KERALA & TROPICAL INDIA, 27th November - So who's going?

Hi, I booked the last spot on this trip this morning. I'm very excited about visiting India and especially doing it in this manner.

I'm currently taking 10 months off work and this will be my last trip of my break before returning to work in January so I'm hoping it will be pretty special.

So who else is on the trip?





Last year I cycled the Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama trip which was great fun and few of the people on this trip had been on the trip to Kerala and recommended it saying they had a great time. On the trip was one of the Exodus staff (not working) and he wrote an article bellow for Exdus. One of the climbs on day 5, Ascent to Ooty is quite tuff, but apart from that it is fairly easy going. I think the departure date is Saturday the 26th November not the Sunday! I had good reports on the food saying it was very good.


Will be fun


Best Regards




Hi. Sounds like your seasoned professional at this game. This will be my first trip. A lot of cycling practice is needed but luckily I have time as I'm on a career break. I'm off to France next week for a month with the goal of cycling the forests of the south west coast as practice. It's not that hilly so maybe I'll venture into the Pyrenees after a week or two and see how I do on the hills. I'll be surfing as well.

The date is the date Exodus have the trip down as in the forum. I'm expecting to be going on 26th November also. I guess 27th is actually the day we arrive and really start.

I'm really looking forward to the food, I love to cook so I'm hoping to learn a lot about their cuisine.

I'll take a look at the article, it wont display on my iPad though.

I look forward to meeting you and the others.



Where's everyone else going on this trip?

I'm just back from 4 weeks travelling round Europe in my camper van and was expecting more replies. I managed some good training including a 530m vertical climb in Heidelberg which I found surprisingly easy. I also slotted in a few longer rides along the great forest trails around Lacanau on the atlantic coast of France.

Time to try and get out 3 times a week now. I'm off to do a couple of laps of Grafham Water today, it's only 18 miles but there are a few undulations.

Sounds you had a good time and I think you will be more than fit enough for the forthcoming holiday in Kerala. The Exodus rides always cater for the slowest of people but being fitter means it is not so much hard work and you get more time sight seeing! The trip is fully booked now so there should be a few more post soon, still about 8 weeks to go. I have got my Indian visa now, lots of form filling, so ready to go. Lacanau, funny that I have been to the lake just north of here many years ago, a place called Hourtin, I though I recognised the name. Looks like we will be flying out of Heathrow (3) at 09.10 on Sat 26 Nov.


Looks like it is only the two of us. I am really looking forward to the trip, 3 days left of work. This is my sixth Exodus trip now and they have all been great fun in such different ways. May bump into you at T3 or at the stopover in Dubai.

Regards Robert.


I took the last place available so I know it's just not the two of us. Checked in online this morning for tomorrow's flights. 

Off to take the saddle and pedals off my bike. I've not been out on it this week, couldn't be bothered to mend the two punctures I got night cycling the heath and woods last week.

Bring it on.

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