Is anyone  going on this trip? Would be great to hear from you

I checked with Exodus a few weeks ago and there were 4 of us signed up for the trip at the time. That's you, me, my friend Brian and another mystery person. Think I've got everything ready ... how about you ?


Hi everyone, i must be the 'Mystery Person' who was referred to in the post above.  

I'm Kev from Somerset....which makes me a genuine Wurzel ! 

Spending my Saturday night running through the paperwork and my kit....making sure i have not forgotten anything really important. 

How is the planning and prep going for you all ?

NB - i fly out from Heathrow on Wed 6th February, not Thurs 7th February as detailed in the first post. So apologies if actually we are not in the same group ??    



I'm almost ready but I'm not very good in cold conditions so keep on thinking I need more and more layers...the sooner we go the better otherwise I'll go bankrupt, ha, ha

It looks like it is just 4 of us

Kev, you are with us. We all flying out on Wed 6thFeb 


Have you received your kit /bag from Exodus yet?


Hi all - planning and prep are sadly not my strengths, but I do now own some good boots!

No kit bag here yet, I'm assuming it will be delivered to Richards house though (he decided he wanted to be 'trip leader') :-)

Anyway, nice to meet you all virtually, looking forwadr to meeting in person!



Hi everyone,

I phoned Exodus at the start of last week just to check, as the Trip Notes said the Kit Bags would arrive circa 2 weeks before departure. Mine arrived Friday.

Have spent the afternoon showing my Ma & Pa the photographs on the Exodus Website from trekkers on previous trips. That was really useful.

Can't wait now !!

Cheers, Kev.


Hi all,

Our kit bags arrived last week ... hopefully Anna's and Kev's have arrived too. When I first opened it I thought it looked big, but now I've laid out all of my stuff, I'm not so sure now. I'm going to take a large suitcase, pack the Exodus one into it, and leave the suitcase at the hotel in Arusha.

 I just checked my insurance and it seems that Kili is too high for them, so I'll need to get the extra insurance from Exodus.

How's everyone else doing?


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