Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Route 12th Feb 2014

So...I guess I am the first to post then....ok...My name is Dave Gurney and I have been talked into doing this "hill" by my brother (who is also going I get to give him grief if it gets too tough!). Am currently on the cross trainer most nights, and doing as many peaks in the UK this year as I can get away with...

So if your on this trip too, then I wish you luck and see you there!


So... I guess I am the second to post then.... ok.... My name is Rob Gurney and I have also talked my brother into doing this "hill" (so I get to give him grief if he moans too much). Am currently on the cross trainer more nights than he is, and doing more peaks in the UK this year than him too....

Would love to hear from anyone else booked onto this trip - its going to be a good un. 


Rob G


So... I guess I am the third to post then.... Ok.... My name is Nik Gurney and I have decided to do this "hill" with my husband Rob and brother in law Dave (so I get to give them both grief and moan a lot). Am currently on the cross trainer quite often, have started jogging and am trying to do nearly as many peaks in the UK this year as the two boys....

Looking forward to hearing from everyone else, it's going to be fab! Can't wait!!

Hi Guys, well we are the 4th and 5th to be joining you on this trip. It is take 2 for me I attempted the Rongai route in Feb 2011 but was brought down suffering from altitude sickness. Since then I have done atlas mountains in morroco and also everest base camp and kala pattar both trips completed successfully. Margarita also on this trip did base camp with me in october. I am hoping with the extra time for acclimatisation this will be the better route option. Looking forward to meeting you all.


Hi Angela and Margarita, good to hear from you. There are four of us who have booked up so far, myself, my brother and his missus, and our mate Jamie...who is obviously a bit shy and hasn't posted here yet. None of us have attempted anything as dramatic as you two so far (look forward to all the stories next feb ;-))...but have climbed a lot of the bigger hills in the uk over the past few years and are lined up to do Ben Nevis again in two weeks time (current weather conditions at the top are apparently snow with windchill of all we need is to attack it in the dark and simulate a dose of altitude sickness for that authentic Kili experiance eh?). Anyway enough babble for laters, Dave G


Evening people, I got new booties and now thanks to Daveg a neck thing too.

Look forward to meeting you all, bit worried I am not as hardcore as everyone else but in for a penny!

 speak soon



Am so sorry to intrude but I happened to stumble across your posts and wanted to join in on the party :o)

My sister and I are booked to do Kilimanjaro on the 8th December this year and then EBC on the 24th April next year .  ( You guys sound like a barrell of laughs just a shame we are not travelling out with you ) By By  eck I feel like Billy no mates as no one else has joined our trip yet :0(

If it is not too inappropriate , I wonder if any of you doing Ben Nevis could put up with 2 stragglers joining you on the hike ?? Promise to give you a no holds barred blog of our Kili trip on our return :0)



Cheers for that Ang, have been doing a bit more research now and was already coming round to the idea of taking some too. When we did Ben Nevis two weeks ago we stayed in the Glen Nevis Campsite which is walking distance of the start point. On previous visits we have stayed in one of the cheap(ish) B+B's in Fort William which were ok...but you do need to then walk or drive to the visitors centre to start the climb, which is about 2.5 miles each way.


Hi Colette, no need to apologise for the intrusion, any advice (or chat) is welcome :-)

Not heading up Ben Nevis again for a while...but it is certainly worth doing as it is such a relentless slog that it is pretty good stamina training.

Hi Colette, we are heading up Ben Nevis on the 26th/28th July we are staying at the Ben Nevis hotel. You are both welcome to join us on the long laborious climb up I am going with my friend Paula and her husband, if that's not convenient for you both I will be going again with Margarita in September :-)


Hi Angela

Would love to tag along in July but a bit close as need to plan rotas well in advance .  Most definitely up for September time though if you can let us know what dates you are planning ? My sister lives just outside of Penrith and we are planning on getting some miles in around the lakes August 25th / 26th ( Bank Holiday weekend ) .  Sis is planning on some challenging walks to hopefully help me overcome my fear of heights .... Striding Edge has been mentioned !!!


I will let you know as soon as we have set a date it will probably be beginning rather than the end of September. We do quite a lot of walking in the lakes at weekends. We recently did the Old Man, two Loughriggs, and Crinkle Crags. We have done Scafel a couple of times and Snowdon many times aswel. Not too keen myself about Striding edge we did go last year but ended up on Swirrel  edge due to taking the wrong path. I,m not too keen on knife edge ridges I have to say!!!




Hi...just to let you know I've also booked on this trip. DaveyBoyG - no harm in being slowish! in fact I would suggest practising to be slow (perhaps carrying more), as being used to walking in this country and doing altitude walking in Peru and Nepal, I was constantly told to slow down! and they usually allow plenty of time to walk on these trips - much shorter days than I usually do here i.e. certainly no rush, and in my experience a slow steady slog is best way to go (!) A big healthy twentysomething dutch guy got helicopted out of Annupurna when I was patience can be better than fitness, although  obviously some degree of fitness is pretty key. Also, food wise your digestion rate slows, so best not to eat too much heavy stuff and meat. Constant supply of small high energy stuff and keeping hydrated is best. I might take some walking energy bars I think. I remember having some minor headaches and some funny feelings at altitude....which I think happens to everyone to some degree.

I live in Norfolk so don't get much hill walking practice (!) but walk up and down the stairs to my 4th floor office a lot, which I've found keeps my legs in some degree of shape (!) Went to lakes last month and plan at least a couple more hill trips before going.

Have not signed up for the group flight, as hoping to fly KLM from Norwich, but still waiting to see if there is a sale/offer at some point. Anyone else thinking of flying with them? 



Hi Chris, are you on Atlas Mountains on your photo?


Hi, yes, spot on...Mount Toubkal...have you done that? It was meant to be a normal trek in May, but the snow stayed, so a slightly more challenging ascent with crampons, but great fun! especially snow shooting down!

Hi yes I did it September 2011 no snow though we did the long weekend trip. Lots of skidding on the way down spent much of the time on my backside lol

hello Chris, Nicki, Rob, Dave, Jamie hope you are all starting to get very excited now ( I know we are )? how's your training going? I have just stepped up mine a little at the gym and we are still walking every Sunday. I did Ben Nevis in July but unfortunately Margarita was on holiday so did not come with me, It was good and managed to complete it in 6hrs 50min (not too bad I think). I a bit out of action at the moment as I managed to tear my cartilage in my knee three weeks ago! I am of the crutches though now and on the mend. We have treated ourselves to a couple of new tops and pants etc and go out doors have just replaced my boots as the rand had started to come away (not bad though I had had them 18mths so quite impressed that they replaced the for me). I am so excited I have even started to get sun cream ear plugs etc!!!


speak soon guys


Ang and Margarita x


Hi Ang - good to hear from you again.

Yes we are getting excited too (have been all year actually!). Except maybe Jamie, who is a bit of a "just tell me what to do and I'll do it" kind of chap. ;-)

The 4 of us did the Yorkshire 3 Peaks last weekend and managed to complete the route in 10 hours 50 mins which we were dead chuffed with. Next trip planned is a 2 dayer in the Lakes at the beginning of October. We are going to do Skiddaw and Helvellyn with an overnight camp in between (to test out the new sleeping bags etc).

Other than that, we are doing what we can to get into shape. Dave is cycling like crazy, Nicki is running and I'm cross-training and lifting a few weights. Lost 4 stone since training began in January. I guess that's what happens when you have a focus.

Hope you recover soon from your injury.

All the best and see you in 151 days!!!!

Rob G


That's a good idea Rob re: trying out sleeping bags....might have to have a night or two out in the cold to get used to it. Mine is an old Mammut one a hired in Nepal, but I decided to keep it as it packs quite small. I think its a bit past its sell-by date...its says -29C on it, but I don't believe that! the coldest night I used it, I remember wearing all my clothes in the bag......there were snow storms outside, so it was pretty cold.... thermals always a good idea and pack small.

Noticed that this trip is now fully booked up! Looks like its a trip of life time for many....its a special one for 40th year! 

If anyone is looking at flights, I think I might book Kenyan...very good flights times.

Thinking of Snowdonia in Oct as my next hill trip! might take my tent!



Hi all, cant believe that it has been 3 months since I last posted here...where has the summer gone?? My bro (Rob) really has lost 4 stone and it is easy to see that this has managed to give a massive boost to his fitness (so he can pull me up that hill). It is a shame that this means that everything he had already purchased for this trip now doesnt fit him Great to hear from you Chris, and look forward to seeing you in Feb. We are flying Kenya Airways too (into Nairobi , then onto Kili) so hopefull its a good un. I have heard some nasty stories about Kili trips using Ethiopian Airlines so was happy with Exodus's choice of airline I think.


Oh and Chris....40 isnt that bad...I will be a few weeks away from being 42 when we fly out dont worry we can both have our mid life crisis there together eh?


Hi all...I booked the same Kenya group flight today so will be travelling on the same planes....Kilimanjaro is I hear a difficult airport to transfer to a hotel from, so it makes life a lot easier to be picked up at the same time as the group...the flight times are actually the best! Looking forward to it!



Anyone else find themselves kit binging before this trip?....I apologise beforehand if I look like I've stepped out of a Cotswolds catologue (!!) Will need to go on a trip or two to get my new stuff looking a bit more worn in I think (!!)


Hi Chris, margarita and I are exactly the same, every time we finish our walk on Sunday we do the compulsory trip to Go Outdoors! Not too long now we can't believe how quickly it's coming round.


Hi all

100 days to go!!!!!!

Think we are reasonably kitted out now, just a few bits and pieces remain on the shopping list.  

We managed to get up Skiddaw and Helvellyn a few weekends ago. Enjoyed the multi-day climbing with a cold and wet Keswick camp in between. Not quite a mini-Kili experience however, unless they have installed hot showers and Chinese restaurants at each overnight stop on the Lemosho route.....!

Anyone got any winter hillclimbing trips planned?

Rob G

Hi guys have any of you been advised that yellow fever and malaria tablets are not required? Last time u went I had to have both?


Forget that last post the practice nurse was looking at last years form when we did Everest base camp Nepal.

Malaria is defo needed I think I'm going to use malarone and she said although yellow fever not compulsory it is advised. When I went in 2010 we had to show are certificate at Nairobi so margaita going to have it.


Hi rob I was doing some research on the internet and it says that taking 1000mg vit C 400 IU vit E and 600mg of Lipoic acid 3 weeks before you go and whilst there has been proven to reduce the effects of altitude? It may be worth a read?


Hi Everyone, myself and Duncan are also on this trip! We live in London so not much hill walking opportunity there - I also walk the stairs at work (5th and 11th floors), every little helps! I did the Inca trail a couple of years ago so that's the only experience I've had at being at altitude - although obviously this will be much higher so not sure what to expect! I look forward to meeting you all! Lina


Hi everyone.

Just wanted to firstly say hello to Lina and Duncan. Thanks for getting in touch with us. Seems like we've got a great bunch of trekkers to share this amazing experience with. Can't wait to meet you all in 51 days!

Also wanted to wish everyone a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS. I hope instead of the usual socks and chocs, you find plenty of merino underwear and wicking technical baselayers under the tree on christmas morning.

BTW - Dave, Nicki and I did Cadair Idris on Saturday as a "last hill of the year" event. We encountered snow at the top and gusting winds that literally took us off our feet at times. We only saw 2 other people the whole day, but still enjoyed the climb despite the adverse conditions. Hopefully this bodes well for our February jaunt....

All the best,

Rob G

Hi Rob and team, Sound like you had fun on Saturday Rob, it was bad enough on Kinder Scout last Sunday with the wind 

Merry xmas to you all hope you all have a fab day and get everything that you had on you lists for Santa. 

Not long now and we will be on our way!

All the best to everyone 

 Ang and Margarita  


Hi guys has anybody any idea roughly how much we need to take for tips?



Sorry Ang - nearly forgot to check you were ok after your Xmas injury!

Hope you make a speedy recovery and it won't impact on your Kili preparations too much.

Rob G

Thanks Rob, my ribs are much better and on the mend think I will be back training after the new year.



Ang, sorry to hear about your ribs, I know it can be very painful so I hope you are on the mend.

As for tipping, exodus say that $250 should be sufficient. I guess we will just have to play it by ear in terms of how that is split out as some sites warn against giving it all to the main guide to share out.

First trip at altitude so no idea how I will manage or react. Have had a few friends experience altitude, some funny stories, some with no reaction whatsoever..... I guess it is just a case of hoping for the best and listening to the guides.


Happy new year all see you all very soon

Ang & Margarita x


Hi all,

I have been reading all your posts, so exciting I did this trip in 2012,just a few odds and sods which mite help you on your trip, alcohol hand wash, a nail brush, germerlene which I used on my lips every night, a mask or buff coming down from the summit as it was very dusty, I was lucky to not suffer from altitude sickness I ate and drunk everything as if it was my last meal which I think is a good start to fight altitude,

Well have a great trip you will be well looked after,





Thanks Ang & Margarita, that's useful advice...think I will get some and give it trial before going...but keep it in reserve just in case (!) Cheers Chris


You all sound terribly keen and fit. I'm a complete novice for this type of trek. Last year I did the Julian Alps' Travers as preparation on the assumption it had (then) the same grading. The weather turned out to be perfect, with the final trek to Mount Triglav (2500m) done in shirt sleeves! I did do a couple of two-day treks in the Pico's de Europa (up to 2000m), however, both times it was warm so that I ended up carrying all my extra layers. Will we really need a duvet jacket on top of all the other layers?

Looking forward to meeting you all


Hi Chris & Julian, I bought the vapour rise pants last week from go outdoors and they are very comfortable. I am thinking they are going to be warm enough for the summit night thus not having to take bulky ski pants. I have a pair if merino wool long johns as an under layer.

Go Outdoors also has some down jackets in the sale which are a good buy if you decide you are getting one. 


Hi everybody, here I am very excited and aprehensive with this trip. Last time when I was preparing myself for Everest Base camp, I had no idea what to expect, now it is a different matter, Kilimanjaro is very serious and scary!!. I hope we all have a good time and reach our target. I have to recognise that my Exodus guide on Everest called Gum, was excellent, a very caring person and he helped me a lot. Without his support and patience I don't think I could have done it. Thank you exodus for having such lovely people looking after us.  


Hi Barry, nice to hear from you .It's coming round all too quickly now can't quite believe it less than a month away now! (27 days)

Your shoes sound very posh can't wait to see them :-)

See you in 28 days!!!!!!!!!


Ang :-) 



And 5 weeks today till summit day Ang :)

Our (slightly garish) duffel bags turned up today, getting quite real now!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon.


OMG I'm getting really scared now!!! Our bags have come today VERY yellow but at least we won't loose them!!!
Can't wait to meet you all aswel sounds like we have a fantastic group!

See you very soon Ang ????


What's everyones approach to staying in touch with home? Some will no doubt be glad to be rid of phones but for some with dependants its important to maintain a tenuous link at least...

 is it possible for starters?



Off to the peaks in about six hours if anyone would like to join us?? Maybe a bit short notice! We r off for our last training walk, testing all the kit out for the last time - 18 days to go everyone - how exciting!!

See everyone very soon :-)


So....under 20 days to go then!!! There are still a few worries about kit choices and fitness levels... And the odd worry about not having a shower for 8 days!!! Not quite sure what I am gonna do in the toilet department either, but guess I will soon find a way to cope eh?
Well we are heading off to the peaks this weekend for one more batch of hills to test ourselves hopefully we should do ok when the time comes!

Really look forward to seeing everyone soon! Really want to just get started now.

Laters, DG :-)


Ok I meant anyone and Dave meant pooping not popping - oops - too much red stuff I think :-)


Popping? DAVE you drunk


Only as much as you are jimbob...that "no alcohol" rule on kili is gonna hit pretty hard eh? ;-)

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