Kilimanjaro & Meru - June 21st


I'm booked on this trip but I don't think there are enough for it to be guaranteed yet.  Last year they didn't fill all of the dates for this one.  If you're thinking of doing this combo (waaaay better than just doing Kili) then go for this date.  If you're thinking of doing Kili, do Meru as well :-D

I've booked this too, and I have my fingers crossed that this trip will run. It should be good!

Hi guys, I was thinking of doing this trip, but there is now a huge supplement on the flights - are you both booked on the group flights?


Yes I'm booked on the group flights, is just easier with transfers etc.



fyi, as of last week only the two of us had signed up for this one (needs a min. of four) so I've switched to the full moon Lemoshu trip instead.


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