Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Route 4th July

Anyone booked up for this trip leaving on 3rd July. Two friends have done this recently and I've got a few tips from them. I know it's going to be tough but not sure how prepared I am, and not sure that skiing in the Alps is enough altitude training!! Thinking about trying a few treks before the trip in the Lake District and maybe the Highlands but time is running out.

Any thoughts, tips, ideas?


Hi Helen, I'm booked on this trip as well. I'm definitely not prepared apart from a bit of skiing! Don't think I'm going to have a chance to go up any mountains, but should be able to get a bit of walking in before the trip. Need to have a massive shop for all the gear at some point too! Mark


Hi Helen, Mark, I'm also booked on this trip. Any tips to help prepare would be really appreciated. I haven't done any high altitude training but was hoping to get some long walks in before leaving. Not really sure what to expect! Sophie

Hi Mark and Sophie!

It's looking less likely that I'm going to get any hill walking in either, time is flying by! Most people I have spoken to who have done this say you can't really train for it (especially in London!) so I'm not worrying too much. The tips I've received are to make sure you have the right clothing, plenty of layers, especially as it gets very cold at the top. Good trousers and gloves are vital I've been told.

I'm not really sure what to expect either. People say it is very tough on the final climb so I'm expecting that, but not sure I'm ready for just how tough it will be!

A friend of mine is sending me a tip list, she did the climb last year so I'll post when I get it.

Good luck with preparations.



Hi Mark, Sophie and Helen,
I am booked on this, flying out from Heathrow, are any of you ? .

Getting really excited and nervous. For tips it's worth looking on some of the chats between people on previous trips. I picked up that if you take your own sleeping mat it has to fit in your kit bag so is included in the weight they allow, whereas if you hire one from exodus which are thicker, the porters carry them separately and are not included in weight of kitbag.
If you have weak knees take walking poles, they will help your knees on the trek down. Also if you are a cold person then you can get gel heat pads that fit in gloves and shoes that radiate heat for up to 6 hours ! Sound a godsend

Also for the girls amongst us, if you want a little privacy when it comes to having a wee, then a friend suggested getting a SheeWee. Google it, the video of the girl selling it looks hilarious, had me and my friends in hysterics but am going to give it a try. Looks easier than trying to pull down my underwear at - 10 degrees halfway up a mountain with no trees to hide behind ! Every time I want a wee !!
Looking forward to meeting you all


Hey guys! Thanks for all the tips so far. Nika, my friend took a SheeWee to a festival and said it was a life saver! Quite tempted to buy one too! Just had a quick question on visas - do we get them on arrival or before we travel? Sophie 

I've seen advice here that says purchase the visa at the airport and it looks a bit cheaper that way. I work not far from the embassy though so I think I'll pop in and get one just in case.

Is anyone getting the yellow fever jab? Current advice online is that it isn't necessary as its a low risk country and my GP advised to keep an eye on this in case it changes but thought I wouldn't need it? I've had all the other boosters etc, feel like a human dartboard already!

A friend of mine also told me about the SheeWee, I'm not so sure myself!!



Hi, I spoke to Marta and she said its easy to get the visa on arrival. I tried to get hold of her about yellow fever jab as the Nomad travel clinic says we don't need it and they can do exemption Certificates but the info we have been sent seems to state that we won't be let in unless we have the certificate so am not really sure.
Am going one of of the exodus trekking days on 18th may and they give you a talk on what to expect and how to manage foot hygiene and altitude sickness etc, , hope its not too scary, but will pass on any hints


Hi, i'm on this trip too, getting really excited and can't wait to get there. I went to my travel clinic a few weeks back and had all my boosters and I was advised that I didn't need a Yellow Fever jab as I wasn't coming from a country with Yellow Fever (I'm flying out on the group flight from Heathrow). I was however told that as we have a stop over in Addis Ababa that if I was to be there for more than 12hrs or left the airport then I would need one! I hope there's not a long delay! It was left up to me really as to whether I wanted to get the Jab so I will think about it over the next few weeks but I can't seem to find a definite answer online anywhere....

As for training, I've done allot of running and the Brighton marathon this year and have a 60k trek this weekend but by all accounts the altitude sickness is something you can't train for, it just hits you but as we are on a longer trip we'll hopefully be ok.

As for kit, I went shopping over the weekend for loads of stuff and came home with 2 pairs of socks.....typical bloke but I have been told to get some good Gortex trousers!



I am booked on this trip and flying from Heathrow. Now the balance has been paid, I am getting very nervous. My vaccinations are being done next week and I have been told not to have yellow fever. I am also getting my visa at the airport as recommended by Exodus.

 My training is similar to yours Tony; I do quite a lot of running with strength training. Once I have done Edinburgh in two weeks I am going to swap my long run for a walk venturing to Snowdonia and the Lakes. You can't train for was one of the reasons for choosing the longer trip as it gives you acclimatization time.

 Looking forward to meeting everyone

If anyone wants to do a training walk then get in touch. I would be happy to have the company.


I have had my vaccinations but been told to ask fellow travellers what they are doing about two recommendations.

1. Rabies...are people having the vaccination against this?

2. Schistosomiasis ... A parasitic worm infection that is acquired by skin contact with fresh water. Are people taking the precaution against this or not.

Many thanks


Hi All, I've been getting my vaccinations too. I was advised not to have the yellow fever vaccine as well. Hopefully won't be stuck in Addis Ababa for ages! Was advised against rabies as getting bitten by a mammal was considered unlikely up there. Also was advised against as it's a trip to hospital after a bite, even if you have had the vaccine. As for Schistosomiasis, the nurse thought it was unlikely that I would be swimming up there so advised against that too. Hopefully all of this was good advice! Would quite like to come back without any of the above...

Going to get the visa at the airport - hopefully they'll let me in! I do regular running and circuits, but has been a while since I've walked any considerable distance. Will try and get a few walks in before we go!

Really looking forward to it! Just need to go and buy some gear now...



Hi Everyone,

I don't think I'll be getting the Yellow Fever jab either, think I had Rabbies (not literally!) when I went to Thailand but I've not had the Schistosomiasis jab.

I'll also get the Visa at the airport on arrival.

I did a 60km trek a couple of weeks back on the South Downs, took me 16hrs and the one tip I have is not to wear brand new walking boots!! Gave me some real trouble but I should have broken them in just in time for Kili!

Been shopping for gear which has cost me nearly as much as the trip so I will probably hire a sleeping mat and sleeping bag......not sure whether to hire a really thick jacket as the one I have isn't that thick but has a built in fleece but I'll just pile on the layers when its really cold!

Just over a month to go!!



I decided to have the rabies vaccination after a recommendation. It did cost me £105.

I agree Tony, the kit has cost as mush as the trip. Not sure how I'm going to fit it all in. I've got walks planned for the next three days to get use to walking on consecutive days.

Starting to get very excited although nervous. More because I don't know the people I am doing it with.




Sorry me again, but thought this might be useful too.  You can rent the following from Exodus, which is handy as means you don't need to take it in your luggage:

Sleeping bag £32
Sleeping matt £25
walking poles £10
Duvet jacket (size M,L, XL) £40

I've rented a sleeping mat and a duvet jacket.


That's really useful advice Helen...I have spoken to a friend today who used to be a guide up Kili. He said things similar to your outline. His biggest advice was to walk slowly and drink lots of water.

I'm really unsure about poles...I really struggle to use them!


That's really useful advice Helen...I have spoken to a friend today who used to be a guide up Kili. He said things similar to your outline. His biggest advice was to walk slowly and drink lots of water.

I'm really unsure about poles...I really struggle to use them!


Hello all - I am quite known for last minute decisions to head on holiday off the beaton path but am not used to group trips so I am looking forward to meeting you all.  I have always facied completing Kili so decided last weekend that this would be a great way to spend the start of my summer...  Reading some of the posts above I see that you have all put in a fair bit of preperation before signing up... I have been working outside of the UK for the past year so have not really had much time to complete any specific training, I am sure it will all be alright on the day.

I look forward to meeting you all soon and getting to the top of Kili.




Hi Eddie

I have never done a group trip but plenty of leading school groups. Are travelling from heathrow. I am getting veryexcited although a bit nervous.


I am joining the group at Heathrow as well and am really looking forward to the trip. I am sure that the group will be good fun! As for being nervous... I have never climbed that high before so have no idea how I will react. I am sure we shall see soon enough.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend and I will see you all on Wed next week.


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