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Hi all,

Anyone done this trip and what footwear did you use for the ascent of Island Peak? I've used Salomon Mountain Lites for Cotopaxi and they were just fine keeping the feet warm for the day. I'm not keen on hiring boots so any suggestions or recommendations would be welcome.




Hello Tim

I am doing the same trip in April 2010, also looking for info on boots, did you get any?




Double plastic boots are recommended for summit day. If you use the suade Salomon boots for the trek and get them wet with any snow the days before summit they will freeze at base camp rendering them useless. If you are just using them for the summit day you may get away with them in ideal conditions but if conditions are less than ideal you may not be OK.
Scarpa Vega plastic boots are recommended or similar. You need a double plastic boot really for high altitude summit days in case of frostbite (or a good 4 season waterproof boot). You can hire traditional plastic boots in Ktm. Make sure your crampons fit the boot you get.


Valerie Parkinson

Nepal Base Manager

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the info, I'm now the owner of a brand new pair of Scarpa Vegas with high alitude inners which should do the job nicely and they're a whole lot lighter than my now deceased Dolomites!

Thanks for the help



I now have a pair of Boreal G1 lites, should be nice and warm




Scarpa Omega Thermo.  

 This is a far more modern double plastic boot suitable for peaks in excess of 7,000 metres.  Inner boot is custom mouldable ensuring a perfect fit.  The whole boot weighs considerably less than the Scarpa Vega and most standard leather boots.  The great thing is that it costs in the region of £270.

I'm a manager at Cotswold Outdoor (in Betws y Coed, N Wales) which is why I'm offering my opinion... if I can be of any help with anything else, please ask. 


owing to the width of my feet omegas and vegas have to be too long meaning my heal lifts and slops around-not good in crampons-  the best fit i could find is a pair of la sportiva spantiks (mega dosh- retail £470, although i got them a lot less) - im going in october so hope these will be ok!

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