Killy Anna Zanzibar 21st oct dept

Hi is anybody else out here who is on this trip...?


Hi Anna just logged on as completely forgot about this from last years trip! Yes I'm on this trip on Sunday so excited! I know of 3 others who are on it too as I went to Peru with them last year! You all packed?! I've still got loads to get!!nicola x


Sorry just realised I called you Anna and don't even know if that's your name! Sorry! Nic x


Hi Nic,

Haha no its not Anna it s Paul! Was meant to say Killy AND Zanzibar but I'm obviously typing dislexic!! Well only 1 more sleep (exciting!) and only partially packed so like you going to need some last minute kit buying tomorrow before I go! Anyway, look forward to meeting you soon, I guess we all meet at the other end anyway but my number is 07803906858 if you want to get in touch at all and say hello at heathrow tomoz. See you soon, Paul

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