Anyone out the going to Kilimanjaro on the 13th of Aug?

 If you are say hello





Hi Dave

I'm going on the trip at the end of August - same route though.  How are you getting on with your training?  I'm getting a bit worried now because it is less than two months away and not sure I'm doing enough!

I'm going on a training hike with Trek Hire UK this weekend so we'll see.

Hope you have fun!



Hi Lizzie

The trainging is going well, going to the gyme twice a day doing lots of walking, cycling, rowing. We recently went to snowdon and Scarfell. Both of which were great walks.

 What are you doing for training?






I'm training by going to the gym and running.  Trying to walk as often as I can.  I went on a training hike in Surrey last Saturday and it went very well.  It was a very fast 17 miles in hot weather (the hottest day of the year so far I believe!).  I need to try and fit in some more long walks, but it is difficult juggling everything!

I think I am on track, though.

Are you just doing Kili or are you climbing Meru as well.  I met a couple at the weekend who are going around about the same time as you but are doing both!

Take care and enjoy! 



Hi Dave Yes I'm coming! Although I will meet you out there as I'm in Nairobi the week before for work. Your training sounds impressive - the gym twice a day?!!?? Mike 


I'll be joining you all on the 14th. I can't wait - how many more get ups?

Lizzie - I'm abit worried I'm not doing enough and everyone will march off. I've been upping my running and I'm away this weekend in yorkshire clocking up the miles and hill walking.

 Look forward to meeting you all. Heather


Hi Heather I wouldn't worry too much - everything I've read suggests "pole pole" is the way to do it, yomping across Dartmoor with the Royal Marines this is not. I've heard if you try and ascend too fast then you're less likely to make it. It sounds like you've done some good preparation. I certainly intend to be Captain Slow! Mike 

Sue and myself are due to join you on the 14th. She is confident in Exodus having done Machu Picchu a couple of years ago with a friend (I won't give their ages away). I am the first reserve as this friend caught somthing tropical recently that means she can't travel. So as a dutiful husband, and after a glass of wine or so saying how hard can it be if a load of celebrities and a film crew can do it, I have found myself on the passenger list.  My training has consisted of the local Tanzanian restaurant, a couple of short walks, and some altitude training on a motorcycle in America last week at over 7000 feet. The bike coughed a bit, but I was OK. It sounds like I might need to do a bit more in the next couple of weeks so see you at the airport.




Hi all

There is a lot of us 'Kili Trekers' on this site trying to contact others in they group. I've be in touch with most of you traveling to Kili in Aug, Sep and Oct. As there are a couple of us going to North wales to climb Snowdon on Sat 14 Aug, arriving the friday night and camping out. Sunday will look at Tryfan another lovely walk/climb. Therefore I would love to get as many Kili Trekers together to do some walking and talking. If you are insterested e-mail me on [email protected] I think it would be great to get everyone together and discuss 'Kili'

Hear from you Jim


Mike - bagsey walking with you then!! I did Snowdon last weekend on a girly weekend (not the usual girly weekend I know - traded the camping for a hotel) and was in Derbyshire this weekend. got a little lost - thank god for guides!!

It will be great to meet you all, I haven't done an organised thing like this before but am really excited. Has anyone sorted their visa out?? Heather


Loving Ed's description of his training regime!! :-) 

Heather - this is my first Exodus trip too, but I've been on other group trips with other companies and always had a great time. First time climbing a mountain though! I've got my visa in London because I've had previous experiences with grumpy TZ immigration officials and wanted to avoid that again... Maybe I just got someone on a bad day. But as long as you've got $50 cash, a smile in the face of adversity, and plenty of patience you'll be fine with visa on arrival!

Everyone got their kit together?



I am of course confused and it's only 1 week to go...


Hi Guys

 Thanks for replying to the posts, sorry i wasnt very dilligent in replying. 

I hope everyone is fighting fit and looking forward to meeting up.

See you all on Friday/Saturday



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