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Kit Bags.


Anyone know the capacity of the new black kit bags. It may be me but they seem smaller than the old ones. Or is it that black is more slimmimg than blue! :-)



John Lomas

Not sure what colour they are Tim or wether they are different sizes depending on which holiday your on but I'm of to everest base camp on the 15th and the kit bag size for that trip is 63 litres. Not a large amount.


Hi John, 63 litre looks about right. I'm going to Island Peak soon so it might be a 2 bag trip with all this gear.

Regards, Tim


I just checked with our manufacturer and the dimensions of the bag are below - if that helps! The new ones are black and should be same size as the old blue ones. Often people take the kitbag and a bag of their own on the flight (obviously keeping within weight limits), and just take the kit bag on trek. Please give us a call if we can give you any more advise. Cheers, Rob at Exodus

300 (w) x 600(l) x 300(h)mm




Hi, how long before departure do the kitbags arrive?

Hi Tim,

 They arrive around 3-4 weeks before departure.

 Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Kind Regards

Anna at Exodus


Thanks Anna,

That should be plenty of time to practise packing and decide what to take and what to leave behind.

BTW I am not Tim ;-)

Ray Newman

Just enquired what size kitbags are and Exodus told me 300 by 300 by 700 mm which is 63 litres but the reply by Rob from Exodus (300 by 300 by 600 mm) only equates to 54 litres so you may be right, the new black ones are smaller.

Hi ya

I'm booked on my first Exodus hols to pedal my way round Cuba in 62 days time (not that I'm counting!!!) Do I have to take an Exodus kitbag or does anything go?

Many thanks


Sara_L, most likely anything goes, the Exodus kitbags are typically used on trekking trips where the porters will carry the bag, so a soft bottomed one is better for them (rather than a suitcase etc.!).


I'm going on the National Parks of the West Tour at the end of May and just wanted to know if a suitcase was an option as I'd been told by a Exodus representative that I should take a kit bag. My reason for asking is because I might be able to get more in the suitcase and I will be spending a few nights in Vegas and want to look presentable!

A kit bag is usually easier to handle on trips like the National Park Tour. If you want to keep clothes presentable inside a kit bag one way is to to wrap longer clothes in a roll around something fairly firm, such as a towel, to avoid creases then put the roll inside a plastic bag to hold it together and keep dust etc. out


Hi I am a first time traveller going on the Vietnam Adventure in June. Do I need a kit bag for this trip or is a suitcase ok.

I'd recommend Eagle Creek packing cells and folders to keep things neat and crease free inside a kit bag. Not cheap but I've used mine over and over again.


I've just been reading the trip info for AYU - Gorillas & Masi Mara (travelling in August) and the info indicates the locker size on the bus is 300x400x500, so if true, the Exodus kit bags would be too big for the lockers.  Can anyone clarify if this is indeed the case?

we went on this trip last year and were equally baffled until we got there. You put your folded bag at the bottom of your locker, then all the contents on top. There was space elsewhere in the lorry for walking boots and sleeping bags. I found stuff-sacks were really good for separating out all your various bits and bobs / clothes etc - made finding things so much quicker. Hope this helps.



Hi, does anyone know if it is easier to get visas on arrival in Nepal or to get them before we travel. We're going on October 2nd.

Les and Lesley

I got mine on arrival in Kathmandu, it was a piece of cake. I found the form on-line, filled it out before I left and took enough dollars to pay for it. I was the first one through to baggage claim. 

We have been for the last 4yrs and downloaded the forms from the internet and done it as we have gone through. Not a problem just a queue. Make sure you take passport photos and extras if you are trekking. Agree with jdushe we through so quickly especially when its all completed before you land, photos stuck on and dollars ready. Enjoy your trip. I love Nepal well we both do, the people are so friendly everywhere. I fell in love with the country the moment we arrived and only wished we had found it many years ago when we were much younger and then we would have gone to Everest Base Camp and not just Ama Dablam

Hi Guys,

I was about to but an all singing and dancing large backpack but am I right in thinking that I use the kit bag supplied instead and just take a daypack for my trek to Machu Picchu in July?  I'm a bit also confused (not hard!) as to the duffle bag into which our stuff goes whilst on the trail - is this the same 'kitbag' that is sent or something else?

Many thanks, Amanda :)

Hi Guys,

I was about to but an all singing and dancing large backpack but am I right in thinking that I use the kit bag supplied instead and just take a daypack for my trek to Machu Picchu in July?  I'm a bit also confused (not hard!) as to the duffle bag into which our stuff goes whilst on the trail - is this the same 'kitbag' that is sent or something else?

Many thanks, Amanda :)

Amanda, your kit bag, the one exodus sends you is what you use when trekking to Machu Picchu, if that's the trip you are doing. The stuff you don't need you leave in your suitcase back in a hotel and it is very safe. You will need a little rucksac as your daily back pack for your drinks, camera waterproofs etc andyhting else you will need - BUT make sure you don't carry too much each day. Are you going into the Amazon area as well? You will enjoy the whole trip we certainly did. The exodus staff are fantastic, foods good. Be prepared for early mornings and early nights. If you want to ask me anything elsefeel free to contact me on [email protected] Cheers and enjoy Sandra


Sandra Barrett

thanks for the info Sandra, I'm only doing the Inca Trail in July although if I had more time I would have loved to go for the Amazon exstension. I've just started a gather the kit I need, there is so much out there it's hard to choose! I've waited a bit longer as I've also just booked for Kilimanjaro next February so I wanted kit that would be suitable for that and trips beyond. I can't wait for July, it's my first time on a 'proper' adventure. What were your worst and best experiences, any good tips?


 Amanda :)

Hi Amanda, The worst experience was that we had a lot of rain trekking to Machu Picchu and the views could have been better, having said that it didn't put anyone off. I suppose in the Machu Picchu trek the best was seeing MP for the first time and we certainly had some brilliant camp sites. When I say brilliant I mean the views. We took thermals and used as PJ's in the evenings because it was cold. I didn't take my down jacket as was told wouldn't need it but it would have been nice for sitting around in in the evenings. Be prepared you have very early mornings and also go to bed early. It was brilliant. As I have said in my previous text make sure you only carry necessary items when you trek each day. As you are limited to weight, I actually worked everything out for my trekking before we left home so that I knew exactly what I was taking. The porters are only allowed to carry so much weight and they do stick to that rigidly, weighing everything before we set off. I also used a metal water container as a hot water bottle overnight and then its used for drinking during the day. Don't worry its fantastic and you are well looked after. After you have been you will have to let me know how you got on. From one of our friends who has done Kilimanjaro he said the Inca trail is easier. We have done parts of the Everest trail higher than MP and that was a lot harder. Make sure you are fit. All the best Sandra

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