Killimanjaro. Come and say hi.

Hi everyone who else is on my trip up to Killimanjaro then?Would be good to hear from you all before we go.John .


Hi John, So glad to see you have a rescheduled trip to look forward to! All ten of us on the 16/02 departure got to the summit in utterly freezing conditions (estimate -15C and felt even worse with windchill) and a strong winds that threatened to knock us sideways! It was a fantastic trip with a lovely support crew and good group camaraderie. Wishing you all the best for your trip.

oi oi london cresent,im on a rescheduled trip aswell...........actually you look familiar haha.fingers crossed for kilimanjaro 2 & being so understanding at having to rearrange.

thanks for the info augusta ;o) beth told me you all made it,WELL DONE, many layers did you have on summit night ? i read 1 guy on the 16/02 trip who posted said he'd worn 7 layers on his trip.did you hire sleeping bag ? was it warm enough ?

hopefully we will have a group like you did & all have a great time on the trip



A friend who summited end of January told me it was no colder than a UK winter up on his summit night, and I hoped that would be so for my trip. However, it was definitely way colder on our summit night than your average UK winter; it certainly felt on a par with my experiences of Montreal winters! The insulated camelbak hose froze up by the third stop, despite having hot water and trying to blow back into the reservoir. 

Summit night clothing:
On feet - Bridgedale thermal liner socks inside thick merino winter trek socks inside GTX boots. Only just enough - during the rest stops I started to lose feeling in toes which came back about 5 minutes after resuming the climb each time.

Lower body- merino&polypropylene mix long-john base-layer + Craghopper winter kiwis  + overtrousers. This was fine - neither too hot nor cold. On a windless night, I could have done without the overtrousers. 

Upper body - base-layer short-sleeve t-shirt + merino long-sleeve base-layer t-shirt + thin fleece + down jacket + winter weight GTX ski jacket. Coming down the mountain the down jacket came off first and later on the ski jacket as well, but the layers were just right going up and for the summit.  

Head - merino balaclava + fleece-lined wool beanie (+ when the wind really got up in the night I put up both the down jacket +ski jacket hoods).

Hands felt very cold throughout the night with fingers often going numb during stops (not helped by having to take them out of mittens to get at snacks),  despite wearing silk liner gloves inside mid-weight fleece gloves inside GTX ski mittens!

I took an alpkit PD800 down sleeping bag (-16C lower comfort temperature) with thermolite liner, my husband had a similar rated Mtn Equipment Snowline bag. We were rarely overwarm, never too cold. I know I sleep very cold so wanted to stay comfortable at night, which I managed! ;-)  Tents frosted over every night, but I don't reckon the temperature inside the tents ever got below zero (ie drinking water didn't freeze). I recall a couple of people who'd hired a sleeping bag saying they'd felt cold in them, while others were fine. The hire bags appeared to be a variety of bulky synthetic bags: think one was a Mountain Equipment Starlight IV?. All depends on how cold you sleep, how tired you are, etc...

Anyway, trust your foot all better now James and that you'll have as memorable and successful a trip as we did. 


Thanx Augusta for all the very usefull information you have posted on the site.Have you got any other trips planned this year?


hey guys,

im so jealous, i have not long returned from the same trip myself. loved every second of it. I video'd the whole trip, your welcome to take a look at my you tube channel 'vickytaff1' for any tips.. or feel free to ask.

 gutted to be home, enjoy vicky :-) 


nothing terribly exciting I'm afraid. Just family holidays in the south of France.
Off to have a look at Vicky's video now. Cheers!


Hey thankyou for watching and thankyou for the subscription :-)


Not long now people.If your on our trip come and say hi.Would be good to get to know you all before we go.john


Im so jealous, wish i was coming.. you will have the most amazing time :-)


Im sure i will,have you got your next trip planned yet?


Yes, im off to climb Mt Toubkal in 2 weeks time :-) wish me luck, all the best for kili and enjoy every second. x


Ok cool,im sure you will have a great time too.Do you go trekking much in Britain at all?Let me know how you get on with your trip in 2 weeks time.My email is [email protected] x

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