Kilimanjaro Rongai Route Dep 25th Feb 2011

I think I must be mad to have signed up for this. Anyone else who is going on this trip, let me know that you're sane. It'll reassure me no end.........

Hi myself and two friends are doing the trip on the 25th February, two of us are travelling down from the Wirral and one from London. Can't confirm the sane bit I'm afraid, but if we're all mad who will notice!!!


Hi, good to know I'm not doing it on my own. You're right of course, what's one mad person amongst dozens? I'm travelling down from the famously mountainous.....South Lincolnshire. I'm in Grantham, which does at least have the odd hill, but Spalding and the fens is so flat you can stand on tiptoe and see Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam! This makes training a bit difficult but we'll see eh?   Chris 

Hi Chris

We are fortunate that we live between North Wales and the Lakes so there is plenty of opportunity to go hill climbing, not that we've taken the opportunity, not really possible with the weather. Been doing most of the training in the gym.  We are going to climb Snowden probably towards the end of January, our friend in London will be coming to join us as well. You are welcome to come along and join us once we tie up the dates, if its not too far for you to travel. Have a good New Year. Mike


Hi Mike and Happy New Year to you too. That's a very kind offer but I've got things on at the end of January so I won't have the opportnity to do Snowdon. It is a long way for me - that's the problem with Lincolnshire, you're miles from anything scenic! I did climb Snowdon last year, found it OK, not too taxing and the views are terrific from the new visitor centre. Hope you have a good day for it. It's a good feeling to walk up - you get a feeling of superiority over those who've come up on the train. Hoping there's a train to the summit of Kilimanjaro actually. And a pub. And a Hotel......

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