Kili , Rongai Route 22nd feb departure

Just to let anyone know that the trip was amazing!! . The hotel was great ,as was the food. The whole trip was organized very well indeed. While on the trek the whole team looked after us brilliantly. And during the Acsent the guides really do come to the rescue.  And the cook worked wonders and kept us all well fed during the trek.

Thanks to all our fellow trekkers who made the trek so fun and memorable.



Hi Craig,

Have been reading your posts on the Killi threads.

My wife & I are going up in September, Rongai route.

I see that you did Ben Nevis before you went. We are off to do it next week, how much like a day on Killi is it with regards to difficulty / incline ?

 Thanks in advance,



Hi Kev. Apart from having to put one foot in front of the other, plodding on forward there is not much in common. We did Rongai also, it is a beautiful route, You will notice how the majestic peak of Mawenzi stands out. you even get get to camp out at the foot of the Mountain which is awesome. In Feb it was very warm during the day and mild at night. The day walks are about 6 hrs but you get quite a few rests, and even stop for lunch. From Mawnzi Tarn onwards the group may start experiencing Altitude problems. I could tell you more on that , let me know.

Ben Nevis was a great walk. And on the day we had very fine weather which we were told was rare. I think it took us 4hrs up and 4 hrs down. It is not too taxing if you just take your time. The zig zags are the worst, as it seems to take forever to get up them. But it's all worth the effort. Have a great time.

Let me know if there is anything at all that you would like to know about, hotel, food, clothing , tips etc....



Hi Guys

Sorry for butting into your thread....I am interested in where you got your visas from... there seems to be different advice re getting it beforehand (costing more) or getting it at the airport (are they eer refused??).  which did you do?  We are going in October '10

thanks Fiona


Hi Fiona

We got our visas for the trip straight from the Tanzanian Embassy in London with a postal application. You can download all you need from their site. £38 is the cost of the visa. We sent off for them about a month before we left, and they last for three months.  the visa is placed on a page in your passport. 

Some of our group members paid for the visa at Kilimanjaro Airport on arrival where it cost slightly less. They found it straight forward enough to do.

Personally I would get it before you go as it will give you peace of mind just knowing that you don't have to worry about getting it last minute. The little bit of extra cost is well worth it.

When you arrive at the airport in Kilimanjaro you all have to fill out some paperwork for the authorities anyway, so doing that and queing for visas is just extra hassle.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you are concerned about anything else.




Thanks Craig.

Your info was useful. I think that I will look into the London Embassy option. I had not realised that it was only £30, I had thought that it was nearer £70!! Will now go and chech out the website as peace of mind and an easy journey is for me..

many thanks



:-) now have my glasses on and see that it is £38 :-)


Made it up to the top yesterday :)

4 hrs up & 2 back down.

Even got a few gaps in the cloud to see some of the scenery.



Well done Kevin, that is good going. Glad you got some good views. Did you treat yourself after the climb? We went directly to the chippy in town and had a huge sausage batter and chips  to celebrate. :o) . Let me know if you want know anything about the Kili trek.



We certainly did.

Pie & chips eaten overlooking the loch in Fort William :) 

On the Killi front, what is the menu like on the mountain ?

Are the carbs mainly wheat / bread based ?




The food on Kili was very good. Porridge was served for all breakfasts along with bread and jam.

And at Simba camp we even had bacon n omlette for breaky. I can't remember every meal but we had  Fish ,lots of rice ,chicken and goulash type food. All very tasty. Also they served us with Pineapple , manjo and bananas.  One night we had bananas in custard, it was bloody lovely!!   The summit night we were served spaghetti Bolagnese, which helped raise the sprits and energy.  The chef will even cater for vegitarians.    You will all be amazed at what the chef does considering where you are. It is worth tipping him collectively at the end.

Every meal you get flasks of hot water to make tea coffee hot chocolate and milo.

So you will be well looked after on the trek



Thanks Craig,

You have been most helpful & encouraging.

If I think of anything else I will tap your knowledge & experience again. 

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