Kilimanjaro Climb Lemosho Route Departing August 13th

Hello,  is anyone going on this trip?  I thought it would be good if we could compare notes and motivate each other on training for it.


Yes I am going on this trip!!  Feeling excited and aprehensive at the same time!  How is the training going???

I realise now that we actually leave London on the 12th.... so hope I didn't confuse you!  Just over  a week left!  Are you ready?!! I certainly am not, but going to enjoy the experience anyway.  Where are you joining from? Also, quick question, what have you come up with on how you will battle your water bottles/hydration systems freezing on summit night? I will be using a camelbak, but still haven't figured out what to do about the whole your-water-freezing-while-you-summit-thing...


Hi Palmtree ... We are joining the trip at Kilimanjaro ... we are flying KLM to Amsterdam and then onto Kili, and we arrive the night of 12th August.  What about you?? when do you arrive??  Did you hear about Narobi airport burning down last night!?  Hope you aren't flyiig through there???

Going out for last training hike tonight and then probably going to ease off ...  I am using water bottles on a waist strap.  Can't get on with a Camelbak ... can't even inflate an armband without gagging!! 


How are you feeling about or adventure!??   

Ah yes, I saw that on the news! Glad I am not flying through there! I am on the group flight, flying through Addis Ababa.  

I did my last hike on Saturday.  I am not sure what I should be doing this week.  Scared to injure myself before I leave.... but then again I don't think I should not do anything.... but it turns out I haven't done anything.... I'm stumped!  

Excited about the adventure!... but also worried that  10 days of not doing anything will undo all my hard work! (gosh!)  Anyway, starting to gather my things now, and figure out if I will be overweight on my kit bag! Ha!   I'm planning on taking so much stuff.  My boss recommended I take some comfort food for my last meal before we summit, apparently you lose your appetite so much you can barely eat, so having something you really like eating would help.  ... the best I could come up with that would make it up there is a can of baked beans and sausages! 

 How are you feeling about it? I guess that means you leave the UK the morning of the 12th then? 


Hi, I am feeling a mixture of excited and apprehensive I guess!  I am coming with my very old friend (length of time I've know her - not age!) and we have done a trial packing and weighing of kit bags today!  Hopefully we may just be OK, but there seems to be so much kit to pack and medicines and body wipes!!  We are stayiing an extra 2 days at the end to go on a safari, so there is all that stuff too!

We have got loads of snacks, cereal bars and sweets as we were told this would keep us going, and they weigh tonnes!

I think I'll just do a couple of regular dog walks this weekend ...  I'm really tired as we just got a puppy who wakes up at 5.30am, and I keep waking up in the night thinking about what I have forgotten, so feeling a bit sleep deprived!

Haven't slept in a tent since I was a girl guide so not sure how the whole camping thing is going to be!!

We check in at Heathrow at 4.30am on Monday so a very early start ..

Are you coming with a friend?  I have done a bit of research with Exodus, and our group age range is late 20's to mid-50s ... I think I will have to be the grandma of the trip, as I am at the top end of the age range!

See you there!! x 

I'm coming on my own! Have no idea who I'll be sharing my tent with.  The last time I went on an Exodus trip I was the youngest; looks like I won't be this time! :-) And I too only last slept in a tent when.... when I was 12, I think! I haven't packed yet.... just got back from buying a ton of snacks too!.... looked at my kit bag when I got back and think it is way too tiny for all the stuff I bought!  (sigh) I am going to have to do a lot of sorting this weekend. 

Safe travels! Hope you get some sleep before you leave! 

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