYK trip - I spoke to Kenya Airways earlier who said that they were hoping to have a additional flight this evening to Nairobi that our group could go on. Are you in conversation with them about this?

I would really appreciate you getting back to me as I have had no luck getting hold of anyone all weekend and along with everyone else, am really upset at the prospect of not going on this trip so all the help you can offer would be really appreciated.



Merry Christmas everyone x 


did everyone cancel or is there anybody that got on the plane?

You guys have had some rotten luck, made worse by the couple of days when you didn't know if you were going or not! I'm on the Jan 22nd departure and hope that some of you will have been able to rebook to join us. Jeff


hi all,

not sure if anyone is going to be still reading this post.  I was the only passenger who made the tour from the UK - but only coz I flew out on the Fri with Qatar rather than with Kenya. The tour proceeded with 8 passengers - my 4 Kiwi friends, 1 x Oz, 1 x Swiss and 1 x CAD.  We were waiting in anticipation of news of your arrival each morning with our tour leader in contact with Kenya Airlines each day. We were still hopeful that you'd be on the first flight from London to Nairobi with our tour leader arranging a colleague to meet and transfer you to our Kembu campsite. We only established that you guys didn't make it as noone arrived on the flight. Interesting that Exodus London wasn't able to communicate this info to us!

Anyway, I do hope that you have rebooked the trip. It was truely an adventure and tour particular tour leader and cook were exceptional.  Some of us are now looking to join Linda (tour leader) again but on her normal assigned tour in Namibia and Botswana! 




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