I'm contemplating this trip for July this year.

Has anyone been before ? If so, any negative points I should be aware of before parting with my hard-earned ?






Haven't got a review as such, but im doing this trip in October and can't wait! The reviews on the trip were all 5 stars which is an encouraging start.



Did Kili and Zanzibar last Aug, fabulous, though you should train for Kili just to make it easier for yourself. Zanzibar was beautiful and a great and welcome contrast. Did safari a few years ago, loved every minute of it and will defeintely go again one day. You'll be dirty up Kili, dirty on safari and then really enjoy your showers after that! I'd just go for it, you'll have a ball.


I did this trip some years ago and I feel that this is one of Exodus' best. There are no real negatives apart from having to cram all the gear for mountain, safari and beach into the kit bag. :-).





can the people that have been recommend a good type of waterproof coat? I have pretty much everything else but I can't seem to find a waterproof that doesnt look like it will fall apart under the constant chaffing of a rucksack for 3 days.

 also did anyone take ginko biloba for AMS? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you


A good Goretex mountain jacket will do the trick such as those by Berghaus or The North Face. Have a word with a decent supplier and they'll see you right. I also took a down jacket. I gets cold up there!


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