Hi am booked onto this trip and thought i would post to see who else had taken the plunge and would be sharing their journey to the top of Africa with me.


Hi Colin,

My other half and I are also booked for this trip.  Working hard to avoid heavy rain and storm force winds as we do our training yomps, but really looking forward to the challenge ahead.  We're doing an add-on Safari afterwards  -  do you have any similar plans?

Madaleine (& Dave)

Hi Madaleine & Dave

No Plans for a safari, How is the training coming along? Its coming around fast now, still got a few bits to get but I am nearly ready. Look forward to meeting you.


We're trying to use our time as much as possible for climbing, but as we're in the south of England, altitude in the South Downs is a bit limited.  However, just come back from 3 times circuit of a pretty steep walk, making best use of the scarp slopes.  Hopefully we'll feel prepared when the time comes, but have some days when we wonder what on earth we're doing!

Keep walking,

Madaleine & Dave

I know that feeling, I live in Hastings so i think the highest point around here is 575 feet above sea level, so go up to the north downs some weekends for a wander.


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