Kili & Meru


I'm Sean and am looking to say hello to anyone going on this trip.

Am putting in a good few miles training and well looking forward to this.

Give me a shout.



I am going to Killy on 5th sep, I've had a posting since May with no replies. Would also love to get in contact with others on trip and find out who they are and what they are doing for prep. I've managed to get in contact with another and we met up to climb the welsh 15. This weekend off to Mont Blanc for some altitude training. What have you been doing



Hi Jim,

Well, I started my prep last summer with a bang and did the 3 peaks challange. Since then every couple of weeks I travel up from Birmingham to the Lakes and do a good day on the fells - typically 10-15 miles trying to do 3500-4500 feet of ascent. Have also been to N.Wales a few times and did Tryfan & the Glyders one day. That's about it really. I started slowly but have cranked it up lately so am trying to get something done 2 out of every 3 weekends. The fitness has certainly improved. Haven't done anything about the high altitude stuff. I spent 6 months in South America 4 years ago with just a few headaches for a few days on arrival but soon acclimatised so am hoping that this will be similar, but I know you cannot guarantee anything when it comes to acclimatisation.

Not sure how many are booked on my trip in Oct yet - think it is about 5 or 6 so far.



Hello Sean,


i am doing the trip that you are on, at the moment i have not done any walking (Training) as of yet, but i have been doing loads of cycling as in Sept i am doing a 200 mile in 2 day cycle for charity, i have been told by previous climbers though the training is different i will be ok, but i think i need to do more..ha ha

So do you know who else is doing this trip with us yet?? 



Hello zippy,

I think that if you are able to do 200miles on a bike in 2 days without any major ill effects, then you'll be fine. I'm not sure I would be! I think I'll stick to hauling myself up the largest hills and tiny mountains that England & Wales have to offer.

No idea who else yet is on this trip. I just checked and it says 4 spaces left so that's 8 people booked so far.

 Sorted all your gear yet?

Where you based?



Hi all

There is a lot of us 'Kili Trekers' on this site trying to contact others in they group. I've be in touch with most of you traveling to Kili in Aug, Sep and Oct. As there are a couple of us going to North wales to climb Snowdon on Sat 14 Aug, arriving the friday night and camping out. Sunday will look at Tryfan another lovely walk/climb. Therefore I would love to get as many Kili Trekers together to do some walking and talking. If you are insterested e-mail me on [email protected] I think it would be great to get everyone together and discuss 'Kili'

Hear from you Jim


sorry for the long delay, yeah sounds good that they should be a few of us doing it.

i have some of my gear from previous adventures but was going to ask you the same, i am renting one of exodus down jackets.. but was wondering is there any other specific stuff we need.

i am based in East London, what about yourself?


Hi, I've just booked this trip. I'm excited and nervous! I'm the most unfit I've ever been and I'm not sure how much I can turn that around in 2 months, but I'll give it a damn good go!



No probs zippy,
have most of my gear. My new boots have taken a good 6 months to break in but now haven't had any blisters for 2 weeks. Have my own down jacket, but renting sleeping bag & mat.
Based in Birmingham and have been doing lots in the Lake District & a bit in N.Wales. I came a cropper yesterday and slipped on some fellside. Have definitely pulled something. Reckon I'll be out of action for a couple of weeks.......Sod's law.......I build up the training gradually over a year, no more muscle aches etc and then just one slip and agony. Still, 2 months to go to r & r. Suppose i had better stick to the proper trails rather than going off piste between now & mid-oct.


Hi Em,
Nervous excitement is probably how most feel. I certainly do. 2 months should be're supposed to take it slowly anyway. The only thing I can recommend is not going walking after a good few pints and curry the night before. One might do oneself an I speaking from experience.


I'm quite excited about finding you all!! My Mum (Wendy) and I are booked on the Kili/Meru trip leaving 16th Oct and I've been thinking recently that it'd be quite nice to get to know others on the same trip before leaving, so I was pleased to stubble across this web page.

We're both lucky enough to live in the Yorkshire Dale, Mum near Malham and me near Skipton.  My mum gets out on a short walk almost daily but I'm more of a once-a-week walker (if that) but do like a good hike up a hill.  I've not really started any training as such, I'm aiming start but even though I carn't wait for the trip, I find it hard to get motivated particularly after a day in the office!

I hope you'll be feeling better soon Sean! E



I'm looking to get in contact with anyone who is starting the kili trek on the 10th October.

I just booked two weeks ago and have about 5 weeks to train.

I'm going to trek Mam Tor (Peak District) this weekend to test my current fitness level!

Look forward to hearing from fellow adventurers.


Hello Guys, if any of you fancy a trek up somewhere taxing during September, give me a shout. I'm probably planning on doing something most weekends in Sept after next w/e either in Lake District or N.Wales. If so, email me at [email protected] Otherwise I'll see you in Oct.




Em, The quack told me the same. He said I could have if I wanted but he said the research on its effectiveness was mixed. You need to take all the time you are there and cannot just start taking it if you start to get bad. He said that when he has prescribed it before, all his many patients still got AMS to some degree. There is no way to tell if it is effective or not. He also said from his own personal experience it's far more important to go dead slow and keep well hydrated. Either way, your head is going to hurt when you get up on top. I told him we were also doing Meru. He reckoned that doing this this would further help with aclimatistaion and would be more important than the drugs. I weighed all this up and haven't bothered with it.

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