Kili trek Rongai route dept. 19th aug.

Hiya! Anyone going on this trek?? Would be cool to get to know some fellow trekkers pre departure!

See you soon!!!!!



Hi Carey, i too am off to Kili next month and looking forward to the trip. I've been in contact with all going to kili over the next 3 months as I have noticed that not many posting get big responces. I am trying to get Kili trekkers to meet up for a weekend at Swondon.

Just now there 3 of us going and a poss 2 others, are you interested 


Hi Carey, I'm one of them...

I see from your profile that we have at least one past Exodus trek in common, although I did it a couple of years before you.

 I'm from Milan, flying to Heathrow on the morning of the 19th to catch the group flight.


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