Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Route - 20th June 2012

Booking confirmed and now time to step up my training regime. Apparently there are 8 booked on this trip, keep in contact if you are going on this trip of a lifetime.

My name is Mark and i'm from Liverpool, so, if you are within travelling distance of the Lake District or Snowdonia, let me know and we can possibly meet to train together?

Hi Mark my name is Mitch, all booked and ready to go, just got to get fit! I'm from London but get over to the Brecon Beacons when I can , this is going to be the highest I've done, can't wait.


Mitch, sorry for the delay in my reply, had laptop problems which are now sorted, you'll have to let me know when you are in the Brecon Beacons next and i'll see if i can join you? 

I'm trying to vary my training, gym 3 nights, walks up various mountains in the Lakes and Snowdonia, not going too bad, my highest so far is only Ben Nevis so compared to Kili it only like a mound of soil!!

Not too many weeks to go now? Have you got all of your gear etc...? 

Hi Mark thanks for your reply, probably going to Brecon Beacons end of March/ April, will contact you when I know.

Trying to get some training in, cycling and walking, not easy with work etc, got most of my kit , but couldn't help buying some new stuff !

Not long now, here's my email, [email protected] . If any one else is going on this trip you are welcome to contact me.


I've done exactly the same, bought some Paramo Velez pants, absolutely the best buy i've had so far, comfortable, light and fully waterproof. Also purchased 2 new jackets, Rab down jacket and Berghaus Goretex. 2 good deals saving just on £200 just by telling what they were for and asking if there were any deals!!

I'd love to join you on the Brecon Beacons, would it just be a day trip? I want to do some big walks and i guess that could be the place, on;ly been there once before many moons ago. 


Other contacts if you want them;

[email protected]

[email protected]




Well Mitch, it looks like just the 2 of us on the trip? Or, were the only ones with time to send e-mails etc...


Just 8 weeks to go now mate...can't wait, I'll see you in Snowdonia in a couple of weeks (12th May) i'll sort out the camp site and let you have the details.

If anyone else on the trip picks this up just let me know if you want to join us to climb Snowdon.



Well, how quick has that 5 weeks gone since my last post - 3 weeks tomorrow and it will be panic stations at Heathrow, have i got this, have i got that? Well i've just had my final joining instructions and the place were staying looks absolutely brilliant, as well as the place being nice, there is also a Masseur whom i guess will be aching too after we get down, sore muscles etc...

 Time for 2 more climbs before a rest in the last week (Gym only that week to avoid injury - I hope)

Still nobody else going on the trip!!!

Maybe Exodus need to send e-mail details out in future where they are provided!!



Hi Mark & Mitch

My name's Dave - I think I'm making the group number to 9 as a bit of a late joiner - Very little trekking experience me but still can't wait - I'm sure this will be an amazing trip.

In case anyone wants to contact me my email is [email protected] ...otherwise see you at Heathrow with Exodus Duffel bag in hand

PS Just come off the phone to the docs and ordered the malarone - not long to go now !


At last the names are coming forward, a quick piece of advice on luggage, put it all in a big case and sort it all out at the other end, there have been some tales on this site about luggage going missing because people know whats in the Exodus bag, you can also leave the case in the hotel with your end of trek clothes in. You are allowed 20k in your luggage going but only 15k in your kit bag, remember some poor porter has to carry it all the way up for you so don't overload. Another bit of advice i've had is to wear your main none (keeps the weight down but also if lost you do not have the chance to wear a new pair in) walking pants etc...the costly things and also weighty things.

I'm no expert but have just had loads of tips from a mate who has done it before.

 Keep in touch and if there's anything else you are unsure about just ask.

Where are you from/living? I'm from Liverpool and Mitch is from Epping


Top tip on the luggage and wearing the boots for the flight - cheers for that Mark. Think I'm almost sorted now but will submit questions if I have any. Catching up for a beer with an ex-colleague of mine next week who's been up Kili too so if any other tips come out I'll let you know.

By the way I'm originally from the Lakes but live in Chester now - my mobile is 07712 863440 if want to get in touch

Hi Dave - I just contacted Mitch & Mark yesterday as well. Myself and my son (Jack) are also 2 of your fellow travellers to Kili. My contact details are as follows;

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 07833 732086

Quick question for you all - what advice have you been given for Malaria ???


My details are above, i think you have already seen them judging from the contact.   So excited now and also nervous when i'm out walking up the mountains, i'm off camping on Friday to Anglesey, going to climb the Glyders by Snowdon, a tough one and never done it before, just got to plan it later on tonight.

Been out today looking at energy bars and snacks to take with me too as well as picking up some last minute bits (for the 15th time)


Malarone tablets, got to start taking 2 days before arriving in Nairobi, you will get them from the Well Travelled Clinic or maybe the normal chemist, i paid £26 for the course of tablets and you have to carry on taking when you get back too.


Thanks Gary for your contact details - hopefully you'll have my details now too

Re Malaria like Mark I've requested Malarone too - I'm certainly no pharmacist but reading the different options it seemed to have the fewest side effects !


Hi all,


My name’s Alan and I am another excited member on this trip! Like Dave, I’ve not done a lot of trekking… I went to Everest Base Camp (well, attempted) but that was almost 5 years ago and have not done a whole lot since then.


Hopefully I’ve got almost everything sorted, just need to pick up some ‘power snacks’! Thanks for all the advice that’s floating around, I’ll definitely be packing my stuff in a different bag now :)


If anyone wants to get in touch, here are my contact details:


Email – [email protected]

Mobile – 07731100026


See you all in a few weeks!

Hi all,

Nearly time time to go, don't think I can wait anymore, might start walking now !

see you all at the airport.


Hi Everybody,

 I am probably the last one that joined. Just a couple of weeks ago. Quite excited about it though. The bad news is that I haven't been able to train much. Just going to the swimming pool as much as I can... but don't think it is going to help much with Altitude sickness.

 I have done some trekking before, but always below 5K, so this is a total new challenge.

I am flying from London on the 20th with Kenyan Airlines, in case anybody is in the same flight.

Thanks for all the tips and looking forward to meeting you all. 



Hi Javi,

welcome to the group, I think we are all flying out from Heathrow on Wednesday.

see you there



Javi, welcome to the group, i'm sure we will all help each other on the trek and you also have the help of the guides too. Where are you from? It sounds like we have people from all over the country at the moment. All meeting at the bar in terminal 4 and all getting there from around 4-5pm. 

I'm going to check in and then time to relax a bit, see you there!



Mitch and Mark,

Will meet you at the airport then, after the check-in. Let us know if we use any kind of identification code.

 Mark, I'm Spanish, and for what I can gather, I am the only foreigner in the group. I live in London though... for the last 4 years and I lived there another 3 a while ago. Hence the lack of training... the smoke is not good for aclimatization.

 Only three days to go!





Welcome aboard Javi ! see you after check-in tomorrow. You've probably got all our numbers but just in case my mobile number is 07712863440.


Help, I think I've been buying to much gear, looks like I've squeezed a body in my bag. Just got it down to 22kg, 4kg of nuts and chocolate don't help ! Looks like snacks are going to be sacrificed.

see you all tomorrow


We will have to eat the chocolates in Arusha then :-)

I almost ready... Some waterproof trousers to buy and i will be on my way... Btw, SOS anybody know where to buy decent size plastic sealable bags? The local tesco only has sandwich ones.

My personal email: [email protected]

Only a few ours to go!


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