Kilimanjaro / Zanzibar

Is there anyone else out there going on this trip? I have only just booked and really excited as the countdown has began. 


Im going!! getting to the stage where i should be brushing off my old anorak and cleaning my wellies :p It wont happent 'till the day before we leave though... and then ill be panicking! 

Good to hear from you. I had the feeling that I was going on my own. I hasve spoken to so many people about this trip, and everyone has such different advice I don't know who to listen to. Have you been on any other trip like this? I've done the Inca trail in April 10 but that's it so I'm a bit apprehensive.


Nope... never done anything like this before, its my first trip, sorry im not going to be much use in the advice department, just kinda making it up as i go along myself! Bet the Inca trail was awesome!? was looking at that one myself! fitness for this little jaunt is my only real niggling worry, im not unfit but certainly dont go running and stuff! how about you? doing any preparation? Im gunna try and get to the gym a couple of weeks before we go, too little too late I know, but I just dont have the opportunity before then.

I have lots of good intentions of training but as you said it's probably too little to late. However some saving grave was when I contacted a lady who has done this trip a while ago and out of 14 on her trip 12 got to the summit and it was the two fittest that failed. Her advice was to do what your told, eat and drink what your told by the guides. They will tell you that you're walking too fast when you think that you're not going quick enough. My biggest worry is the cold. I have invested in some good thermals and a down jacket but I'm still a bit worried. Only seven weeks to go. I'm so looking forward.



 Bit of a late comer to the thread but I've been booked on the trip for a while. I'm a keen hillwalker but I've never been hiking / climbing at this  kind of altitude! As Anneli said, fitter people tend to suffer from AMS (Altitude Mountain Sickness) moreso than others and in fact there is some evidence to suggest smokers cope better as they are used to having depleted oxygen levels! It's probably a bit late to any training but using the cross trainer and quad press in the gym is the best prep you can do aside from actually walking up hills for 8 hours a day.

 Really important to wear your gear in if you can, especially your footwear! I was out walking a couple of weeks ago and found that my boots had split so I've been busy trying to break in a new pair. I will also be going to speak to my GP this week about a drug called Diamox which can markedly reduce the effects of AMS (




AMS - Acute Mountain Sickness!



Yeah, I stopped last summer but I've no intention of starting again for Kili! I work in the offshore industry as well (geotechnical engineer - not Merchant Navy) so I'm all up to date with my jabs. Totally forgot about the malaria tabs - ta!


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