Just wondered what others doing the trek in September are doing to train?  Any tips?


Hi, I'm going on this trip too, but am (trying) to climb Mt Kenya first!! If all goes well I will meet the group at the Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania.

I've also had the yellow fever vaccination, but so far feel fine. Hope this doesn't start a reaction!

Have also decided against the altitude tablets but yesterday I spent massive amounts in Boots on Compeed, Voltarol and other medications. I've still to receive my sleeping bag and mat which should come today and am laying out all my kit to see how much I can fit into the Exodus bag. There seems to be much too much, so may have to wear more than is comfortable. All my stuff has to go up Kenya first before even arriving at Kili. I leave this Friday, so am super-nervous at the moment.

Looking forward to meeting everyone



Hi Helen - great to hear you're also coming on the trip... but Mt Kenya first???  You will be super fit., I will be at the back dawdling eating my snacks!!!  But good luck with it...  As for the jab, I had one before and was fine, this time I think I had just got over a cold, so the immune system wasn't up to it... feeling much better today, so off to the gym - hurrah!

I have compeed and enormous stash of other medicines - I heard a good tip for the water, as they purify it for you and tastes not too good, add a Berocca to it, so that may mean another trip to Boots??  I am hiring my sleeping bag and mat, as I am unsure how much use I'll get out of it when I get back, as I already have that kit but not up to a high enough standard, that I use for festivals!  Trial pack run this weekend... I will have to wear all my clothes if it doesn't all fit :0)

Good luck with Mt Kenya, will be amaaaaaazing!  And look forward to meeting you at Kili airport.... where you'll be relaxed and ready for your next challenge and I'll be super nervous about the challenge ahead!

Safe Travels, Kath


My goodness! Mount Kenya first!! Good for you!! And all the very best of luck!!

We must be the 3 girls that are going then. It's so nice to touch base with everyone! (it'll be even nicer to touch the top of Kilimanjaro with everyone too!!!)

Kath, I look forward to dawdling at the back with you, chewing on sweeties!! Funny that they are packed BEFORE my walking boots! Hehe!!

I've also bought some Lucozade Gels and sweets, the theory being that on the final push then these will give me a much needed carbohydrate boost. I've used them before, and they do work. I've also bought the Tesco equivalent of Berocca because I'm not good at drinking water as it is.

The only reason I'm getting the altitude sickness tablets is someone I know got altitude sickness on a climb in Canada, and she said it was horrendous! I'm just thinking that it's better to have them, but I know the Porters also carry them for emergencies.

Dad and I also pick up our sleeping bags, mats and down jackets when we get there. I couldn't be bothered carting them across there. The way the packing is going, I would need to sit in the plane in my down jacket and sleeping bag! My dad is coming over today to do a trial pack to make sure we done take 2 of everything. I'll let you both know how that goes!!



Hi Louise,  good luck with the trial pack run and yes, let us know how it goes....  I am saving that joy until the weekend., which may end in tears!!! :0), or some chocolate to keep my sugar levels up!  I think you will recognise me at Heathrow, I will be the one wearing ALL my fleeces and down jacket, as I couldn't squeeze it all in!! Kath


Hi Both
Packing Trial no 2 done. We have wipes for every occasion, hand, deodorant, bum and toilet! And enough blister plasters to cover up to our ankles, despite that I've been wearing my walking boots up and down hills for a year! Lol!! The whole hold all/suitcase thing has been rethought and I think I'll be using two holdalls. Apparently the luggage allowance is 2 bags at 23kgs each! May as well use it! Only a couple of small things left to buy, and I might have everything! And I've enough sweets to rot my teeth by the Tuesday! Lol!! Must admit, starting to get a wee bit excited now!! Only 3 days left to work too!!


Wow, Am very impressed....  I have a few more things left to get - I've had my boots for years, they are comfortable, but having said that...:0)  I think between us we could probably supply another group up Kili with our supplies!!  I am excited, but also very apprehensive that I'm fit enough etc., etc., but then I have enough sweets to sink a small ship, so my trip may be sponsored by sugar!!!  Will let you know how my packing goes this weekend.... I still have 5 more days at work, finish next Thursday afternoon and then off on the train to the airport on Friday afternoon - aaaarrrrrgggghhhh! Kath


there's a common theme of sweeties running through these posts at the moment!

I'm hiring my sleeping bag and mat from Trek Hire and they duly arrived on Tuesday and look good.

My training has been more walking than gym work, so hope that will work ok. Don't worry about being at the back, because I will probably be the back marker, being exhausted before I start....

Now to do my first (!) packing trial. the stuff is all laid out, and the bag looks very small in comparison. It's also a challenge to get it all below 20kg, which is what they recommend. I can't leave anything behind at a hotel on the Mt Kenya trip as you can with Kili, so it's all got to come with me up Kenya and down again.

Hope the porters are strong - hear they are amazing, so looking forward to meeting them.

I'll post again tomorrow, hopefully, to let you know the final details.

I fly direct to Nairobi from Heathrow at 20.00, so overnight. But the flight back is from Kili via Addis Ababa with you.

All the best




Hi Helen, sweets are the way forward.... I have also been recommended making up a granola mix to munch on - granola, dried fruit, nuts and chocolate, all mixed in, and gives you lots of energy and a bit of hit... it was very yummy on a cold & windy training walk in the Brecons!! 

Also, by the time we meet you, you'll be sooooo full of beans and super fit, but do join in at the back, I think the ABC game will be introduced and mastered :0).  I have also hired a sleeping bag and mat, I pick them up over there., but great to hear yours have arrived and are good... phew!  My friends did this trip in February., they said the porters are great... I am looking forward to meeting them all....

Let us know how the trial packing goes.... it will be OK, otherwise you'll have to wear it on the plane, like me!!  Be great to get another check in on progress, but if you run out of time, good luck with Mt Kenya and will see you in Kili :0)

Safe Travels



Hi again to you both!!

Hope the trial pack went well Helen, an please do let us know how you get on! You are so amazing, climbing Kenya before hand! A wee warm up before the big climb??!! Hehe!! I'm thinking of buying my Porter a back support before I go, just to help him along!! Lol!! I've heard nothing but good reports about them and (back to food!!) the meals are supposed to be really good too!

Picked up my altitude sickness tablets today and am now resistant to every type of bug - what's the betting I'll be the only one ill!! Feeling like I've not done nearly enough training tho, but I think I could have climbed every Munro, twice, and still feel like I've not done enough (I've not climbed every Munro!!!). However, I've kind of run out of time now, so hey ho!! I have been walking since I was about 1, so I get the principle anyway!

Really looking forward to meeting the both of you in about 8 days time! Single figures!! Argh!!

Helen - it would be nice to hear from you before you go, but all the very, very best of luck, and we will see you soon enough!!

Kath - it's just a week tomorrow now! Gulp!!

Safe journey!



Have packed and everything I laid out is in my Exodus bag or my rucksac. And my bag only weighs 15 kilos according to my bathroom scales - should be well within the 20 kilos allowed, even if my scales are wrong.

Today I've been walking around feeling super nervous - know what you mean, Louise, about not feeling Ive done enough. Too late now, though, just have to go through with it.

Good luck to you both in packing and travelling, and looking forward to meeting you at Kili airport.

Safe journeys and all the best

Helen x


Hi there. How are you? Only 2 days to go? How's the packing going? I'm all done at this side, and still within the limits, amazingly!! Slight blip with our money, but managed to get it sorted. I've started my malaria tablets today too, and am doing a wee trial with the Altitude Sickness tablets. No I'll effects so far, and don't feel dizzy going upstairs so the altitude pills appear to be working! Lol!! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Louise x


Hi Louise,  am good, although I ache from all the physio..!  But off to have a sports massage later, although it will hurt at the time, once over I will be very relaxed!!  All is well this end, trial pack OK, but having a re-think!  I am going to put one whole set of clothes in my hand luggage, that should do it!!  I start malaria tablets tomorrow and then will do the FINAL pack and should be ready.  I am excited and apprehensive, but looking forward to meeting you and also hearing of Helen's adventure up Mt Kenya (she will put me to shame with my unfitness!)... Money sorted, thermals coming over from a friend tonight and then I'll be ready.... although will probably re-pack just before I leave for Heathrow to double check I have everything!!! I should get into T3 by about 6pm, so hope to see you and your Dad there... Good luck with the altitude sickness tablets..... and see you very soooooooon, Kath x


Ooh!! This time tomorrow my dad and I will be in Heathrow! 24 quick hours to go!! Nothing more we can do now then! Everything ready now. Small misunderstanding with the luggage, and the amount we can take, but a quick call to BA saved me having to repack 2 bags into one and a teeny one! We went out for a meal last night, and after sending one glass of cola back because it tasted funny, and then the second glass tasting just as weird, I realised that that was one of the side effects of the Altitude Sickness tablets! Oopsy!! Dad and I are going into the BA lounge at Heathrow because we have about a 5 hour wait, so we will see you at the gate! I'll be the one with a bottle of water because everything else tastes too weird! Hehe!! Here's to a good nights sleep tho, given the long journey ahead! Hope youve no last minute panics, and see you at the Gate tomorrow night! Louise x


Hi JoHo,i hope you had a great trip to Kilimanjaro,and enjoyed the views from the Uhuru,i made it on the 20/9/12 with no sickness problems,the trip was fantastic,i could not believe the food they served us and how they looked after us,only 4 of us made it to Uhuru,4 made it to stellapoint and the other 3 were not well.


Fantastic news, I got to the top 8:30 4th Oct after the hardest night of my life.  On climb up i told myself if I could get to Gilmans point I would be happy - wasn't feeling great....However at gilmans point the sunrise was amazing had a sugary cup of tea and could then see Stella point and Uhuru peak.  Couldn't not go on then, so another 2.5hours  to the top.  Was so happy on the top - guide told me off for crying - apparently even harder to breath if you cry.  We had a really good good group and 14/15 made to Uhuru.  Question now is what to do next year...Off to maldives in 2 weeks with a friend from work for  well earned rest/relaxation.  :)


Yahooo ! well done you and the rest of your group,it was an amazing feeling and yes to achieve Uhuru after probably the most tiring nite of your life brings a tear of emotion to most people,and wierd hugging complete strangers lol,i am just planning a trip around Ireland for next june,i have been thinking about a trek to everest base camp in 2014,you have a great hol,well earned :-) .

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