Kilimanjaro Kit

I was wondering if anyone can help ? I currently have a Vango Super Nova sleeping bag which states goes up to -12 degrees , will this be warm enough ( especially on summit night ?????? )

Also , does anyone have any good recommendations on a quality down jacket , gloves etc . Really want to make sure I am as warm and comfortable as possible.

As we are flying out with KLM , we are fortunate enough to be able to take an extra 23 kilos which I would ideally like to take any old hiking kit out there with me to give to the porters before our climb . Is this at all possible ??

Many thanks in advance , just a mere 8 months to go now (EEEEKKKKK !!! )


Hi Colette,

I think the bag might be on the limit of not being warm enough, however you could add a silk liner which will make it warmer. Make sure it's silk - warm, light and clean. Also, don't wear too much in the bag as you need your body heat to get to the down layer. Rab, Mountain Equipment etc make good jackets, probably need an 800 fill down jacket to be warm. Insulated mitts are warmest and there's no technical requirement so may be best. Hope this helps....... 


Hi Alan


Many thanks for the tips . I have a silk liner so will make good use of it on the mountain .   12 weeks to go !!!!









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