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Anyone out there going on this trip? Notice it's almost full now. Starting to do some serious training now - walking, running, climbing. Need to lose about a stone in weight!

Anyine going on the 2 say safari afterwards?

Yes, I am. Really looking forward to that. Hopefully it'll be a good chance to relax.


Fairly late booking as another company cancelled twice but it will happen this time.  My first time with Exodus.  Anyone else flying from Heathrow?

Hi Picalino. As I'm doing the safari afterwards Exodus couldn't get me on the group flight so travelling from Heathrow about 6 hours earlier. This'll be my third time with Exodus.


Hi Stair,  Thanks for your reply.  My Exodus bag arrived this morning which was really exciting.  I didn't know there was a group flight.  I'm just getting a bit anxious about travelling alone.  Doing the safari afterwards sounds brave - a cooldown before you return. 

My Exodus bag arrived too - seems quite a bit smaller than my old one so tempted to take my old one! Although I'm travelling with a friend this time, my last two Exodus trips were on my own and I too was initially a bit anxious but once you meet up with the group everything's fine. There's usually a good mix of couples/friends and those travelling alone.

Mine has arrived - but is sitting at the post office ready to be collected. I don't think it is going to be big enough for all the tech I want to bring ;-)

I've been on one Exodus trip before - to China - and although I travelled with my family, it was nice to hang-out with others during the trip.

Bought my final items now - insect repellant, water purification tablets, boot proofer. Think I'm ready now, although haven't managed to lose the stone in weight!


I thought I had bought all I need, then I think of something else.  It's all laid out and taking up a lot of space!  My luggage label for life arrived today which was exciting - I'm just hoping my printer will behave itself when the e tickets arrive!  Not long now.  You should have tried cycling Stair, apparently the weght drops off, well if you take in the Tour de France, or Box hill a dozen times.  But I expect you will lose some on the trek.

hi picalino and others.travelling from heathrow 9pm on 22nd via addis ababa-anyone else on that flight and want to meet up? Been to everest with exodus twice travelling single, mostly people travelling alone and really good supportive company, there is nothing like mutual discomfort and exhaustion for bonding!.this time im travelling with my daughter and we have the (dubious) distinction of being the oldest and youngest on the trip.look forward to meeting you all.

Hi to everyone. Late sign up to this trip last week, kit bag arrived already, busy on internet ordering - playing catch up. I am flying from Heathrow at 8pm on 24th on Kenyan Airways, does that match anyone? This is my first time with Exodus but as it seems everybody comes back for more, I know its going to be good, that is apart from the 'mutal discomfort and exhaustion' Looking forward to meeting you all. 

Hi all. Travelling on the 22nd at 8pm via Nairobi so looks like we're all on different flights and perhaps not necessarily on the same trip. Need to do a practice pack soon!

Brynmarsh - I too travelled with Exodus to Everest Base Camp in 2009.

Stair, cheers, my mistake, just found the ' view closed departures button', and seen the earlier departure on the Wednesday. Started a new forum topic for the Fri 24th trip. I wish you all well on your trip.


I'm on the Kenyan Airways  24 Aug 8pm flight from LHR too.  I guess (4) means terminal 4.  They suggest to be there 3 hours before.  Is that your plan Glyn?  Does beginto look as if we're not all on the same trip.  Pity.

I am travelling on 22nd at 9pm from Heathrow via Addis Ababa so i should be on the same flight as you Bryn. I look forward to meeting you and your daughter and everyone else on the trip. I haven't been with exodus before but have done similar trips in the past and yes i am still in touch with people i met on past trips.

I'll arrive a few hours before you Jayne and Bryn seeing as they couldn't get me on the group flight. See you in the pool at the coffee plantation!

Bought myself a 100 litre duffle bag today which will take everything I need including the microscopic Exodus bag! 

Goodness you sound very organised - i've not even got the Exodus kit bag out of the plastic bag yet, let alone done a practice pack! Mind you i am very good at getting large amounts into small bags so hopefully i should be ok.

I attempted a practice pack last night - I may need a few more!

I'm a little confused about who is going to be flying out and when. Myself and Stair are flying out on Wednesday 22 @ 8pm from Terminal 4 - Heathrow, via Nairobi. Anyone else going to be there from 5pm onwards?

It looks like you,Stair and Picalino are all flying at 8pm from terminal 4, whereas so far myself, Bryn and his daughter are flying at 9pm from terminal 4.

I think Picalino's travelling on the 24th. This is a great little puzzle to keep us all amused on the run up to the trip!

I just wonder where the rest of the group are - yet another mystery to keep us entertained!

Apparently there are 15 of us on the trip. 8 ladies and 7 gents.

Nice balance - do you know how many are solo travellers,pairs etc?

No - that's just what Exodus told me when I asked for the group demographic. I'm travelling with Paul so we're a 'pair'.


Have a good time all of you. It seems as if Glyn and I are on a different trip and there are only 7 of us, 4 ma,e and 3 female.  Good luck.

All the best Picalino. Enjoy the trip!


Im also going on this trip, 22nd (my birthday!) 9pm from Heathrow.  Starting to get rather excited now :)  Atleast we will be able to work out eachother by the Exodus bags!


Im also going on this trip, 22nd (my birthday!) 9pm from Heathrow.  Starting to get rather excited now :)  Atleast we will be able to work out eachother by the Exodus bags!

Should be arriving at Heathrow next Wednesday at around 1700. Once through Security, I suspect we'll head for a bar - probably the Bridge Bar and Eating House. Easily recognisable by our Exodus tags - although to be absolutely sure I'll be wearing a lime green (yuk!) arcteryx hoodie fleece - LOL. 

Hi James do i assume you are travelling ethiopian airlines? from terminal 3?


Yeah that's right. I hope most of the group on the same flight! If anyone wants to email me maybe we should meet up at airport? Should find a place to meet up at Heathrow

hi jayne james et al.trains from liverpool mean we will be at heathrow by 5.30.reluctant to give tel nos on an open site but happy to exchange them  via email.I am on [email protected] and happy to meet in terminal3 if only for reassurance that im not totally bonkers doing thistrip.having done acouple of himalayantreks (without daughter) starting towonder if discomfort and pain might be addictive. see you in heathrow....

Will see you guys at the hotel - Paul and I leave from Terminal 4. Have a good trip!

I hope you and Paul  have a good trip and i look forward to meeting you. Bryn - i will email you.

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