Kilimanjaro & safari

Is anyone else booked to go on this? I'm booked and wondering what I've gotten myself into. Coming from Canada and can't wait to start.


Hi Pierre,


yes i am booked on this tour in October and coming from Australia. Yes looking forward to it and wont be long now


Cheers Brock

Hi Brock - Likewise looking forward to meeting you. Only 6 and half weeks to go. Leaving Toronto on the 12th of October and flying through Amsterdam to arrive at Kilimanjaro on the 13th. Looking forward to that first beer when I arrive.


Cheers Pierre

(real name Peter)


G'day Peter,

yeah, excitement plus coming. Looks like an incredible journey, cant wait to attempt it. Im flying Brisbane on 12th via Bangkok with stopover and then Nairobi to Kili...

Nice to meet u mate, looking fwd to having a beer with you when i arrive. Looks like a full tour for this date, so that should be good fun.

Cheers Brock





Hey Brock and Peter,

I am also on this trip coming from London. Looking forward to meeting you guys. 

Not long now.. Eek! I'm so excited and scared at the same time.


Ann Marie

Hi Ann Marie - Likewise, I'm excited and scared. Spent this past weekend packing and re-packing my stuff trying to get a handle on what not to bring and what is really necessary. I'm thinking that the case of Beefeaters  may have to be sacrificed...

I feel like I don't have enough stuff but knowing me I will probably end up buying loads of stuff last minute and over pack.

 Have you done a trek like this before?

Never one this challenging. I did a Peru trek to Machu Picchu in October 2011. Though not the classic Inca Trail. Something Exodus called the Moonstone Trek.

Have you done any trekking before?



I'm a buddy of Peter and we're travelling together for the second time.  Not sure my liver can take it.  Looking forward to meeting the group and setting off on our little climb.  Sounds extremely challenging but we'll give it our best shot.


Ooh sounds interesting. I would defo love to do the Inca Trail in my lifetime but yeah I've never done this anything like this before. I'm not sure what to expect but I'm looking forward to the whole journey.

And hi Stephen. Looking forward to meeting you too.


Hi Ann Marie & Stephen,

good to see everyone is feeling the same way, excited, scared and looking forward to the trek. I havent done anything this serious before, only did Mt Kinabalu in Borneo, which was awesome but nothing like this.

Just going thru the motions of packing, and making sure i have everything before i go. 

See you all soon and im sure plenty of beers at the end.

Cheers Brock




Any secrets to packing a 40L Backpack? Cheers Me


Hi everyone - I'm Angela & will be travelling with my husband Mark from London UK - just starting to pack now...thought I would do it in installments.  Are you guys intending on using walking poles?  Also are you planning on hiring stuff?


Hi Angela & Mark,

i am definitely going to use walking poles and will hire from exodus. I have got all my own other stuff, hence the trouble trying to get it all in a 40L bag. Couple of my friends have done this trek and they hired everything and said it was good overall. Only thing shesaid was that she probably would bring her own duck down jacket but she didnt cause she was going to Europe after. Hope that helps

Cheers Brock

Hello folks,

 I am bringing my own sleeping bag, ground mat, down jacket etc. I will definately be using hiking poles. It saves your knees from taking all the impact - especially coming down.

Spent today - Sunday packing, repacking and then packing some more. 

Brock - when packing a 40L backpack, pack the beers last. You will need to access them easily.

Think i'll go repack some more.

Cheers Peter 


haha peter i will keep that in mind... Its definitely an art packing a small backpack which i am not real good at. Like you i will probably repack a couple times til i think ive got it right... 

Cheers Brock



I started packing yesterday....this is not a trip for minimalists! Brock when you succeed in getting everything in your backpack including the beers, can you see if you can squeeze in a couple of cheeky bottles of Australian wine?

On a more serious note. We're bringing everything and I think I may just pay extra baggage on the flights etc. Do let me know if you achieve any ways of space saving.



V surprised as I thought we would have excess sure we forgot something....can't think what though


I definitely wont have any problems staying within my limits, i am only packing for the trek on the way over but i am stopping back in Bangkok on the way home, so i will definitely be at my limit load on the way home.

Sorry no australian wine, beers or my favourite bottle of scotch has made it into my backpack :(


Hi all.  I'm stuffing everything into a 90L duffel and day pack.  Bringing all my own stuff.  Actually, I think I've booked a sleeping mat.  Walking poles, highly recommended.  Don't forget your head lamps.  Peter is bringing the duct tape so see you can stop worrying yourself about that.  I've heard varying reports on exactly how cold it up there.  Discriptions have ranged from a balmy Canadian November's morn to the high Arctic.  I think I'll bring my mittens just in case.

I hate that feeling that something extremely critical has been overlooked or forgotten. Therefore, I have decided to bring two of everything. I will hire a personal porter to carry the scotch, cigars and badminton set.

 Seriously, I'm losing sleep over this packing issue. I am obsessing over this to the detriment of my wife, employer and friends. If a pie cart graph could illustrate my brain right now, only a tiny sliver of my mind is concerned with that stuff.

Is anyone else feeling the same?


I have a prescription.  I'm on the fence as to whether I'll take it but there doesn't seem to be any down side so I will probably will.   


I hear the water tastes horrible...fizzy bit C tabs like Berocca take the taste away..


yeah im taking some Swiss Magnesium tablets to pop in the water...

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