Kili Rongai route


 Anyone else booked this trip yet?



Hi John. I will have just returned as you leave. I'm very excited about the trip but boring my friends and family to death talking about it so if you want to share any tips of info then please do. We fly out on the 22nd June and I've booked 3 extra days to visit Zanzibar so I can moan about my feet hurting whilest led on a beach not back at my desk. Look forward to hearing how your training is going. Jody


Hi Jody

Nice to hear from you, Zanzibar sounds good after Kili, unfortunately for me i am due back at work the day after arriving back in the UK.....

How is your training going?..i have not done that much really apart from long walks with the dog( i live in Northumberland so plenty of country walks and the Cheviots are half hour away)  and the gym, i need to get motivated and get some weekend treks in ( my parents live in Keswick so there is really no excuse not to climb some hills)..have you seen the 4 day trek in Morroco run by exodus for acclimatisation training?

Have you got all your gear yet?

Look forward to hear how you are getting on with training and any tips you may have on gear purchase or training



I'm a hiking virgin so this could be my one and only treking holiday. I'm doing it to raise money for charity, I jumped out of a plane last year which was very easy in comparison to this. My training is starting slowly with some walking and cycling. Unfortunately down here in Berkshire we don't have a great deal of good training terrain so I'm juist pounding the tarmac and byways for now. I have a weekend in Yorkshire planned for March to get in a couple of hard days walking but that is really where I am with it.

 Kit wise I've managed to beg, borrow or buy most things now. I need a couple of good base layers but I think I'm there with everything else. I was a bit tight when it came to kit and spent some time getting good advise from some good shops and then deciding what I wanted, then had a look on the wed to make sure I was getting things at the best price. Not the most ethical way to do things but I am on a bit of a shoe string and it has worked out reasonably well.

I'd love to head to Morroco but work and £££'s are probably not going to stretch to that :(

Keep me posted on how you are getting on. It's great to hear what other people are doing.



Hi, we will be heading out the following week (depart London 13th). Hope you all have a great time, I'm really looking forward to my trip. I'm going with my best mate.

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