Kili and Zanzibar - 9th Oct

Hey - I've just booked on the Kili and Zanzibar trip leaving Heathrow on 9th Oct. Super-excited already. Would be good to hear from anyone else also doing the trip!!!

Hi Debbie,

Me too. Alternate between super excited and terrified. Someone in work brought me an article from Saturday's Daily Mail which is the exact same route we're doing. It doesn't necessarily make great reading. BUT, it was an article written to sell papers. There was nothing about the fitness level of the people involved, any training done etc. Nothing about the scenery, clear skies and stars etc.

It would be good to hear from others on this trip to see what sort of training everyone's doing or planning to do.


Hi Marj

Just checked out the Daily Mail article - it defo sounds like we're in for a tough time!! I'm planning on starting training quite soon - which means that I'll be hitting the gym hard for the next 3 months!! Unfortunately, I live in London, so don't get a lot of chances to do many practice walks up hills!! However, I did go to Everest base camp earlier this year, and managed that OK (a little bit of altitude sickness - headaches, cough, unable to sleep and nausea!!) - but the major difference is EBC took 2 weeks, so there was plenty of time to aclimatize, compared to 6 days (in tents!) for Kili!!

I'm travelling solo - what about you?

Hi Debbie,

 I'm travelling solo too.

I attempted to get to Gokyo (Nepal) about 5 years ago and didn't quite make it mainly cos the trail was lost under very heavy snow. I did suffer from headaches and nausea so it seemed silly to carry on because of the weather and the altitude sickness. I travelled independantly with my ex-partner so there wouldn't have been any back up. But we did almost make it. I agree though, we had loads of time to get acclimatised so I am a bit worried this time around. But, it's out of my hands, that's one thing I can't do anything about.

I live in Kendal so should be able to get out onto mountains quite easily, but lack of a training partner has limited that a bit. Started hitting the lower hills and trying to put as many smaller ascents into a walk.

I get very bored with gyms, so whilst the weather's been poor I've hit the stairs at home! My wonderful colleagues have calculated that the total Kili ascent is something like 1280 extra times up the stairs all in all so need to aim for somewhere in the region of 300-350 a day.

So far got up to 110. Really not sure how much use stair climbs are, but it's got to be better than nothing. Luckily I'm gettign work done at home so I don't have stair carpet at the moment to wear out.

The Daily Mail article was interesting to a point, it underlines the experience will be tough, but it only seemed to mention the negative things. I keep it on my desk at work to remind me not to slack on those stair climbs

Hi Debs

Stair exercise and walks have been a bit of a disaster over the last week or two. I keep thinking I've plenty of time to sort myself out. Less than three months now!

I agree about positive attitude and a decent level of fitness. Also going to Zanzibar afterwards is something to look forward to when (or do I mean if) the going gets tough.

In the meantime I've still to sort out visa and check out jabs and malaria tablets etc. I keep putting it all off for now but I know I can't do that indefinately.


Hello ladies,
My name is Dawn and I am doing the same trip. I had planned on travelling alone but my cousin Anita has signed up to the challenge too. Really excited and totally looking forward to the views on the trek and then the reward of cocktails by the pool in Zanzibar :-)
Nice to know there are some more ladies in the group! Look forward to meeting you and keep up with the training!
Dawn :-)

Hi Jonny,

I think this is one you have to decide for yourself.

I'll be taking my down jacket, which does pack up quite small, doubles up as a pillow and is quite warm.

I'm also taking lots of layers.

This is the plan until I actually come to pack anyway.

On the diamox front, I got mine Monday. My GP suggested I test before I go out as they can make you sick (as in vomit, sorry) so I had half last night and another half this morning. The good news is I haven't been sick, but they certainly are a powerful diuretic. I think I'll take the decision about taking them once out there. But I have them just in case. Anyone else still thinking about asking for them, GP was prepared to give me NHS prescription but they are in fact cheaper on a private one.

Looking forward to meeting everyone

it is a defo sooner have the diamox and not need than need and not have. I didn't have as bad reaction as Debs but there was a bit of tingling sensation and colleagues noticed I was a bit more ditsy than normal.

I'm on Ethiopian Airlines from Heathrow too.


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