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Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Route


 I will be climbing the Kilimanjaro using the Lemosho route, departing from London on the 19th June 2010.

 Is anyone else doing the same trip?



Hi Marc

Not going on this trip but did Lemosho last year.

Have a fantastic time, lemosho has to be a great way to see Kibo.




Hello there,

I'm going on this trip too - my first Exodus holiday, first flight in about 10 years, and first experience of altitude, nothing like jumping in at the deep end....

do people normally meet up at the departure airport beforehand on these trips, or after they've landed?  (sorry if that's a daft question!)




Hi Rebecca,

 Great to hear from someone else on the same trip! I've done a few trips with Exodus before, but this will be my first time at such an altitude.

 During my previous trips with Exodus, I've experienced both scenarios (meeting before the flight or after landing).

 You will definitely meet most of the group after landing, but it is always possible to meet with other people on the same flight before departure if you want. You just need to contact them using this forum or by email. For example, you can ask your Exodus contact to send an email to all other people on the same flight.



hello everyone

 glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's not doing loads of training for this!

are you all getting your Tanzania visas before you go or at the airport when we get there? (I don't want to be the only one who hasn't got one, and holds everyone up!)  the Travcour charge for this, including postage is £70, as opposed to $50 at the airport.




Hi Everyone,

 I just received my final joining instructions. Is anyone else flying with Kenya Airlines from London Heathrow to Kilimanjaro via Nairobi? The connection time in Nairobi is really short (1 hour), but I guess the airport is probably not that big.

Rebecca, I already have my visa, but I'm sure others will get their visa at the airport. I've been told that getting the visa at the airport is quite quick as the queue is small.


Hi All

My name is Alison and I too am in at the deep end, having never done anything like this before. I am flying from Heathrow by Air Kenya to Nairobi.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.



Hello everyone 

I'm flying from Heathrow to Nairobi as well, see you all at the airport!

Packing now pretty much sorted, just need to get some dollars...

See you all soon


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