Kilimanjaro and Meru 15th October 2011

Hi my name is Sara and i`d thought i`d see if there was anyone else out there doing the same trip as me......  Getting very excited already....


Hi Sara, I'm on your trip! Also really looking forward to it (and trying to make sure I do enough training before we go). Have you done anything similar before?



Hi Derek, I`ve attempted climbing kilimanjaro before via the Shira route, i managed to get to 5000 and then had to come down as had altitude sickness, so hence why i`m climbing Meru first this time....  Trust me i`m on a mission to make it this time, 2010 was a nightmare year for me i attempted the 3 peaks also and failed along with kilimanjaro.... August i`m hoping to do a fair amount of hill walking..  What have you done before ?


Hi Sara, glad to hear you haven't been put off by past difficulties:-) I'm sure we'll have a great team and that together we will all make it to the top. This will be my 4th 'big' trek, I've previous;y done Everest Basecamp, the Taurus mountains in Turkey (originally booked as a trek to Mt. Ararat but hastily rescheduled at the last minute due to the kidnapping of a group of trekkers by Kurdish rebels on the mountain - fortunately all released unharmed a few days later) and Mt. Elbrus in Russia. I've also done loads of hillwalking in the UK and a bit in the Austrian Alps.

I had originally planned to do Kili in 2009 but the trip I was booked on did not make minimum numbers so it was cancelled and I couldn't reschedule for that year (so I did Elbrus instead). Like you, 2010 for me was a bad year and I had to cancel my trekking plans and start again this year (although 2 attempts to do Mt. Toubkal in Morocco earlier in the year also fell through due to lack of numbers - that's why I'm so glad this trip is guaranteed)..

 I've been very fortunate not to experience any severe altitude problems yet (fingers crossed and touching wood, etc.), sure I've had headaches and lost my appetite but nothing bad enough to stop me. Drink plenty and move slowly is my 'motto', it's worked so far and by the end of day 2 I've usually got used to being at the back of the group:-).

I'm starting to prepare as well, although down here in the South East of England it's hard finding many tough hills within an hour or two's drive. I've been doing a fair bit of cycling and swimming for aerobic fitness and will also be heading for the hills August/September. The one thing we can't prepare for here in the UK is the altitude (there's not many places we can go for a day hike involving 1000m of ascent!).

 Will you be travelling on the group flight from Heathrow?

 Best of luck with your preparation and I look forward to meeting you in October.


Hi Sara (and anyone else going on this trip).

So, not long to go now. I've pretty much got my packing list sorted (although haven't yet attempted to get it all into the Exodus kitbag). I've a couple more long(ish) walks planned and then that will be it.

 Hope your preparations are going well too.


P.S. I thought if I put another comment here it would get this thread to the top of the page so it would be more visible to others on this trip.


Hi Derek,

I can`t believe that its just over 2 wks until we fly..... My training has been going ok, i was up in the Lake District  walking for 3 days and my legs really felt it..... I`m doing some walking i was out for an 8 mile walk this morning, it had some hills but nothing major, living ii the thames valley we  don`t seem to have very many hills. Hopefully i will get out and do a lridgeway walk on Sunday and then another one on Tuesday.. Apart from that i will just keep doing swimming cycling, running and uphill walking on the treadmill....... God with all this exercise i should be super skinny if only........

I haven`t got my passport back from the Tanzanian Embassy yet with my visa, i tried to chase that up today but just kept getting answering machines......

Have you had all your injections done yet? I meant to pick up my prescription for my malaria tablets today but i forgot......

Where have you been walking?


Hi Sara,

Sounds like you have the same flat surrounds to train in that I do, most of my training has been done on the North Downs Way (e.g. Leith Hill, Box Hill) and South Downs Way (e.g. Seven Sisters). Last weekend I did 3 times up and down Box Hill, it was a very warm day and I had a (purposefully) very heavy pack; even so that's still only about 800m of ascent. I've also done a couple of weekends in the Brecon Beacons to train for longer days on the hill. This coming weekend will be my last training walk and I'm aiming to do a long but relatively easy walk. I've also been doing a fair bit of cycling and swimming.

All my jabs are done (it took 3 visits to get them all done (and I have my yellow fever certificate); I've got the prescription for my malaria tablets (I'm having Malerone - the expensive one!) but haven't actually got the tablets yet.

My passport/visa is still at the Tanzanian Commission but I'm going to collect it in person on Friday (note to self - get these things organised earlier in future).

This week will see me start the packing game - can I fit everything I need in the bag; what will I end up leaving behind to save weight, got to make sure I keep some room for a few small treats.

 Just think, in 2 weeks time we'll be on the trail:-)! See you soon.



Hi Derek,

I can`t believe we fly on Saturday, i am so excited now.....Had a very stressful week with my Passport and visa....Anyway all sorted now and i picked it up this afternoon nothing like last minute panic.... I started sorting out my clothes etc last night and wonder how on earth its going to fit into my bag....Where there`s a will there`s a way.....

I wonder how many more are on the trip with us?  I  just had  a look at trying to check in and reserve a seat, but you need a 13 digit number....So looks like it will be the old fashioned way on Saturday then.....

 I booked this trip in November and i can`t believe 2 days to go now....Wow where has the year gone.....

 See ya soon


Hi Sara,

I had a look at the online check-in too and am scratching my head figuring out a way to make it work, I'm not giving up on that yet but it could well be the check-in queue on Saturday evening.

 I've had a trial run with my packing and it all seems to fit and be (just about - phew!) under the weight allowance. Knowing me I'll turf it all out on Saturday morning and re-pack.

Glad to hear you have your visa sorted, I thought I was leaving it late collecting it last week.

I'm sure we'll bump into each other somewhere at Heathrow on Saturday, really looking forward to it now.



It may be too late to be of use, and you may have figured it out already, but...

 If you're travelling with Kenya Airways, change the view to Booking Ref not e-ticket, then the alphanumeric ref number works for booking in (only within 30 hours of departure though!).

I'm travelling out tomorrow as well, just doing the Rongai route though.  Best of luck with both climbs!



Hey mark ,

Thanks for that....I`ve checked in now, just having a bit of a problem printing out the boarding pass

Good Luck with the Rongai Route also, i`m really looking forward to it.  I tried climbing Kilimanjaro before via the Shira Route, so definately looking forward to seeing how different it is... Are you going anywhere after your climb?


Just when i got it figured out myself, Mark's message appeared - if only I'd waited I'd have saved myself spending most of this afternoon trying different options. Still, I'm booked in now and boarding card printed (although only as far as Nairobi - it wouldn't let me check-in for the second flight, maybe too early).

Nothing to stop me now. See you in the baggage queue at the airport tomorrow.



Hi Sara and Derek,

I'm just doing the climb, then back home for a week off with my girlfriend over half term.  And yeah, imagine the 30 hour limit refers top the Kili flight too. Maybe see you in the queue.



Hey I'll be the one with an exodus I take you 2 will be also....if I don't see ya have a fab time.......Sara

Hi Sara and Mark,

I'll also be in the baggage queue with an Exodus bag, although as I look at it now it seems somewhat over full (perhaps it's smaller than previous trek bags I've had from other companies), but still comfortably within the baggage allowance (at least it is according to my bathroom scales!).

Hope we can meet up at the airport, so much nicer to travel with new friends than mooch around the shops and bars on your own.

7.5 hours until departure, counting down nicely.


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