Kerala and the Tropical South

Has anyone been on the above cycling holiday.  can you tell me whether the cycling is really hard and tiring?

There's only one big hill, which is the climb to Ootacamund, but you've most of a day to complete the climb, whereas the fastest cyclists in my group (not me - I took about twice as long) did it in about 2 hours. Of course you can sit in the support vehicle at any stage if you don't want to do the climb at all or decide part way up that it's too hard.
Other than that, although there's one or two long days the riding is mostly flat on asphalt, and there's plenty of breaks. It is hot on the coast, but there's usually a breeze.
Of all the Exodus cycling trips I've done, and that is quite a few, I have to say that I probably enjoyed this one the most - a really varied itinerary with something different every day, suprisingly good hotels most of the time, and superb food. The support vehicle is there nearly all the time, but very discrete, so it's not right behind the last rider, which can be a pain.

Cristal Sean

It's a great trip, thoroughly recommended.

There are a couple of long days in the saddle but all the group, which had a mixed age profile, managed it comfortably. The climb to Ooty has to be one of the most challenging on the Exodus roster but you will get a massive sense of achievement.


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