Kilimanjaro - Zanzibar

Just thought we'd say "hi" and open up the chance for anyone on this trip to get in touch.  23 ish weeks to go!!! 


Hi, have recently booked this trip and am already getting excited about it! Just need to get the fitness programme going now!


Hi....we were beginning to think we were on our own! We too are getting excited and need to start the fitness programme! You've made us feel better about needing to get going with the fitness side of things. We're also slowly getting through sorting out our kit lists - so much to think about! We've not done anything like this before - other than the usual UK mountains. How about you?


Hi again, good to get a reply! Haven't used the 'Compass Cafe' before so wondered how many other people did. Maybe it's just us! Have done lots of Exodus trips before but not really anything quite so ambitious. Just hope I'm up to the challenge! The highest altitude I've been to is about 16000ft, on the High Inca Trail 10 years ago, which was an amazing trip with thankfully few altitude symptoms although it did feel pretty tough! I've started running to improve the general fitness and aim to get as much uphill walking in as I can. As I live in the Lakes, there should really be no excuse but you know how it is - work, weather and other commitments keep getting in the way! And then there's Christmas of course so I need to control the mince pie consumption too... !


Just registered and logged on.  This will be our first such trip so any tips on how to prepare and things to take would be much appreciated.


Hi.  We didn't know what to expect from the Compass Cafe either!  It is hard to find time to get enough training in, especially fitting in long walks.  We started running too - although we're struggling with motivation for it recently!  Dodging Christmas treats will be tough but our trip will be a great way to work them off!  At least this cold weather is a little way towards our preparations....we've loved getting out for walks in it.    


I'm coming too. Fitness progamme stuttering a little but hope to be ok. Like Maggie I've been on the High Inca Trail (4 yrs ago) & whilst it was challenging I coped with the altitude then, think highest was about 4,800k. I, too, have been doing a little running - been introduced to 'interval' training, short sprints to become breathless followed by recovery jog & then sprint again etc etc. Time will tell whether it's helpful or not. See you all soon.


Not long now!!  I think we've got everything that we need now - bound be a last minute panic for something though.  Training is going OK, just running mainly but feeling fitter.  Looking forward to our adventure getting underway.  See you soon. 

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