Kilimanjaro lemosho route - do I need walking poles and leather boots?

We're doing the lemosho route in August, kit list suggests walking poles. I never use them to hike I find they get in the way. But as this is a tougher trek than we've done before, can anyone kili experts advise if they're worth hiring?

Also I've got very comfortable breathable walking boots, will buying a leather pair be necessary?



Hi Cheryl

I did the Lemosho Route Jan 2012. The route is well defined and I did it in a combination of gortex breathable walking boots and trekking shoes so I would think you will be fine in your current boots if that's what you're comfortable in (comfort is probably key as you'll be in them a week straight!). In terms of poles, some people did and others didn't. I'd go with what you're used to. They might be useful summit night which is when it's really steep up and down and you're a bit short of breath, but the rest of the route wasn't too bad so its really down to preference and what you're used to. Hope that helps a bit and enjoy!! Vicki


Yes thats really helpful thanks :-)


I would strongly recommend poles for this - useful to help pull up some of the larger steps, to lean on for a breather on the final ascent and almost essential for the descent. only one of our group didnt have poles.

I'd also advise that you need warmer clothes than you may expect - not just for the final ascent but to sleep in - the nights are very cold. Also make sure you have a good platypus drinking system - mine was hard work to suck on and made it difficuklt to drink enough water to keep hydrated.



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