Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route Depart 6th Feb 2014

Anyone booked on this trip?


Hi GrahamM60,

 It looks like we posted at the same time. I've written a bit about myself on my post. How long ago did you book, I was literally only around two weeks ago.

 How are you getting on with arranging the Yellow Fever vacination, I'm struggling as there's has been an issue with production apparently???


Glad to know I'm not the only one going!  I booked a couple of months ago and am really looking forward to it. Yes there seems to be a national shortage of yellow fever vaccine, I live in Buckinghamshire so have been in touch with the Nomad travel clinics in London and they do seem to have some that's what I will probably do.  Will you be travelling from Heathrow?

By the way Happy New Year.



Happy New Year to you too!

 I've only recently started looking into the Yellow Fever issue, hopefully I'll find somehere not too far away.

Yes, travelling from Heathrow, I could have flown from Manchester, but that meant a numer of changes and longer travel time. I thought it would be easier driving to Heathrow, plus it would be nice to start the trip with everyone else that's going.

Have you been in training or are you already super fit? :) I haven't been getting out into the hills as often as I'd like over the past few months so I'm going to hit it hard during January, nothing like a bit of last minute pressure to get things moving!

Hopefully we'll get a few more joining in the conversation soon!


Any luck with the vaccine?

Training been going ok,mainly gym work and cross trainer,turbo trainer due to the weather.

Did London 52 cycle for charity which was great fun and not too taxing .

Be good to hear from anyone else on the trip and maybe meet up at Heathrow.




Going into Chester tomorrow morning for a 'consultation' to discuss my need for the YF jab. Will let you know how I get on....

 You're sounding superfit to me! :) I've struggled with training so far this week with work. I'm setting the alarm early tomorrow and hitting the Rower! Doing the Yorkshire 3 peaks again in a couple of weeks which should help prepare me for the summit day.

Still just you and I going so far then? Come on folks, don't be shy. Would  be great to hear from who else is going. Not long now!


Four weeks to go.  Look forward to meeting everyone and very much looking forward to the trip although nervous too.  Doing some longer walks this month in between the storms which is difficult. 


Good to hear from you Phil, look forward to meeting you. Alex - how did you get on with your consultation? I have finally managed to get an appointment to have YF jab but not until the 29th Jan, seems like it's very difficult to get. Hopefully weather will be a bit better this weekend so we can all hit the hills. 



Hi Graham / Phil,

And then there were three! :)

I went to a travel clinic that is associated with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, after fair amount of time talking about all the risks associated with the nasties in the water, in the air and on the ground we got to the reason I was there, the YF vaccination.

"Basically, I'm not going to consider you for the vaccine" I was told. Nairbo is a very low risk and so is Tanzania. Also, if its literally a change of plane there should be no issues getting in to Tanzania. My reply was that 'but on the internet' there's lots of people saying they won't let you in if you don't have a certificate, all said in a very dramatic manner!

It was left that I could have one, but this would be against medical advice, as there are risks associated with the vaccine. I would have a think about it and get back to them if I decided to have it. They did give me an exemption certificate though for my troubles.

Later that morning I called Exodus Operations Support who said that they do not recommend YF vaccine as a requirement of the trip, there should be no issues getting into Tanzania just changing planes in Nairobi.

It seems to me that the issues people have encountered 'on the internet' are in relation to those that have been to various places within Africa and have stamps in their passport.

I'm going to keep researching, but for now, I'm comfortable that I don't need the vaccine.

 Any thoughts?


as you have an exemption certificate I wouldn't worry. Weather is better this morning so I'm off out into the chiltern hills.I received my exodus bag yesterday...bright yellow so you can't miss it.

Phil, where are you travelling from?

Enjoy the weekend and to anyone else going on this trip,post a message it'll be good to hear from you.



Hi Gents,

Managed to get out in the Lake District today in fantastic, but very cold weather. Ended up practising "pole, pole", not through choice, more to do with following the missus uphill!

Becoming more and more comfortable with not having Yellow Fever jab, I have an exemption certificate and also I can produce the flight itinerary if questioned. Are you both still having the vaccine? Might be nice if one of you could confirm Exodus stance on their recommendation that its not required???

Had the bag through too, as you said Graham, you certainly can't miss it!


Hi folks

I am not getting a YF vaccine.  I am getting an exemption certificate.  Im sure it will be perfectly fine at the airport and I have an old certificate to hand if necessary!  Because of the shortage of vaccine it seems only the really necessary cases get the jab and you can't argue with that.   I live in Devon and walked some of the south west coast path today.  Some steep climbs but nothing like Kili!


Good to hear you both managed to get out, not long to go now.I'm keeping my appointment for the yf jab as I plan on doing other things in the future,( haven't mentioned this to my wife yet.)

Going out on the Chiltern Hills this weekend, plenty of chalk up there so it gets a bit messy.

All the best



Hi Phil / Graham,

Just wondering what insurance you've taken out, did you just go with Exodus?


ps Less than 3 weeks to go!!!

I went with the Exodus insurance.

spoke to exodus this morning and they confirmed there are 11 people on our trip.

Weather is pretty good here,dry and cold so I managed to get out this morning onto the ridgeway.

Time is going to fly by now,look forward to meeting up with you both.

Have a good weekend




23kg's + hand luggage!


Just logged onto the site tonight as didn't realise such a forum existed. I'm travelling from Newcastle and get to the Kia Lodge midnight on the 6th. Had yellow fever vacine about two weeks ago and had a cold ever since. My panic is treating myself to a new pair of boots that have shredded my heels. Up to Fort William on Monday for a week in the hills if my feet hold up. I am old and not very fit so hope I don't hold you back. Very excited but anxious at the same time.


Another Phil  


Great to here from you.

Getting pretty excited myself now along with a little bit of apprehension!

Hope the weather holds out and you have a great week in Fort William, Will you be venturing up 'the Ben'? Is that getting quite 'technical' at this time of year?


Hi Guys and welcome "another" Phil, 

hope you have a great week in Fort William.

Getting excited myself and  can't wait,it's going to be a great experience.

Going out again in the morning and a gym session to follow.

Hope all is going well for all of you, main thing is we all enjoy it.


Welcome "another Phil".

This could get confusing!  I am hoping to get a walk or two in this week and would like to go on Dartmoor but its been so wet I may have to scupper those plans.  Counting down the days and getting nervous.

 best wishes to you all


Hope you are all well,not long now.

Received the joining notes this week,did another check on the kit list...think I've bought enough gear for everone.Still you can't have too many fleeces.

Look forward to meeting up

all the best Graham 

Back from Fort William, 'The Ben' three days on the trot. Tourist route on first day and met a guy on the way up or else would probably have abandoned the summit because of hail and wind and walking on ice. Full kit needed. Day two went up via the North face route but didn't make the top as the OMD ridge was too risky on my own. Day 3 was 6 hours on lower level but all great training and only picked up a small blister so maybe these boots are ready. My QUESTION what money are people taking across US Dollars? about $400? Totally agree we must have a great time. 

I'm planning on taking $500,should be more than enough.



Evening everyone,

Been doing some practise packing today, I've never done a trek before and still can't get my head around the +20 to -20 Celsius in just a matter of days! I think I have all bases covered from shorts and t-shirt to down jacket. Just need to decide on how many fleeces. :)

I was thinking $400 would be enough, might stash a bit more just in case.

Is there just Phil not flying from Heathrow at 7pm on the 6th?



Is anyone using the Exodus bag as their checked in luggage? Do you think it's strong enough?

Thinking of investing in a duffel bag to put everything in.



Hi Alex,

I'm putting everything,including the exodus bag, in a duffle bag to check in.

Then use the exodus bag for the trek.

Have a look in the Cotswold store, they have duffle bags on special offer.

I picked up a 70L bag for £50, half price,really tough and has a seperate zipped inner bag for any wet kit. 




Great, thanks Graham.

I'll take a little look later!


I'm just taking a case with rucksack and exodus bag inside. I will leave case at hotel and taking rucksack and exodus bag for trek. Wow only a week away. Anyone taking walking poles?


Hi Guys,

I'm taking's an age thing.



Evening gents,

I don't always use poles, but think I'll take them for the summit ascent / descent. I imagine its a killer on the knees! :(

Ordered a duffel from Cotswold's last night, hopefully should be here in time.

Looking forward to meeting everyone, really not long now!



Right.  Trial run of stuffing everything into the exodus bag.  Managed to do it, minus the down jacket which Im hiring from Exodus.  13kg!  2kg under max but still seems awfully heavy for someone to carry up a mountain.  Starting to feel guilty already. 


Devon Phil

Has anyone received luggage labels from exodus? Realised I haven't received any.......

Nearly time now!




Hi Graham,

I haven't received any either.


No worries,Exodus are sending them out but said not to worry if we don't get them in time

....back to the packing.




At last, I thought this day would never end!

Getting a bit twitchy about the weight of the porters bag, think I'm sailing a bit close to the wind in terms of weight limit.

Oh we'll, plenty of time to unpack, repack, unpack, pack again, weigh, get the picture. :)

I'm looking to get to Heathrow around 4pm if anyone fancies meeting up? Is everyone checking in online? Can't believe its tomorrow! :s


Evening Guys,

do you want to meet up at Heathrow tomorrow,maybe at the check in desk.Any thoughts...

Luggage tag arrived in post today.


Wishing you guys all the very best of luck, hope you all reach your goals.

Have a safe journey and most af all Enjoy.

 We are on the trip leaving on the 12th.


Ang and Margarita :-) 


Hi Alex,

I've checked in on line, seat 29D.

Where do you want to meet?

I'm planning on getting to Heathrow at 4pm.

Sorry , I posted my last message before I saw yours.

Hi Ang and Margarita, thanks and the same to you.

Good luck and best wishes for your trip.




I'm in seat 40J, sorry had already checked in before I'd ready your message. I'm a complete stranger when it comes to Heathrow, any ideas you can offer to meet up?

Reading the flight info, am I correct in thinking we can check in 2 pieces of luggage + 10 kg hand luggage. Just thinking it will ease the pressure on my duffel bag's zip!



Morning Alex,

Yes you can check in 2 bags though I've managed to get everything in 1 duffle and my carry on rucksack.

There is a Costa Coffee in the departure lounge near gates 7-9 opposite World of Duty Free and Harrods.

Shall we meet up there.

I'm just over 6ft with  short cropped hair (bald) and I'm carrying a blue osprey rucksack.

I think wearing a pink carnation is too obvious.

Look forward to meeting you,coffee is on me.

Phil,if you are aiming for the same sort of time it will be great if we all meet up.

Phil 2, we'll see you at the lodge tomorrow.

All the best and safe journeys to everyone.



Red Osprey rucksack for me. I'm 6ft, short spiky(ish) light brown hair. Will be wearing jeans, grey t-shirt and maybe a blue Rab light jacket.

I'll have another re-pack and see if I need this 2nd bag. I'm looking forward to starting this walk for a bit of a rest! :)

See you later.


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