Kili Rongai Climb 26th Aug 2012

Just booked this fee a mixture of excitement and terror!  Anyone else joining me? Would love to hear from you


Hello Annj!  I also booked this trip.  I am really looking forward to this especially since this trip is a full moon departure :)  I feel the same way you do, some days I am very excited about this trip and some days I think what have I signed up for and I wonder whether I will be able to reach the summit.  Anyways, I am currently trying to get in as much training as possible (i.e. gym and local hikes).  Looking forward to meeting you in person in August.  Cheers, Puja

Hi, I'm booked on too and have been experiencing a mixture of excitement and nerves. I hadn't realised at the time of booking it was going to be a full moon trip but have read all about it now and am thrilled- just as long as I make it to the top!.............................


Hello :)  It sounds like we are all having the same mixture of excitement and fear.  It is nice to know that other people are just as excited and nervous as I am.  Looking forward to the trip and meeting you both in the near future.  Cheers.

Great to hear from fellow travellers and to hear that you are both as excited and nervous as I am. Just back from a not so good gym session- have lost my mojo at the moment and struggling a bit. Couple of things that might be of interest: have been reading up a lot about Kili and found the Henry Stedman Kilimanjaro guide excellent.  Also just finished a great read called "A Walk In The Park" by Jonathan Chadwick (cheap as chips on Kindle) its his account of his and his girlfriends climb (not our route) but lots of tips and an enjoyable read too if thats your thing.  Also a fellow Exodus client kindly sent me a "crib list" she put together after she climbed our route with Exodus for her friend if either of you would like a copy feel free to email me at [email protected] Maybe we can use this forum or email to swap queries and tips or training issues we have too? Anyway happy training Ann x  



Thanks for information.  I also purchased Henry Stedman's guide which I still have to complete, but so far seems to be full of valuable information.  I would definitely be interested in the 'crib list', anything to help prepare us for the climb will be of great help.  Could you please send me the 'crib list' to [email protected]?  I would greatly appreciate it.  I am definitely up for swapping queries and tips on either the forum, via e-mail or possibly Facebook.  Are you on Facebook?  Good luck :)


Hi everyone,

I completed this trip in December so if you'd like to ask any questions go ahead. It really was the trip of a lifetime and I'm so envious of you guys getting to do it for the first time :-)




Thank you for this - Saw your other post-I have a down jacket(though think I might overheat as i I tend to heat up quick when I start walking) and poles but plan to hire the sleeping mat- did you hire it in advance?  Also what is your opinion on taking/not taking Diamox? I am sure nearer the time I will have more queries to ask too-at the moment trying to get my fitness up to scratch!




You guys are so well prepared!   I am still trying to get a pair of boots that I find comfortable - 3rd pair on trail so far.  Once I have a certain bike ride out of the way (London-Brighton June 17th) I willl join you for more chat and try to drag along my two fellow climbers.   Good luck with your planning activities.   Tim

Feel your pain-have had to get new boots too, though mine seem to be working out ok at the moment-still trying them over longer and longer walks.  Very best of luck with the bike ride-very impressed and jealous with what your fitness level must be! If you are a facebooker feel free to find me on the above email - I have set up an event to record "all things Kili" - at the moment just putting up weekly training etc

Yikes, we're getting ever closer and I haven't really seriously started training other than regular walking. What sort of training is everyone doing?

Hi Sue- I think regular walking is the most important training you can do-after all that is what we will be doing
I am trying to get to the gym for cardio fitness and walking whenever I can but we have had artrocious weather the last few weeks so not been hill/mountain walking the last few weekends
What is anybody else doing?


Hi guys

My final trip instructions told me of this blog, so thought I'd say hello! :-)

My training has been ok. I did Inca Trail last October (which was awesome). I've also trained locally (mostly running and some weight training). But a lot of people have told me managing altitude is key. So as long as we respect 'her' - lets hope we all make it!

I cant wait for this right now. Slightly silly, but seeing Olympics has given me another buzz to want to conquer something myself again.

 I'll be arriving on the morning of Saturday 25th - so wont have privilege of sharing the group flight with many of you. But look forward to meeting you all.

Feel free to email me in the mean time



[email protected]

Hi Dharmesh & Caroline
Nice to hear from two others on the trip
Re Diamox- been given 2 tablets - to use in case of severe symptoms as opposed to prevention
not sure if that any use but was all I was getting!!-it appears to differ by each doctor/nurse !
Struggling with fitness at moment - had to take two weeks off due to illness and finding it hard to get back
to where I was plus weather putting paid to mountain climbs!
Looking forward to meeting everyone soon

I cannot believe how close it is now!-due to timings on trains I will probably be at Heathrow ridiculously early so if anyone else is in the same boat and wants to hook up for a coffee/last beer or two feel free to email at [email protected] and I will email back my mobile number-

Otherwise - See You all Sunday/Monday!!!!


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